50+ Matching Yin Yang Tattoos For Couples (2024) Simple Designs

Yin Yang tattoos are not new. They have been part of traditional Chinese culture for thousands of years. Yin and Yang tattoos have a deep meaning. Yin and Yang represent the circle of life. It represents the conflict within a man for good values and evil addictions. Yin and Yang complete each other.

If they are balanced then it means that the person is good but if they are imbalanced then it means that the person is inclining toward evil. Here we present you 50 cool Yin Yang tattoos for men and women –

Yin Yang Couples Tattoos

1. Although mixing up of any tattoo with religious symbols is not advised but if the tattoo is good omen then one won’t mind.
Yin Yang Tattoos

2. This beautiful Yin Yang tattoo design on the forearm of this beautiful girl is inspired from the Maori Tattoos.
Amazing Yin Yang Tattoos

3. Just like Yin Yang, Koi fish is also popular in Chinese and Japanese culture. Here is a koi fish representation of Yin and Yang Tattoo. I have tried it along with Legend of Zelda tattoos.
Abstract Yin Yang Tattoos

4. This is a temporary Yin Yang Tattoo design that represents the balance in nature.
Awesome Yin Yang Tattoos

5. Instead of going for a unique Yin Yang design you can opt for the tradition Yin Yang tattoo design like this.
Beautiful Yin Yang Tattoos
phoenix tattoo designs male

6. White ink tattoo design are rare and thus a cool white ink Yin Yang tattoo would be brilliant.
Cat With Yin Yang Tattoos

7. Yin yang represents the conflict between good and evil. This wrist tattoo represent it exactly.
Colored Yin Yang Tattoos

8. I do not know why the artist added knives with this beautiful yin yang tattoo but it looks amazing otherwise.
Cool Yin Yang Tattoos

9. Yin yang is considered lucky in the east and Dreamcatcher are considered lucky in the west. How about a tattoo design that shows both?
Dagger With Yin Yang Tattoos

10. Just like Yin and Yang, Blue and Red are two opposite colors. So it would be a good idea to make the yin yang in these two colors.
Dreamcatcher Yin Yang Tattoos
orion constellation tattoo meaning

yin and yang tattoo couples

11. If you are a patriot person like this guy then you would love this American Yin Yang tattoo design. I bet this would be one of the best 3d tattoos for men.
Fire And Water Yin Yang Tattoos

12. Most people make a circle of Yin and Yang but if you leave them untouched then it will give a better and unique look.
Flag Yin Yang Tattoos

13. Another Fish inspired Yin Yang tattoo design which has good detailing.
Galaxy Yin Yang Tattoos

14. This tattoo artist surely tried to give a unique idea. If you love music then you will surely appreciate this effort of making a guitar Yin Yang Tattoo.
Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoos

15. The detailing of this owl inspired Yin Yang tattoo are mind blowing. You should try this.
Music Yin Yang Tattoos

16. A Mix up of Cat and Yin yang tattoo would look amazing on neck or back.
Owl With Yin Yang Tattoos

17. Rib cage is not a good place for Yin Yang tattoos.
Paw With Yin Yang Tattoos

18. You will find many Yin Yang tattoo design inspired by various animals. Here is a yin yang tattoo design related to cats.
Pokemon Go Yin Yang Tattoos

19. This yin yang tattoo design would suit girls more than boys.
Sketch Yin Yang Tattoos

20. Here is a minimal Yin Yang tattoo design on the front calf of this young girl.
Small Yin Yang Tattoos

yin yang matching tattoos

21. Most people know the meaning of Yin Yang tattoo but you can give them more to think about by adding a mysterious object (like a tree or African tribe tattoos) to your yin yang tattoo.
Tree Yin Yang Tattoos

22. Most yin yang tattoos are made in the style of fish and here is one example of that.
Tribal Yin Yang Tattoos

23. Yin Yang tattoo on the shoulder would require more space and this why you need to make sure the tattoo doesn’t go wrong.
Yin And Yang Tattoos For Best Friends

24. This might look like a Yin yang tattoo fail because of the shape of the circle but it actually showcases the imperfect nature of Yin yang.
Yin And Yang Tattoos Tumblr

25. Cat and Fish inspired Yin Yang tattoos are popular among girls while boys like Yin Yang related tattoos with animals like wolf and dragon.
Yin Yang Animal Tattoos

26. In a fish-inspired Yin Yang tattoo you don’t have ink fish on both symbols. A design like this would suffice.
Yin Yang Balance Tattoos

27. Here is infusion of tribal dragon tattoo with a really cool yin yang tattoo design.
Yin Yang Dragon Tattoos

28. Lower back is a good choice for yin yang tattoos especially for girls.
Yin Yang Fish Tattoos

29. Girls love flower tattoos so it would be cool idea to mix up flower tattoos with Yin yang tattoos.
Yin Yang Flower Tattoos

30. I liked the concept of using tiger paw on the yin yang tattoo.
Yin Yang Tattoo Cover Up

yin yang tattoo designs for couples

31. A unique design would be to add Sun and Moon to the Yin and Yang portion of the tattoo. This is also a popular small alice in wonderland tattoos idea.
Yin Yang Tattoo For Female

32. If you do not want to add sun and moon then you can join the sun and moon in the style of Yin and Yang.
Yin Yang Tattoo On Back

33. The most popular part among girls for Yin Yang tattoo is behind the ear. This is considered good luck in many Chinese Cultures.
Yin Yang Tattoo On Behind Ear

34. Many people consider that Yin Yang tattoo represent cultural appropriation but that is not true at all.
Yin Yang Tattoos Designs

35. Yin yang tattoos are highly popular among sisters, brothers and best friends.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Couples On Ankle

36. 13 is considered an unlucky number and I do not understand why the artists added it to yin yang tattoo.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Girls

37. You will find a lot of Yin Yang tattoos on sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Deviantart and Flickr.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Guys

38. Yin and Yang’s tattoos are among the best cover up tattoos. You can hide any birthmark or tattoo gone wrong with it.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Male

39. Dragon and Tiger can be used as the two symbols of Yin and Yang in the tattoo design.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Men

40. Many Yin yang tattoos are inspired from ancient drawings and art projects.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Sisters

koi fish yin yang tattoo for couples small

41. Yin yang tattoos are not just popular in Chinese culture but they are popular in Japanese Irish, and European culture as well. They are combined with ambigram tattoos of strength/struggle to show completeness of life.
Yin Yang Tattoos For Women

42. Here is a small size Yin Yang tattoo on the wrist of this beautiful girl.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Ankle

43. Ankle is second most popular place for Yin Yang tattoo and here is a representation of how it will look
Yin Yang Tattoos On Biceps

44. Many Yin yang tattoo designs are inspired from the Zodiac sign Gemini.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Elbow

45. Yin yang tattoo designs are not girly or feminine. In fact Boys too can have Yin yang tattoo.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Forearm

46. Here is another mystic design of Yin yang tattoo.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Leg

47. Have you ever seen Yin Yang gecko tattoo design? Here is cool representation.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Neck Back

48. Yin Yang tattoo design can also be mixed up with the mandala tattoo design.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Shoulder

49. Isn’t this beautiful? A cool yin yang tattoo design made up from the flowers.
Yin Yang Tattoos On Wrist

50. I liked the way how the artist added UFO and planets to this Yin Yang tattoo.
Yin Yang Tattoos

Which Yin Yang tattoo design you liked the most?

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