50+ Beautiful Angel Tattoos For Men (2024) Devil, Demon & Archangel

The meaning of angel tattoos changes according to the type of angel you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a fallen angel tattoo then it means that you are a rebellious person. If you have chosen guardian angel tattoo then it means you are protective and caring. If you have chosen a sad or crying angel then it means you have lost a loved one.

Here we have chosen 49 beautiful angel tattoo designs that will suit both men and women –

Fallen Angel Tattoos

1. An angel tattoo look better if the face is shown looking upward as if asking for the love and forgiveness of god.
Angel Tattoo designs

2. It is better to show a full-size angel tattoo on back. But you must appoint an artist who can beautifully draw human anatomy and do justice with the body proportions.
Angel Back Tattoo

3. Angel and demon tattoo is a very popular combination but you should not try it in large size. One cool idea would be to try a person portrait showing two identities one as the demon and other as the angel.
Angel And Demon Tattoo

4. Angel feather is often shown in white color but if you want a mix up of angel and devil feathers then try one wing in white color and other in black.
Angel Feather Tattoo

5. Many people try angel tattoos because they are perfect choices for memorial tattoos. If you lost someone beloved then have an angelic portrait like this tattooed.
Angel Forearm Tattoos

6. Gabriel is said to be the messenger of God. You can opt for angel Gabriel tattoo if you are a spiritual person.
Angel Gabriel Tattoo

7. Angel halo is probably the most attractive feature. Never forget to add a halo over angel’s head to give it a distinct look.
Angel Halo Tattoo

8. If you want to ink quotes along with your angel tattoo then the best choice is to add bible verses to it. There are many bible verses that will suit for such tattoos.
Angel Quote Tattoos

9. As wings are one of the most important features of an angle so if you want to try angel symbol tattoo then have a simple wing tattoo.
Angel Symbol Tattoo

10. Most artists think that angel devil tattoos need to be human figurine and that too large in size. But instead, you can try simple versions like this. Bible has many things to say about angels and many believe it.
Angel Devil Tattoos

beautiful angel tattoos

11. My favourite kind of angel tattoos is those that are shown with praying hands. Angel are messengers of god so they always have their soul connected with god.
Angel Tattoo Ideas

12. Angel full sleeve tattoos would look confusing but if you have huge bicep like this then you should try a guardian angel tattoo like this.
Angel Tattoo Sleeve

13. Rib cage is one of the best body parts for women to try angel tattoos. They can try female angel tattoos like this.
Angel Tattoo

14. A Fallen angel tattoo is tried by those people who consider themselves rebellious but are also aware that their actions are hurting people.
Angel Tattoos For Men

15. Adding a cross tattoo design to your angel tattoo make it even more beautiful and meaningful.
Angel Tattoos For Women

16. One unique angel tattoo idea is to try an angel bracelet tattoo. You can add your birth date to it.
Angel Tattoos Gallery

17. The meaning of angel tattoos changes according to your tattoo design. For example, this angel tattoo shows you as a damsel in distress.
Angel Tattoos Meanings

18. Ancient romans considered their fallen warriors as angels who are looking after the army even after death. Here is a beautiful tattoo describing this.
Angel Warriors Tattoos

19. Angel wing tattoo designs don’t limit just to black or white colors. In fact, you can have any color of angel wing tattoos. For example here are red wing angel tattoos.
Angel Wing Tattoos Design

20. Even though I don’t admire full-size angel wing tattoos on the back but I have seen many people try it. Here is how such a design would look at girls.
Angel Wing Tattoos On Back

angel gabriel back tattoo

21. Men prefer to have angel wing tattoos on full chest but a small size angel tattoo like this will also look good on chest.
Angel Wing Tattoos On Chest

22. Wrist is ideal place for small size angel wing tattoos. You can try the tribal version as shown in this picture.
Angel Wing Tattoos On Wrist

23. One common practice among tattoo lovers is to try angel wing tattoos on both forearms just like this.
Angel Wings Tattoo On Arms

24. Back is also good choice for angel wing tattoos but small tattoo like this might not suit on everyone.
Angel Wings Tattoo

25. Archangel is an angel of high ranks. You can try this archangel Gabriel tattoo if you believe in the apocalypse and believe that only God will save us from it.
Arch Angel Tattoo

26. Baby angel tattoos would perfectly suit couples who became parents recently. You can have a portrait tattoo of your baby and give it angelic wings with a halo.
Baby Angel Tattoos

27. There are many beautiful angel tattoo designs available online but imo the best are those that feature babies.
Beautiful Angel Tattoos

28. This angel tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl look more like a well-drawn portrait.
Black Angel Tattoos

29. Cat-loving people would love to have a cat angel tattoo. Here is a really simple and easy to ink cat angel tattoo that you can try.
Cat Angel Tattoo

30. One really cool angel tattoo design is to try the angel of justice as tattoo design. This will indicate that you believe in karma.
Cool Angel Tattoo

archangel gabriel tattoo

31. Many cultures consider crying angel as ominous. Try crying angel tattoo design only if think that you have faced a lot of hardship in your life.
Crying Angel Tattoo

32. This dark angel tattoo design seems to be inspired from disney’s impression of Hades (from ‘Hercules’ movie). I think this is amazing.
Dark Angel Tattoo

33. Death angel tattoo is rarely tried by any one. This is because the grim reaper tattoo is not considered lucky by everyone.
Death Angel Tattoo

34. If you try fallen angel tattoo then you must show broken feathers to indicate that the wings of the angel are hurt.
Fallen Angel Tattoo

35. In my opinion girl should always opt for female angel tattoos because they can be really impressive. Here is one beautiful example of it.
Female Angel Tattoo

36. Angel tattoos need not to show ancient styled angel designs. In fact here is a Victorian era angel tattoo that shows the angel in classy armour.
Full Back Angel Wings Tattoos

37. I love realistic angel tattoos. They don’t have to be large in size. Look at this medium size realistic angel tattoo design that is eye catchy.
Girls Angel Tattoos

38. There are many different versions of guardian angels. My favorite is the one that was shown in the movie ‘A Dark Song’.
Guardian Angel Tattoo

39. If you want to try a matching angel tattoo design then a really impressive idea is to try heart-shaped angel wings like this.
Heart With Angel Wing Tattoos

40. This lil angel tattoo design is probably inspired from this man’s infant baby. The guy even added a letter ‘M’ to it thereby personalizing the tattoo.
Lil Angel Tattoos

angel gabriel tattoo sleeve

41. This male angel tattoo design seems to be inspired from Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘Conan the Barbarian’.
Male Angel Tattoo

42. This masculine angel tattoo design would have looked better in complete form. The artist should have inked the lower part as well.
Masculine Angel Tattoos

43. The placement of this praying angel tattoo design is perfect but I think this can be improved by giving the girl a more realistic look.
Praying Angel Tattoo

44. One good thing about angel tattoos is that they still look beautiful even after years of atmosphere exposure. Take a look at this old angel tattoo that still looks splendidly beautiful.
Sad Angel Tattoo

45. If you are a working person who can have a full visible tattoo then you can try a simple angel tattoo design like this on your bicep or foot.
Simple Angel Tattoos

46. This small angel tattoo design is inspired by Cupid – the Greek god of love and attraction. You can even add a bow, an arrow and a heart to it.
Small Angel Tattoos

47. Old school or traditional angel tattoo design will not suit on everyone. So choose them only if you like the design very much.
Traditional Angel Tattoo

48. Tribal tattoo designs have their own appeal. Take this tribal angel tattoo design for example, don’t you think it is marvellous.
Tribal Angel Tattoos

49. You don’t have to show tears to show a weeping angel. Designs like this are way better option for it.
Weeping Angel Tattoos

So this was our collection of angel tattoos. Which one did you like the most?

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