100+ Best Moon Tattoos For Guys (2024) Phases With Meaning

Different types of moon tattoo designs represent different meanings. People love moon tattoos because they can be tried with so many different combinations ranging from sun and moon to wolf and moon and flower and moon.
Not only this but SOLO moon tattoo also looks HANdsome. Don’t you agree? You can try a different type of moon tattoos ranging from half moon, full moon, moon phases, and red moon.

Here we present you more than 115 moon tattoos with meaning that can be tried by both men and women –

Sailor Moon Tattoos

1. Many people believe in the blood moon prophecy and therefore love to try a blood moon tattoo. It is a unique design and you can try it.
Blood Moon Tattoo

2. Usually blue moon is a full moon but you can try a half phase blue moon tattoo which will represent that you are going for perfection.
Blue Moon Tattoo

3. If you want to try a black moon tattoo then I would suggest you try a realistic moon design and add black spots (plus clouds) to it like this.
Black Moon Tattoo

4. The tattoo of moon is often added with other tattoo designs and one very popular combination is cat moon tattoo as shown on the back neck of this girl.
Cat Moon Tattoos

5. Celtic art has given different version of every design. Here this celtic moon tattoo is a unique and beautiful design that you can try.
Celtic Moon Tattoo

Black Moon tattoo

6. One cool idea would be to show a starry night with a the moon shining in between.
Cool Moon Tattoos

7. Crescent moon tattoo can be represented in two ways – waning (reducing) or waxing (increasing). Both have different meanings. Here is a waxing tattoo of the crescent moon which represent leaning toward success and goals.
Crescent Moon Tattoo

8. Girls can add flower to their moon tattoo to make it cute and attractive.
Cute Moon Tattoos

9. Dragon and moon both were considered mysterious and magical in ancient times. A dragon moon tattoo would represent your mysterious persona.
Dragon Moon Tattoo

10. There are many flowers that you can add to your tattoo of the moon but can you find any better flower moon tattoo than this? Do you know that the moon makes the right size for a perfect solar eclipse.
Flower Moon Tattoo

Small Moon Tattoos

11. A Full moon tattoo represents completion,change and perfection. It will mean that you have achieved something in your life and ready to move on to next phase of your life.
Full Moon Tattoo

12. According to one theory about end times, it is said that the moon will fall on earth thus destroying all life forms. This gave rise to the popularity of angry moon tattoos like this.
Angry Moon Tattoos

13. Moon played a vital role in the rise of algebra and geometry in mathematics. A Geometric moon tattoo will represent your likeliness for maths.
Geometric Moon Tattoo

14. Ancient gypsies used moon phases to tell what will happen in future. If you believe in magic then go for gypsy moon tattoos.
Gypsy Moon Tattoo

15. A half-moon tattoo would represent that you are seeking completion. It is the best choice for single people who are looking for true love in this world.
Half Moon Tattoo

Paper Moon Tattoo

16. You can have tiny little moon tattoos that can be paired with sun and stars.
Little Moon Tattoo

17. Mandala tattoo represent mystic so if you add a tattoo of moon to it then it would be a perfect combination.
Mandala Moon Tattoo

18. Couples prefer matching sun and moon tattoos but sisters or mother daughter can try matching moon tattoo designs.
Matching Moon Tattoos

19. I have soft corner for minimal tattoo designs. This minimalist moon and sun tattoo is perfect design for couples.
Minimalist Moon Tattoo

20. Many people like to have ‘To the Moon and Back Tattoo’; Thanks to the popular quote and also song of Savage garden. You too can try such designs.
Moon And Back Tattoo

Crescent Moon tattoos

21. Moon and clouds tattoo is also a classic combination which means that even though you are facing problems in your life but they won’t tear you apart and change your beautiful nature.
Moon And Clouds Tattoo

22. Another beautiful combination is moon and rose tattoo where both would represent beauty.
Moon And Rose Tattoo

23. Moon and stars tattoo can be dedicated to your love where you can state that even though there are trillions of stars (people) in the sky (world) yet your lover is the moon of your life.
Moon And Stars Tattoo

24. Moon cycle tattoo represent the changes in life. It will represent that it doesn’t matter if you are in good times or bad times, it will not be same for long.
Moon Cycle Tattoo

25. People look for henna tattoos and I always suggest them (especially married women) to try moon henna tattoos as they turn out really pretty.
Moon Henna Tattoos

Geometric Moon Tattoo

26. You can dedicate a moon of my life tattoo to your loved one. You can make it even more special by adding their name to it.
Moon Phases Tattoo

27. Moon phases tattoo has deep meaning. They represent the ups and downs of life that every person in this world faces. They are a symbol of hope.
Moon Phases Tattoo

28. You can opt for traditional moon tattoos designs but remember to add other design to them like this.
Moon Tattoo Designs

29. Here is a unique idea for tattoo of moon – It will suit people who are music lover.
Moon Tattoo Ideas

30. This tattoo of moon is inspired from the famous Disney film Aladdin. It represent wealth.
Moon Tattoo Meaning

Full Moon Tattoos

31. Here is a double exposure tattoo of moon that is perfectly placed on the back of the neck of this woman.
Moon Tattoo

32. As sea tides play a vital role in the changing of moon phases, so a cool idea would be to add them. It will represent that you are ready to face the problems that come your way.
Moon Tattoos For Guys

33. Many consider tattoo of moon to be lucky charm. If you think the same then this design would perfectly show it.
Moon Tattoos

34. You can try a temporary tattoo of moon by using colored pens or even mehndi.
Moon Temporary Tattoos

35. One of the best tattoo design that you can try on your wrist is of moon. It perfectly compliment the size of wrist.
Moon Wrist Tattoo

Phases of the Moon Tattoo

36. A new moon tattoo would be based on the first moon phase that comes after the amavasya.
New Moon Tattoo

37. Not every artist would be able to pull off such beautiful and realistic moon tattoo design but if you know any experienced artist then go for it.
Realistic Moon Tattoo

38. Here is another beautiful version of the red moon tattoos design that represent uniqueness and magic.
Red Moon Tattoos

39. If you are fan of Japanese anime sailor moon then you can try at tattoo design based on it.
Sailor Moon Tattoo

40. Don’t you think that a simple moon tattoo would look as adorable as any other elaborative tattoo design?
Simple Moon Tattoo

Midnight Moon Tattoos

41. You can try a small tattoo of moon on your fingers or wrist or even foot.
Small Moon Tattoo

42. There are many creative sun and moon tattoo designs that you can try. Here is one that I found very impressive.
Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs

43. One common idea to a couple tries the moon and sun tattoo in such a way that the sun is inked on the boy and the moon is inked on the girl.
Sun And Moon Tattoo

44. This tiny moon outline tattoo on the foot of this guy is really cute.
Tiny Moon Tattoo

45. One cool traditional moon tattoo idea would to add the milky way galaxy in the background of the moon tattoo.
Traditional Moon Tattoo

Tree and Moon tattoo

46. One very scenic and beautiful view is the moon rising behind a tree. You can get this scene inked on your body.
Tree And Moon Tattoo

47. I bet that you would not be able to keep your eyes of this beautiful tribal moon tattoo design.
Tribal Moon Tattoo

48. A triple moon tattoo like this will represent the dual nature of a person which is very common actually.
Triple Moon Tattoo

49. Watercolor moon tattoos can turn out really beautiful but surely they won’t last for long.
Watercolor Moon Tattoo

50. On combination that you can try is the howling wolf and half moon. Wolf often howl at full moon.
Wolf Moon Tattoo

Here are 65 more moon tattoos designs that you can try –

Moon Tattoo 20

Moon Tattoo On Arm 2

Moon Tattoo On Arm 3

Moon Tattoo On Arm 4

Moon Tattoo On Arm 5

Moon Tattoo On Arm 6

Moon Tattoo On Arm 7

Moon Tattoo On Arm 9

Moon Tattoo On Arm 11

Moon Tattoo On Arm 12

Moon Tattoo On Arm 13

Moon Tattoo On Arm 15

Moon Tattoo On Arm 16

Moon Tattoo On Arm 17

Moon Tattoo On Arm 18

Moon Tattoo On Arm 19

Moon Tattoo On Arm 20

Moon Tattoo On Arm 21

Moon Tattoo On Arm 22

Moon Tattoo On Arm 23

Moon Tattoo On Arm 25

Moon Tattoo On Arm 26

Moon Tattoo On Arm 27

Moon Tattoo On Arm 28

Moon Tattoo On Arm 29

Moon Tattoo On Arm 30

Moon Tattoo On Arm 31

Moon Tattoo On Arm 32

Moon Tattoo On Arm 33

Moon Tattoo On Arm 34

Moon Tattoo On Arm 35

Moon Tattoo On Arm 36

Moon Tattoo On Arm 37

Moon Tattoo On Arm 38

Moon Tattoo On Arm 39

Moon Tattoo On Arm 40

Moon Tattoo On Arm Neck

Moon Tattoo On Back 1

Moon Tattoo On Back 2

Moon Tattoo On Back 3

Moon Tattoo On Back 4

Moon Tattoo On Back

Moon Tattoo On Body 1

Moon Tattoo On Body 2

Moon Tattoo On Body 3

Moon Tattoo On Body 4

Moon Tattoo On Body 5

Moon Tattoo On Body 6

Moon Tattoo On Body 7

Moon Tattoo On Body 8

Moon Tattoo On Body 9

Moon Tattoo On Chest 1

Moon Tattoo On Chest 2

Moon Tattoo On Chest 3

Moon Tattoo On Chest

Moon Tattoo On Feet

Moon Tattoo On Fingures

Moon Tattoo On Hands

Moon Tattoo On Leg 1

Moon Tattoo On Leg 2

Moon Tattoo On Leg 3

Moon Tattoo On Leg

Moon Tattoo On Neck 1

Moon Tattoo On Wrist 1

Moon Tattoo On Wrist

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