50+ Matching Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples (2024)

Matching Wedding ring tattoos on fingers are extremely popular among couples. But before you commit to a wedding ring finger tattoo you must evaluate its pros and cons, its cost, and how it is going to affect your life.

Wedding ring tattoos don’t need to be a ring. People get tattooed with a special symbol or sign that looks like a ring on a finger. It acts just like a wedding ring to tattoo lovers. There are some awesome designs available at https://mensweddingrings.us.

Here are 50 unique wedding ring finger tattoos designs for him and her –

Wedding Ring Tattoo for Him

1. Have a real-looking diamond tattoo on your ring finger and you won’t regret it.
Wedding Ring Tattoos

2. King and queen crown ring tattoos are most commonly suggested tattoos to the couple. Try the king queen crown tattoo on the ring finger.
Beautiful HD Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas

3. Get tattooed with the date of your wedding or the day you first met.
Amazing Wedding Ring Tattoos Design For Women

4. Instead of having matching wedding ring tattoos try different tattoos like here is anchor and bow tie tattoo on ring finger.
Anchor Wedding Ring Fingers Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. Girls like to have bow tie tattoos on wedding finger. Give it a pink shade as this colour suits all girls.
Awesome Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas
origami bird tattoo meaning

6. The day you first met is always important and memorable. Getting a date tattoo on ring finger is a cool idea.
Best Wedding Ring Tattoos Pictures

7. Another unique ring finger tattoo idea is to try the heartbeat design.
Black And White Wedding Ring Tattoos Images

8. Why not try a simple anxiety ring tattoo on the ring finger? All tattoo lovers will agree with this design.
Brilliant Wedding Ring Tattoos For Girls

9. You can use K and Q initials (for King and Queen) instead of the crown tattoos. If you choose K and Q then choose K Q of Hearts.
Card Number Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

10. If you both are connected to a common faith or beliefs then it will be heart touching to get a matching symbol tattoo on the ring finger. These are most romantic vows for wedding.
Cool Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas
lavender flower tattoo designs

king and queen ring tattoos

11. The crown tattoos often take lot of space on fingers. Even though many artist can cram them in small size but I will recommend you to have them in optimum size.
Crown Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

12. I guess there will be no other beautiful ring finger tattoo then inking name of each other on your ring finger.
Cute Wedding Ring Tattoos Design For Girls

13. Many guys and girls like to opt for a Celtic tattoo design on their ring finger. Now here the girl is having a diamond tattooed on her finger but I don’t know the meaning of L on the boy’s finger.
Diamond Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. Many people are opting for Chain tattoo on ring finger after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Remember The Chain song by Fleetwood Mac).
Fabulous Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. You can have a geometrical pattern tattoo inked on your ring finger that matches with your partner.
Fantastic Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

16. Another cool version of finger tattoos would be to try mandala tattoos. Such tattoos will show your interest in Astrophysics.
First Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

17. If you do not want to show chain on the ring finger then try a rope tattoo design on the ring finger and you will like it.
Good Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

18. King and Queen crown tattoos can be made even more special by adding name initials just under them.
Greatest Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. Instead of trying chain or rope tattoo why not try a bar code tattoo on ring finger that is inked using blackwork tattoo art.
Infinite Line Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

20. There are many patterns available online that can be tattooed on the ring finger but I would suggest you choose wisely.
Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

matching wedding band tattoos

21. Anchor tattoos are very meaningful relationship tattoos. They define the stability in relationship, so it would be wise to opt for one on ring finger.
Latest Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

22. If you opt for ring finger tattoos with your partner then make sure that you both don’t have any other tattoo on finger or hand otherwise the ring finger tattoo would not look special.
Magical Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. You both can choose a two word quote and then divide it and get it tattooed on each other fingers.
Matching Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

24. If you both are music lovers then it is only meant to get tattooed with a music note tattoo on the ring finger.
Music Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

25. The font type will matter a lot if you decide to go for name tattoo design on ring finger. So choose your font wisely.
Names Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

26. Another cool wedding ring tattoo idea would be to get a fake ring tattoo on your finger along with your name inked on the middle.
New Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. Now I don’t know what exactly this tattoo is about but I guess the couple very much liked Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Just Kidding. It looks like a small smiley tattoo on the ring finger.
Nice Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

28. I always encourage people who are from different race, ethnicity, region and even religion. Because their love shows that as a human we all have the same feelings and emotions.
Official Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

29. If you are devoted Christians then you can opt for a tiny cross tattoo design on your ring finger just like this.
Permanent Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

30. If you both love maths or just want to ink your special days in a special way then try a roman numeral tattoo on the finger in the style of a wedding ring.
Roman Numerical Number Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

wedding ring tattoos with names

31. If you opt for a rope or a chain tattoo on ring finger, you can make it even more special by showing the rope in style of tiny hearts.
Romantic Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. If you guys have believe in astrology then why not try a zodiac sign tattoo on your ring finger.
Similar Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. Girls like to have flower tattoos on their body, so bow down to your girl and have a matching flower tattoo on ring finger with them.
Skull Wedding Ring Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. If you girl opts for bow tie tattoo on her ring finger then ask her if she would like a colored tattoo. If she agrees then have your tattoo colored as well.
So Beautiful Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

35. Seashell tattoos are also popular among couples. Try a seashell tattoo design with your partner.
Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoos

36. If you and your partner life to make a lot of conspiracy theories then try a tattoo that shows your faith, like a Pyramid tattoo.
Tiny Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

37. This is not a simple triangle tattoo design but instead a meaningful couple tattoo on ring finger that shows that they are two bodies with one soul.
Top Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

38. Arrow tattoos might not look as meaningful as anchor tattoo but still they are very much tried by couples.
Triangle Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

39. Wave tattoos represent that life goes on. They are not depressing but positive tattoos and suit many couples.
Wave Wedding Ring Fingers Tattoos Design

40. Name initial tattoos can be very special. Have a name initial tattoo of your S.O. on your ring finger and try it old English fonts.
Wedding Band Tattoos On Pinterest

mens wedding ring tattoo

41. Here is another ring finger tattoo of date. But did you noticed one thing? The hand is wrinkled and seems to be of an old man. Is it a memorial tattoo? That’s sad.
Wedding Date Ring Tattoos Design

42. Why not try your surname tattoos on your ring finger? Here is a cool example of such wedding ring tattoos.
Wedding Ring Names Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Instead of chain or rope tattoos, you can also try a barbwire tattoo on ring finger that shows that relationship does not have to be happy all the time.
Wedding Ring Tattoos Design For Men

44. K and Q tattoos on ring finger are common but they can be made special by inking them in different colors, preferably in red color.
Wedding Ring Tattoos For Men

45. Couples like to have a bracelet tattoos on their wrist and a tiny bracelet tattoo on ringer as well, just like this.
Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas 2017

46. Try a wedding ring tattoo that is made up of name initials of both of you. Here is a beautiful design of it.
Wedding Ring Tattoos Images

47. Instead of inking your own name initial on your wedding ring, it will be romantic to get tattooed with name initials of your other half.
Wedding Ring Tattoos Stock Photos

48. The wedding ring tattoo does not have to cover your entire finger. It can just wrap one half of your finger and will still look good.
Wedding Rings On Tumblr

49. Okay, here is an offbeat tattoo design where the guy got inked with a wolf tattoo on the ring finger and the girl opted for a bunny tattoo on her ring finger (seems like a w!old relationship, RAAWWR).
Wolf Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

50. I like subtle tattoos. Here is a subtle ring finger tattoo design made up of dots.
Wonderful Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

Which wedding ring tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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