50+ Best Origami Tattoos Designs For Women (2024)

Origami and tattooing are two different art forms but people often love mix up of two different arts. This is the reason why origami tattoos are in trend in recent years. Origami is the art of folding paper and making unique designs such as animals (butterfly, penguin) or flowers like (rose, lotus) or objects.

Origami tattoos show the art of origami in a unique way. Here are 50 beautiful and creative origami tattoos for men and women –

Origami Bird Tattoos

1. Color plays a vital role in origami tattoos as it would imply the type of paper used in making that origami. Instead of going for realistic colors you should choose colors that are vibrant and appealing.
Origami Tattoos

2. I would not suggest you show two origami animals in your tattoo design but if you want to dedicate it to your sibling or your child then surely go for it.
Origami Tattoo 9

3. One of the most recommended origami tattoo design is the elephant origami tattoo. It will look even more beautiful with a colorful design like this.
Origami Tattoo 00

4. This looks like an origami cat tattoo design but I think it is inspired from pokemon characters.
Origami Tattoo 1

5. You might consider having a fantasy or mythological animal tattoo. If so then I would advise you to go for the origami version of the tattoo. For example here is a unicorn origami tattoo.
Origami Tattoo 2

6. Anchor tattoo designs are among the top 10 most popular tattoo design so it is obvious that one would like to try an origami anchor tattoo. Here is one for you to consider.
Origami Tattoo 3

7. Origami tattoo design will look beautiful and attractive on almost any part of the body but I would advise you to try them on hands as you too can admire the beauty of the tattoo.
Origami Tattoo 4

8. Origami tattoos should not be used as a cover up tattoos because they fail to occupy much space. Even if you find a suitable design it will fail to cover up the tattoos that went wrong.
Origami Tattoo 5

9. Flower tattoos are favorites of girls so how about a flower origami tattoo? In my opinion it will be difficult for newbie artist.
Origami Tattoo 6

10. Cranes are probably the first animal that are taught in origami classes so surely Origami crane tattoo design are also not so hard to design. Here are cute and easy origami designs for kids.
Origami Tattoo 7

origami minimalist tattoo

11. Origami bunny tattoos are popular among young boys and girls because they have a special meaning. They represent innocence and freedom.
Origami Tattoo 10

12. Many tattoo fans say that origami tattoos are usually expressionless and that is a big turn off for them. However, In my opinion, a clever tattoo artist can ink an expressive origami tattoo like this.
Origami Tattoo 11

13. If you have interest in science and craft (and history) then you should opt for origami tattoo of an animal that went extinct. For example here is a dinosaur origami tattoo design.
Origami Tattoo 12

14. If you are a fan of Batman then I am sure you will admire this origami bat logo tattoo design on the foot of this boy.
Origami Tattoo 13

15. This origami fox tattoo design can be improved a lot. First of all, I would like to remove the colors from this tattoo and secondly I would make the outline darker.
Origami Tattoo 14

16. Origami tattoo design need not look complicated but instead they could be simple and small like this.
Origami Tattoo 15

17. If you have an old tattoo design and it is fading away then I would suggest you add an origami tattoo design around it so that it freshens up the look of the whole tattoo.
Origami Tattoo 16

18. As compared to boys, girls would love to have a realistic origami tattoo design. For this, I would suggest them to try a 3D origami tattoo like this.
Origami Tattoo 17

19. I don’t know what origami animal tattoo is this? Is it an origami Lama tattoo design? What do you think about it?
Origami Tattoo 18

20. Origami tattoos have one disadvantage that they fade away quickly. In such a case, you should color the origami tattoo and make it lively again.
Origami Tattoo 19

origami tattoo meaning

21. Do not add geometrical symbols or shape around your origami tattoo or otherwise it will confuse the viewers.
Origami Tattoo 20

22. You will be surprised to know that origami tattoos will look even better in watercolor. Try an origami watercolor tattoo design (either of origami boat or crane) and you will love the result.
Origami Tattoo 21

23. One difficult thing about origami tattoos is that the artist has to show the folding of paper without compromising with the beauty of the tattoo, therefore, I would suggest you find an experienced tattoo designer for this task.
Origami Tattoo 22

24. Origami tattoos do not hold any special meaning but the origami tattoo design you choose will surely have meaning and therefore you must choose a meaningful tattoo design.
Origami Tattoo 23

25. Origami butterfly tattoos are also popular among girls but make sure the artist do not make them like tall towers.
Origami Tattoo 24

26. Origami dinosaur tattoos are among the hardest origami tattoo designs because they have a huge physique and there are lots of paper folding in it.
Origami Tattoo 25

27. Usually, girls love cats more than dogs but if you are a dog-loving woman then you might be looking for a dog tattoo for yourself. Here is a beautiful origami dog tattoo design for you.
Origami Tattoo 26

28. You can go for a small and simple origami tattoo design such as origami plane tattoo. A paper plane is probably the first thing a kid ever try with paper.
Origami Tattoo 27

29. This origami fox tattoo design is way too better and I think only a genius tattoo artist can replicate this as it is.
Origami Tattoo 28

30. I do not understand what this origami tattoo is? Is it an origami elephant tattoo? Where are its remaining two legs?
Origami Tattoo 29

origami bird tattoo meaning

31. This paper crane tattoo design is inked in perfect geometrical shape and that is why I would recommend it to girls.
Origami Tattoo 30

32. You can skip the obvious origami tattoo and go for some offbeat design such as origami penguin tattoos. Colored origami penguin tattoos will look even more attractive.
Origami Tattoo 31

33. Origami tattoo often go wrong like here is one design that was made to look like a unicorn but the final result is more like an origami llama tattoo design.
Origami Tattoo 32

34. This origami dragon tattoo design can be improved by making it’s head larger and the wings more pierced. It will suit boys.
Origami Tattoo 33

35. If you support wildlife conservation then you should opt for a tattoo design for endangered animal species. Here is a really cute origami panda tattoo design on the back of a woman.
Origami Tattoo 34

36. The tattoo artist added a bead to this origami crane tattoo design to give the impression of hanging cranes (Don’t know why, though?)
Origami Tattoo 35

37. If you want to color your origami tattoo design then boys should go for a blue or green color and girl should opt for a pink or orange shade.
Origami Tattoo 36

38. Is it an origami flower tattoo design or is it an origami diamond tattoo design? What you think?
Origami Tattoo 37

39. This beautiful origami owl tattoo design was made even more beautiful with pleasing coloring.
Origami Tattoo 38

40. Pastel colors can also be used to refresh origami tattoo that are on the verge of fading away.
Origami Tattoo 39

origami dove tattoo

41. It is hard to add jungle and trees to an origami animal tattoo but if possible then you should opt for it.
Origami Tattoo 40

42. This origami butterfly tattoo design looks more like a pointed missile that Is about to hit its target.
Origami Tattoo 41

43. I don’t think anyone would like to have an origami pig tattoo design on their body but still many people look for origami farm animal tattoos.
Origami Tattoo 42

44. In my opinion having multiple origami crane tattoos on hand or arm is not a cool idea. Just one origami crane tattoo is enough.
Origami Tattoo 43

45. Instead of coloring an origami tattoo you can get inked in such manner that the viewer thinks the origami tattoo design was made with a paper of color.
Origami Tattoo 44

46. Origami tattoo can also be used to cover up tattoos that went wrong. For example this beautiful origami pup tattoo design overshadows the planet tattoos.
Origami Tattoo 45

47. If you opt for origami horse tattoo design then make sure that the tattoo is not left incomplete like this.
Origami Tattoo 46

48. There is no need to add micro tattoos to your origami tattoo design because it will distract viewers from original tattoo.
Origami Tattoo 47

49. If you are from state of California or if your college mascot is a bear then here is an origami bear tattoo design for you.
Origami Tattoo 49

50. Navy men and sailors can opt for origami boat tattoos instead of anchor tattoos.
Origami Tattoo

Which origami tattoo design would you love to have on your body.