50+ Sacred Heart Tattoos For Guys (2024) Broken,Bleeding & Crying

Heart tattoos are not just opted by couples or best friends. They are opted by people who have an unbounded passion toward something. There are a lot of heart tattoos that you can try from but I would personally suggest you for designs that are meaningful to you.

Here are 50 unique heart tattoos designs for men and women –

Small Heart tattoos

1. Even though there are hundreds of cute infinity heart tattoos but they would only look good and meaningful if they are dedicated to someone you love.
cute heart tattoos

2. Most people like combination tattoos. One popular combination is bleeding heart flower tattoos. You don’t have to show a bleeding heart though in such tattoos.
Bleeding Heart Tattoos

3. Of all the heartbeat tattoo designs the most difficult to ink is the anatomical heart tattoos. If you opt for one then better check the art of artist on a paper before getting it on the skin. Many like to show a tattoo of heaven in their design.
Anatomical Heart Tattoos

4. Celtic people drew their own unique version of certain objects be it cross or heart. Here is a Celtic heart tattoo inspired from Celtic drawings.
Celtic Heart Tattoos

5. Do you think there would be any better couple tattoo idea than this? I think couples heart with wings tattoos are the most romantic type of tattoo designs.
Couples Heart Tattoos
thigh tattoo design for men

6. If you are a religious person then you surely would love to show your religious faith in a tattoo design. Here is a cross and i carry your heart tattoos design for you.
Cross And Heart Tattoos

7. Many of us have failed in love. There is no shame in accepting that. However, inking it on your body is a silly step. If you still want a broken heart tattoo then consider this less painful style.
Broken Heart Tattoos

8. People like to have a quote with their iron heart tattoos. One popular quote is ‘Always on My Mind and Forever in my heart’.
Forever In My Heart Tattoos

9. Heart and key tattoos are the most common type of dark heart tattoos variation but this too comes in a lot of variations.
Heart And Key Tattoos

10. Many people like to have spiritual and sacred heart tattoos. For example, this heart chakra tattoo denotes that a human lives multiple lives in the spirit world.
Heart Chakra Tattoos
girl with bandana tattoo meaning

broken heart tattoos for guys

11. If you think that your love is lucky for you then try heart dreamcatcher tattoo. Dreamcatcher are considered lucky among Native americans. This can also be tried as a small inner bicep tattoo.
Heart Dreamcatcher Tattoos

12. You can have heart shape tattoos instead of a real purple heart tattoo. Like here is a heart hands tattoos on the forearm of this man.
Heart Hands Tattoos

13. If you love music more than anything then surely you would love to have heart music note tattoos like this.
Heart Music Notes Tattoos

14. If you believe that you have been ditched and betrayed far too many times then show your anger and pain with a heart on fire tattoos.
Heart On Fire Tattoos

15. Most people like to have heart and dagger tattoos on the sleeve but the problem is that they do not cover up the entire reason. So choose for anatomical heart tattoo on the sleeve.
Heart On Sleeve Tattoos

16. There is no need to get complicated heart locket tattoo because simple heart outlines tattoo like this will look way more meaningful.
Heart Outlines Tattoos

17. Life goes on is a popular quote and you can show this with a heart rhythm tattoo design but do not have it on foot or ankle.
Heart Rhythm Tattoos

18. A popular heart tattoo idea for women would be to try any kind of flower tattoo in the shape of a heart. My favorite pick is heart roses tattoo as shown in this pic.
Heart Roses Tattoos

19. You can opt for any tribal tattoo design and modify it in the shape of a heart. Just be sure that it is equally proportional on all angles.
Heart Shape Tattoos

20. You can add other tattoo designs to your heart tattoo design. My favorite is heart and anchor tattoo which shows that you have found stability in love.
Heart Tattoos Designs

bleeding heart tattoo designs

21. There are many variations of tribal heart tattoo my favourite kind is that which show an impatient heart just like . You can show it by waves as shown in this heart tattoo drawing.
Heart Tattoos Drawings

22. Men love multiple women in their lives. IT’S-A FACT. So a really great heart tattoo idea for men would be to try heart shape balloon tattoo that is being distributed among women.
Heart Tattoos For Men

23. Another great heart tattoo idea is to fit your on screen couple in a heart frame just like this lady and the tramp tattoo.
Heart Tattoos Ideas

24. If you think this world is a dark place but you find solace in nature then try a black heart tattoo design with flowers inside it just like this.
Heart Tattoos Images

25. Now here is another meaningful heart tattoo on the ankle of this guy. The man showed cannabis inside the black heart and I think you know what it means.
Heart Tattoos On Ankle

26. Personally, I don’t find heart tattoo on foot attractive but if you want to try it then go for heart anklet tattoos like this.
Heart Tattoos On Foot

27. The wrist is a commonplace to get heart tattoo but do you know that you can have a unique style on the wrist too. For example, this guy has a cupid heart tattoo on the side of the wrist. The placement makes this tattoo cool.
Heart Tattoos On Wrist

28. Here is a deep meaning in this heart tattoo design. The guy showed a tree over an anatomical heart thereby suggesting that tree plantation is important for the life cycle.
Heart Tree Tattoos

29. If your heart does not stop at one place and it often wanders here and there, then you should go for heart wing tattoos. Here is a cool design for you.
Heart Wing Tattoos

30. Another cool idea for a heart tattoo is a heart with an arrow tattoo. Here is a variation that shows an arrow in the shape of a heart. It indicates that whenever you try to love someone it backfires.
Heart With Arrow Tattoos

tattoos on the heart audiobook

31. Many people like to have a heart tattoo with the name of their sweetheart. If the person is no more in this world then ink the date of their death as well. This tattoo is inspired by a Johnny Depp tattoo design.
Heart With Names Tattoos

32. The I Heart NY logo became so popular that it gave fame to phrases like I heart dad and I heart mom. You too can try an I heart mom tattoo just like this.
I Heart Mom Tattoos

33. Love should be infinite. If you love someone then love them from the bottom of your heart. Infinity heart tattoo suggest that you love someone indefinitely.
Infinity Heart Tattoos

34. Many people to have a mix up of lion tattoo and heart tattoo to show that they are brave and courageous. I don’t think this person thinks the same.
Lion Heart Tattoos 1

35. No heart tattoo would look as good as one that shows your love and passion. For example, this little heart tattoo is enclosed by a rope thereby suggesting that either he loves himself or he loves navy.
Little Heart Tattoos

36. Many people like to opt for mechanical heart tattoo but they miss one point that such tattoos are far too complicated and cannot be pulled off by just any tattoo artist.
Mechanical Heart Tattoos

37. If you love your mom indefinitely then there would be no better choice than a mother-daughter heart tattoo like this.
Mother Daughter Heart Tattoos

38. If you love your pet very much and want to dedicate a tattoo to them then try paw print heart tattoos. Remember that these tattoos should be small or tiny.
Paw Print Heart Tattoos

39. If you want a real heart tattoo design aka anatomical heart tattoo then give it proper placement as well. Remember tattoos on the heart can be dangerous.
Real Heart Tattoos

40. Here is a one unique style of rose and heart tattoos. As you can see the person did not opted for much colors.
Rose And Heart Tattoos

crying heart tattoo meaning

41. Sacred heart tattoos are opted by devoted Christians who want to show that the heart of Jesus has divine love for the whole of humanity. They are a better choice than the heart tattoo of king and queen.
Sacred Heart Tattoos

42. Semicolon tattoo gained popularity when they were used to show the struggle of someone’s mental illness. You can add a tiny heart tattoo to them to show your love as well.
Semicolon Heart Tattoos

43. One of the most popular tiny tattoo choices is small heart tattoos. You can have it on any part of the body.
Simple Heart Tattoos

44. If you love your sister very much then try a ‘sister’ tattoo in the shape of a heart. You can add an anchor to it to show that your love is stable for them.
Sister Heart Tattoos

45. People who love punk music often have skull tattoos on them. You can try one variation of skulls and heart tattoo as shown here.
Skulls And Heart Tattoos

46. Here is another small heart tattoo design which will suit couples who can not have large tattoos due to their job obligations.
Small Heart Tattoos

47. If you want to dedicate someone a ‘You are my world’ tattoo then opt for stars and heart tattoo. You can add a ring around the heart just like rings of Saturn and you can also add the name of your loved one at the center.
Stars And Heart Tattoos

48. The steampunk era tattoos are one of my favorites. Here is a steampunk heart tattoo which is very difficult to ink.
Steampunk Heart Tattoos

49. You can have a quotes along with your heart tattoos. Here is the popular quote of Mahatma Gandhi on the back of this girl along with a heart tattoo.
Tattoos On The Heart Quotes

50. One tattoo design that you can never neglect is the tribal heart tattoos. They look very stylish and will suit any skin type.
Tribal Heart Tattoos

Which heart tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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