50+ Best Leg Tattoos Designs for Men and Women (2024)

Leg tattoos are often neglected by both men and women. This is because people rarely look at legs. But if you are a tattoo lover then you surely know that legs provide enough space and alignment for impressive tattoos.

However, you might get confused about whether to get a tattoo on the thigh or the calf or have a leg sleeve tattoo design. Worry not as we present you the 50 best leg tattoo designs for men and women that also include suggestions for thigh tattoos and calf tattoos.

Leg Tattoos for Women

1. One of the best leg tattoos that the girls can have on their body is a jewelry tattoo design which can be like an anklet or another thigh ornament.
Leg Tattoos

Leg Tattoos for Men

2. As the tattoo artist gets more space on the leg so he/she surely can draw a realistic tattoo design like this.
Amazing Leg Tattoos

3. The leg is a place to get unconventional and offbeat tattoos. For example, this alien tattoo design would never have looked good on the chest or back.
Alien Leg Tattoos

4. Here is another realistic animal tattoo design on the thigh that actually looks like an HD wallpaper.
Animal Leg Tattoos

5. This is a temporary tattoo design for the legs and I picked it up because it perfectly summarizes modern city life.
Best Leg Tattoos Ever
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6. Religious tattoo design should never be on the lower part of the body. So make sure your tattoo does not have a religious symbol in it.
Black And White Leg Tattoos

7. This is a poorly done Play Bunny tattoo design but if it is improved it can be one of the most attractive tattoos on the leg.
Black Ink Leg Tattoos

8. Another cool tattoo idea for girls would be to get the pink ribbon tattoo (not necessarily on both legs).
Bow Leg Tattoos

9. Shaving is important for legs so make sure you have your leg shaved completely before you get a tattoo on your leg.
Bridge Leg Tattoos

10. Just like arm sleeve tattoo design you can also have leg-sleeve tattoos and they won’t look trashy at all.
Buddha Leg Tattoos
tatuagem feminina no antebraço

Thigh tattoo designs for men

11. Positioning and alignment matter a lot in leg tattoos because the wrong alignment can totally change the look and meaning of a wonderful tattoo.
Candle Leg Tattoos

12. 3D tattoos on legs won’t look as majestic as they look on the chest or back but still, you can give them a try.
Cat Leg Tattoos On Ankle

13. One impressive idea for girls’ leg tattoos would be to get a seductive girl tattoo on them. Here is one example.
Colorful Leg Tattoos

14. Quote tattoos also look good on legs but instead of getting Bible verses as tattoos on legs, you should try funny and interesting quotes like this.
Cup Leg Tattoos

15. Colorful tattoos on legs can stay longer if you get them near the thighs or on the upper calf like this.
Cute Mirror Leg Tattoos

16. If you get a colourful tattoo on your legs then make sure you don’t wear tight pants because the color could wear off in the early days.
Different Leg Tattoos

17. Here is how a fade-away tattoo design on legs would look like. It was an interesting design but due to carelessness, it wore off quickly.
Easy Leg Tattoos

18. This leg tattoo design was inspired by a tattoo art uploaded on the Deviantart website.
Elegant Leg Tattoos

19. You will not be able to see all the tattoos on your legs so make sure you take a friend with you when you get them.
Fablous Leg Tattoos

20. Flower tattoo design can look better on any part of body especially if you are a girl. You should try small flower tattoos on your legs.
Flower Leg Tattoos

Upper thigh tattoos for guys

21. There are many tribal tattoo designs that you try for leg sleeves. One good style would be having leg sleeve on just one side (front or back) like this.
Full Leg Tattoos For Women

22. If your legs are visible most of the time then you should not try weird or unconventional tattoos. Instead, you should opt for meaningful tattoos.
Full Leg Tattoos

23. If you love wild animals then you should pick up your favorite animal for your leg tattoo design.
Watercolor Leg Tattoos

24. Many people like to have human anatomy tattoo design and if you are one among them then here is a simple design for you.
Human Leg Tattoos

25. I already suggested getting a ribbon tattoo design but I think this one is one of the most unique leg tattoo designs for girls.
Lace Leg Tattoos

26. You can also opt for small or even tiny designs that are meaningful and admirable.
Leg Tattoos Black And Grey

27. Here is a beautiful leg tattoo design for boys that is inspired from a famous painting.
Leg Tattoos Cover Ups

28. If you love someone madly then one adorable idea would be to get matching tattoos. Here is one example of “couples tattoos” for you.
Leg Tattoos For Couples

29. As I said human anatomy designs are popular too and if you want to ink a certain body part then go for the heart tattoo design.
Leg Tattoos For Girls

30. You can also have portrait tattoos of famous Kings and queens from history. Here is King Tut’s tattoo design on the leg.
Leg Tattoos For Guys

Men’s thigh tattoo writing

31. Instead of getting a matching tattoo design with your best friend or sibling or lover, you can have a matching tattoo design on both your legs.
Leg Tattoos For Males

32. I won’t suggest you opt for multiple tattoos on your legs. Just choose one or two tattoo designs on your legs and it would stand out.
Leg Tattoos For Women

33. One of the most popular parts on legs to get tattoos is the back calf. You can have matching tattoos on both your back claves.
Leg Tattoos Tumblr

34. Heart and key tattoo design would suit legs and especially if they are inked on girls.
Lock And Key Leg Tattoos

35. Name or word tattoo design would not look good on legs at all so don’t waste your time and thoughts on it.
Lovely Leg Tattoos

36. Sun and Moon tattoo design will look graceful on legs. You can have them separately on both legs or you can attach them both like this.
Moon Leg Tattoos

37. I know this tattoo design is a bit old school but remember old is always gold.
Music Leg Tattoos

38. You can have Chinese or Japanese symbols on your leg as tattoos. There are many Chinese and Japanese symbols that brings good luck.
New Leg Tattoos Designs

39. Instead of opting for a flower tattoo design on the leg, girls could try tree tattoos.
Plam Trees Leg Tattoos

40. The Chinese symbols of Yin and Yang define the Karma of Life. This is why they are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world.
Pokemon Go Leg Tattoos

Full leg tattoo ideas

41. This Queen Portrait tattoo design is in perfect position and alignment. It will look amazing on girls.
Queen Leg Tattoos

42. Here is a traditional and popular rose tattoo design on the leg.
Rose Leg Tattoos

43. Flower tattoo design need not be alone instead you can opt for a combination such as flower and moon or flower and sun tattoo design.
Shin Leg Tattoos

44. You can also try for a thigh band tattoo design or even a garter tattoo design on legs.
Simple Leg Tattoos

45. If you have muscular legs (NEVER MISS LEG DAY) then you should try colorful leg sleeve tattoos like this.
Skull Leg Tattoos

46. The coloring of this snake and skull tattoo design was unnecessary but otherwise it is a wonderful design for both boys and girls.
Snake Leg Tattoos

47. Food tattoo designs are also famous among tattoo lovers and legs are the best candidates to have them.
Tiny Leg Tattoos

48. Dagger tattoo design looks amazing on three positions – Chest (Like Brock lesnar), Arm or Legs.
Traditional Rose Leg Tattoos

49. New tattoo artists should try their new tattoo designs on legs as they could be well hidden under pants or jeans.
Tribal Leg Tattoos

50. This horse and diamond tattoo design is marvelous and I won’t mind it in a bigger size.
Unicorn Leg Tattoos

These were the best leg tattoos. Which one do you like the most?

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