160+ Best 3D Tattoos For Men (2024) Images & Pictures of Designs

3D tattoos are popular among tattoo lovers since the last two decades but you don’t see them often on people. This is because 3D tattoos can only be tattooed by experienced artist otherwise there is a huge risk of your 3D going wrong.

The internet is full of 3D tattoo fails and therefore people are confused and scared on whether to get a 3D tattoo or not. If you find an experienced tattoo artist in your locality then I would advise you to try 3D tattoo design at least once in your life. Here we picked 50 best 3D tattoo designs that will suit both men and women-

Tattoos 3D

1. Most 3D tattoos are inspired by Biomechanical tattoos. Here is a realistic biomechanical tattoo design that is leaving a long lasting impression.
Pictures of 3d tattoos

images of 3d tattoo

3d tattoos on black skin

2. 3D portrait tattoos are very popular. Instead of opting a person I would highly suggest you to pick up 3D portrait of your pet (Dog or cat).
Realistic 3d Tattoos

3-d tattoos

3d tattoo shops near me

3. The artist cleverly used the curves of the inner bicep of this boy to ink a beautiful eye tattoo design. You can see the reflection of a distant building in the eyes too.
3d Eyebrow Tattoos

how much do 3d tattoos cost

4. Girls can opt for 3D flower tattoos but don’t pick up an easy design. I would recommend you to go for a 3D rose tattoo or a three D chrysanthemum tattoo design like this.
3d Rose Tattoos

3d tattoos for men

3d tattoos on black people

5. You can also opt for a 3D landscape tattoo design and it doesn’t have to be big. Here is a small 3D tattoo design on the forearm of this girl.
Small 3d Tattoos

3d tattoos for ladies

3d tattoos cost how much

6. If you wish to have a 3D eye tattoo design then I would recommend you to either try eyes of an Owl or eye of the tiger.
3d Ink Tattoos

how are 3d tattoos done

3d tattoo artist near me

7. Large size 3D tattoos look more impressive then small size 3D tattoos. Here is a large size 3D skull tattoo design on the full back of this guy.
3d Tattoos Images

3d tattoos near me

how much are 3d tattoos

8. If you opt for human anatomy tattoos or human body part tattoos then my better suggestion would be to try a 3D praying hands tattoo design on chest.
3d Tattoos For Men On Chest

3d tattoo designs free

pictures of 3d tattoos

9. 3D tattoos give you an option to get portrait tattoos of your favourite celebrity. Here is a 3D portrait tattoo of Jennifer lopez.
3d Tattoos For Girl

where to get 3d tattoos

10. Double exposure tattoos in 3D styles can be pulled off only by experienced tattoo artists. Here is a double exposure tattoo in 3D style that shows a baby and a skull. Have you ever tried 3d printing here are some basics that you need to know.
3d Skull Tattoos

best 3d tattoo artist

3D Butterfly Tattoos

11. If you opt for multiple 3D tattoos then make sure they complement each other or otherwise the whole design would be just waste of space. Here is a confusing 3D tattoo of a lioness and a candle.
3d Leg Tattoos

images of 3d tattoos

12. Girls like to have butterfly tattoos so I would recommend them to try a 3D butterfly tattoo design on shoulder like this.
3d Butterfly Tattoos

13. If you opt for a 3D tribal design then my suggestion would be to go for a native Indian or a tribal male portrait tattoo design like this.
3d Tattoos Sleeves

14. If you want a 3D temporary tattoo design then I would suggest you to either go for a watercolour 3d tattoo or a pastel 3D tattoo.
3d Tattoos

15. 3D tattoos require more space than an average tattoo design so have it on body parts like thighs, shoulders or chest or back.
Best 3d Tattoos Ever

3D tattoos for Women

16. It is better to pick up a realistic 3D tattoo design then to go after an imaginative tattoo design. Here is a 3D flower tattoo along with an eye tattoo and a diamond tattoo.
Cool 3d Tattoos

17. Even though I would suggest a medium size 3D portrait tattoo but if you are a huge fan of a musician or actor or actress then you can opt for a full back 3d tattoo like this (Oozy Osbourne).
3d Back Tattoos

18. A 3d sleeve tattoo design is ideal for those who are looking for a cover up tattoo design on arms.
3d Sleeve Tattoos

19. You can also get your name (or your loved ones name) inked in 3D style. For this you have to choose 3D fonts.
Amazing 3d Tattoos

20. 3D tattoos can go wrong so be sure that you pick up the right design and the right artist or otherwise it might become a huge tattoo fail.
3d Tattoos Designs

3D Hummingbird Tattoos

21. My favourite Kind of 3D tattoos would be one that is inspired from the universe. Here is a 3d full sleeve tattoo that shows our Milky Way galaxy.
3d Art Tattoos

22. You can also go for 3D angel or 3D angel wings tattoos and the best place to have them is shoulders or back.
3d Wing Tattoos

23. Here is a 3D wolf tattoo design that seems to be inspired from the werewolves of HBO tv series Game of Thrones.
3d Wolf Tattoos

24. If you are a big music fan then I would recommend you to try a 3D musical instrument tattoo design. The best one would be a 3D guitar tattoo.
3d Guitar Tattoos

25. Coloring can improve a 3D tattoo designs to amazing levels. For example this Egyptian mummy tattoo design is looking so amazing due to its golden shading.
3d Skeleton Tattoos

3D flower tattoos

26. If you wish to opt for a girl portrait tattoo design then I would suggest you focus on her hairs as they will make the tattoo realistic.
3d Tattoos Pictures

27. Here is a 3D girl portrait tattoo design that seems to be inspired from the silent movies era.
Beautiful 3d Tattoos

28. 3D tattoos can fade away quickly due to their uneven designing. So you must take good care of your 3D tattoo designs.
Crazy 3d Tattoos

29. You can also get tattooed with your favourite superhero. Here is a 3D tattoo of Venom (villain in Spider man comics) on the chest of this guy.
Tattoos 3d

30. If you opt for a sleeve tattoo on arm or legs then I would highly recommend you to try the same 3D sleeve tattoo on both arms and legs.
Badass 3d Tattoos

3D Tattoos For Women

31. A flower bouquet tattoo design will be a better option as compared to a 3D flower tattoo. Here is a 3D flower bouquet tattoo on the thigh of this woman.
3d Flower Tattoos

32. If you opt for a 3D biomechanical tattoo design then the best part to have them is either calf or arm.
3d Mechanical Tattoos

33. If you opt for a girl portrait tattoo design in 3d style then I would suggest you to focus on the make-up of the girl.
3d Face Tattoos

34. 3D gothic tattoo designs also look amazing. For this you have to choose a mysterious design. Here is a 3D raven tattoo design.
3d Bird Tattoos

35. This 3D biomechanical tattoo design on the thigh of this girl would surely leave people confused as they will wonder whether it is a tattoo or a real thing.
3d Thigh Tattoos

3D Scorpion tattoos

36. You can have a 3D eye or 3D portrait tattoo design on the back of the calf. It is the best part of such tattoos. In fact, people might get scared of 3d tattoo designs like this on the back of the calf.
3d Calf Tattoos

37. This marvellous 3d tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl is perfectly placed but is ruined by other tattoos nearby.
3d Body Tattoos

38. You can also opt for planet tattoo designs on forearm. If the 3d planet tattoo design doesn’t turn out good then change it to eye tattoo.
Images Of 3d Tattoos

39. A good 3D tattoo idea would be get tattooed with your favourite movie character be it a hero or a villain.
3d Tattoos Designs For Men

40. Is this 3D tattoo of Daryl from AMC TV series ‘The Walking Dead’? Or is it some other guy?
Awesome 3d Tattoos

Small 3D Tattoos

41. This 3D tattoo design seems to be inspired from the super villain El Diablo of Suicide Squad. He was played by Jay Hernandez.
3d Forearm Tattoos

42. Here is a 3D tattoo of Scarlett Johansson on the upper shoulder of this girl.
3d Tattoos Pics

43. This 3D biomechanical tattoo design on the forearm of this guy can be improved by expanding it on the whole curve.
3d Arm Tattoos

44. You can opt for a weird 3d tattoo design on unexpected body parts. For example this guy chose to get his hand tattooed with a 3D bat tattoo design. Is he Batman?
3d Wrist Tattoos

45. People also opt for 3D clock or timepiece or even hourglass tattoo design. However the confusion arises on which time you should show in it.
3d Clock Tattoos

3D tattoos For Ladies

46. This impressive and detailed 3D galaxy tattoo designed is ruined by the addition of a skull tattoo. Probably the artist wanted to send a message that it’s all in our head.
3d Rib Tattoos

47. 3D elephant tattoo designs turn out to be much better than any other 3D tattoo design of animal. Here is a full back 3D elephant tattoo design on this woman.
3d Tattoos For Women

48. I don’t think there is anyone in this world who hate or disliked Breaking Bad. Here is a3D portrait tattoo of our favorite Walter White.
3d Tattoos Designs For Men (1)

49. If you ever wished for a King or Queen Tattoo design then I would advise you to try the 3D version of King queen tattoos.
Coolest 3d Tattoos

50. 3D cross tattoos will be suitable for those who are looking for religious tattoos or Christian tattoos but I won’t advise them to show blood on their cross tattoos.
3d Cross Tattoos

3D Dragon tattoos

51. 3d Dragon tattoos are hard to ink as they require a lot of concentration and perfection. If you want one then i would strongly suggest you to try a Drogon tattoo (the dragon of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones).
3d Dragon Tattoos

52. I am sure you will admire geometric 3d tattoos but they would not look impressive alone. You have to add other things to geometrical shapes like a snake or anaconda is a good choice.
3d Geometric Tattoos

53. People also like to have 3d heart tattoos and the best version is the anatomical heart. But how about conveying a strong message from your tattoo design? You can try a 3d golden heart or diamond heart tattoo like this.
3d Hearts Tattoos

54. If your zodiac sign is scorpion then it is only suitable to try a 3d Scorpio tattoo. I would recommend it on wrist or forearm but the back shoulder is also a good option.
3d Scorpio Tattoos

55. Ok, I know 3d spider tattoos can scare kids, most ladies, and even few guys. But still, if you want to try them then level up your game and try them on your neck like this.
3d Spider Tattoos

where can i get a 3d tattoo

3d Angels Tattoos

3d Animal Tattoos

3d Arm Tattoos

3d Autism Tattoos

3d Back Tattoos

3D Batman Tattoos

3d Biomechanical Tattoos

3d Bird Tattoos

3d Body Tattoos

3D Bow Tattoos

3d Bracelet Tattoos

3d Butterflies Tattoos

3d Butterfly Tattoos

3d Car Tattoos Designs

3d Cat Tattoos

3d Celtic Tattoos

3d Compass Tattoos

3d Cross Tattoos

3d Dragon Tattoos

3d Flower Tattoo Omn Shoulder

3D Flower Tattoos On Thigh

3d Flower Tattoos

3D Foor Tattoos

3D Forearm Tattoos Ideas

3d Forearm Tattoos

3d Frog Tattoos

3d Full Back Tattoos

3d Geometric Tattoos

3d Gun Tattoos

3d Half Sleeve Tattoos

3d Hand Tattoos

3d Head Tattoos

3D Heart Tattoos

3d Hearts Tattoos

3D Honey Bee Tattoos

3d Horse Tattoos

3d Hummingbird Tattoos

3d Infinity Tattoos

3d Ink Tattoos

3d Inner Bicep Tattoos

3d Koi Fish Tattoos

3d Ladybug Tattoos

3d Leg Tattoos

3d Letters Tattoos

3d Lily Tattoos

3D Lizard Tattoos

3d Machine Tattoos

3D Map Tattoos

3d Mechanical Tattoos

3d Medical Tattoos

3d Music Tattoos

3d Owl Tattoos

3d Paw Tattoos

3d Rib Tattoos

3d Rosary Tattoos

3d Rose Tattoos

3d Skeleton Tattoos

3d Skin Tattoos

3d Skull Tattoos

3d Sleeve Tattoos

3d Snake Tattoos

3D Sparrow Tattoo For Girls

3d Spider Tattoos

3D Star Fish Tattoos On Ankle

3d Superman Tattoos

3d Tattoos Designs

3d Tattoos For Females

3d Tattoos For Girl

3d Tattoos For Girls

3d Tattoos For Ladies

3d Tattoos For Men On Chest

3d Tattoos For Men

3d Tattoos For Women

3D Tattoos On Foot

3D Tattoos On Legs

3D Tattoos On Shoulder

3d Tattoos On Thigh

3d Tattoos Robot

3D Tattoos Shoelace

3d Tattoos Sleeves

3D Tiger Tattoos

3d Tribal Tattoos

3d Wedding Ring Tattoos

3d Wing Tattoos

3d Wolf Tattoos

3d Wrist Tattoos

Amazing 3d Tattoos

Badass 3d Tattoos

Best 3d Tattoos Ever

Best 3d Tattoos

Cool 3d Tattoos

Crazy 3d Tattoos

Jesus 3d Tattoos

Lord Shiva 3D Tattoos On Forearm

Realistic 3d Tattoos

Realstic 3D Snake Tattoos

Small 3d Tattoos

Spiderman 3d Tattoos

Tattoos 3d

Tattoos For Men 3d

Which 3D tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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