50+ Worlds Worst Tattoos Of All time (2023)

Not every tattoo artist is gifted. Not every person opt for cool tattoos. Many factors play a role in the designing of a good tattoo. If any of them fails then your tattoo turns out to be bad. How about if all the factors fail? Then you get the gross tattoo in the world.

Here we selected 50 such tattoos that we consider as the worst tattoo of all time

Worst Tattoos Ever

1. A Boy getting his face tattooed with hello kitty is not a good idea.
Worst Tattoos

2. At least have the dog perfectly proportioned. Worst Dog Tattoo.
Dog Worst Tattoos

3. Who would get such words inked on their stomach permanently?
Best Worst Tattoos 2017

4. Maybe do not have the same word inked on your whole body again and again. Such full body tattoos should be avoided at all cost.
Full Body Worst Tattoos

5. This guy might want to show that he can see all around but in reality, he is an all around stupid making it the funniest worst tattoo.
Funniest Tattoos Ever
Traditional Native American Tattoos

6. No body admire a skull that wear green hair and eat green worms. This is a funny bad tattoo.
Funny Bad Tattoos

7. Adding a human face on a tiger body and that too resembles a lot with Charlie sheen – funny Worst face tattoo.
Funny Worst Face Tattoo

8. Do not try tattoo so much down there. It will hurt a lot and nothing will be fruitful.
Funny Worst Tattoos

9. Is it a lightsaber? Is it a pipe? Is it a sword? What actually it is? Lower back tattoos should be $exy and not worst.
Lower Back Worst Tattoos

10. Even NBA players cannot avoid worst tattoos. Here is a Kobe Bryant tattoo. It is human nature to find amusement in other people’s failure.
Nba Worst Tattoos
Native American Bear Tattoo

Ugly Tattoos

11. Outline tattoos are rarely good. In fact some of them are ugly and worst.
Outline Worst Tattoos

12. I would say that this Amputee has a good sense of humour.
Very Bad Worst Tattoos

13. Cultural appropriation tattoos should never be tried as they can hurt sentiments of people.
Worlds Worst Tattoos

14. Do not have a comic strip tattooed on your body as it won’t stay funny for long.
Worst Afl Tattoos

15. I don’t know what was the artist on when he inked this animal tattoo? Can you guess the animal – Its lion who is ill right now.
Worst Animal Tattoos

Trashy Tattoos

16. One of the worst celebrity tattoos are on the body of Lil wayne.
Worst Celebrity Tattoos

17. An outline tattoo of dinosaur on chest where the n!pple shown like a meat piece is a very bad tattoo idea.
Worst Chest Tattoos

18. I would have admired this funny South park tattoo if It was not a couple tattoo.
Worst Couple Tattoos

19. Many people get eyebrow tattoos. I would advise them not to do so.
Worst Eyebrow Tattoos

20. Do not have a TODO list inked on your forearm because it will mean that you are going to do nothing in your life.
Forearm Worst Tattoos

Dumbest Tattoos

21. Facial tattoos are always ugly and they should be avoided. Here this guy got his face tattooed with weird designs.
Worst Facial Tattoos

22. Never ever ever have a spelling mistake in your quote tattoo design.
Worst Forearm Tattoos

23. Neck tattoos can be very risky move. Here this neck tattoo turned out to be really ugly.
Worst Neck Tattoos

24. If you wish to have a portrait tattoo of your kid then please find a well-known artist for it or otherwise the tattoo would look like this.
Worst Portrait Tattoos Ideas

25. This is a cool portrait tattoo but then again it would look boring after some time.
Worst Portrait Tattoos

26. One of the worst prison tattoo idea that you can try is the scleral tattoo or the eye tattoo.
Worst Prison Tattoos

27. This tattoo cover up would have turned out good if the ink was used wisely.
Worst Tattoo Cover Ups

28. I don’t know what the artist was trying to show here. Even beginners can do better than this.
Worst Tattoo Ideas

29. If you try a Christian tattoo design then please choose design wisely because it might offend people.
Worst Tattoo Mistake

30. Some tattoos can be good but still they can look worst because of the ugly placement.
Worst Tattoos 2018

31. Too much piercing and too many tattoos can be ugly. Do not ruin your natural beauty.
Worst Tattoos And Piercings

32. If you go for armpit tattoo then let me tell you it will be one of the most painful tattoo experience.
Worst Tattoos Armpit

33. Athletes should not try tattoos on visible parts of body like this because they leave bad impact of kids.
Worst Tattoos Athletes

34. Here the tattoo shows the baby holding a finger but is it really holding a finger?
Worst Tattoos Baby Holding Finger

35. Some tattoos turn out really bad because of the ugly ink. Here is one example.
Worst Tattoos Bad Ink

36. Here is an ugly tattoo before and after pic which honest is made better afterwards.
Worst Tattoos Before And After

37. Yes Knowledge is power but it should be used to choose good tattoos.
Worst Tattoos Ever

38. Many MMA fighters also have ugly tattoo designs on their body. If you have a physique like this then do not try tattoo like this.
Worst Tattoos In Mma

39. If you have a bear belly then do not mock yourself by trying a fake abs tattoo design.
Worst Tattoos In The World

40. Yes you should keep smiling but also should not forget the spelling.
Worst Tattoos Misspelled

41. What was the motive behind this tattoo design? Can you guess?
Worst Tattoos Mistakes

42. Tattoos can quickly go out of fashion so choose your design wisely.
Worst Tattoos On Arms

43. Even though this is creative tattoo design but still this tattoo on head is not the one you can admire.
Worst Tattoos On Head

44. This portrait tattoo is very realistic but then again it is way too realistic and others wont take a second glance at it.
Worst Tattoos On Ink Master

45. Potty tattoos should always be ignores. Why would you even try them?
Worst Tattoos On Leg

46. You might find a tattoo attractive on internet but this does not mean it would look good on you as well.
Worst Tattoos On Shoulder

47. I have no words to describe how bad this tattoo is.
Worst Tattoos On Stomach

48. Do not get the name of your girlfriend inked on your body because tattoos will stay forever unlike your girl.
Worst Tattoos To Get

49. I am all out of words to describe such tattoos.
Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoos

50. I guess I should stop this list right here because it is hurting my creativity.
Worst Wolf Tattoos

These are the awful tattoo of all time? Do you have any dumb tattoo of your own? Send it to us an email.