50+ Tribal Native American Tattoos Ideas for Men (2024)

People opt for native American tattoos not only because they love the culture and respect it but also because native American culture was one of the artsiest cultures. Tattoos were common in native America and chiefs used to wear them with pride.

Each tattoo had its own story and no tattoo was meaningless on a person’s body. Here we have chosen 50 native American tattoos that you can try for yourself –

Traditional Native American Tattoos

1. One of the best Native American tattoos that you can get is an Indian chief sleeve tattoo like this.
native american tattoos

2. You can modify any animal tattoo into a Native American animal tattoo. All you have to do is add a chief crown to its head just like this lion tattoo.
Native American Animal Tattoos

3. Native Americans used to wear armbands to protect themselves from evil spirits. You can try a Native American Armband tattoo with a little modification of dreamcatcher to it.
Native American Armband Tattoo

4. A Native American Arrowhead tattoo will represent your will to achieve targets. You can also show poison added to it to show that you can achieve your goals by hook or crook.
Native American Arrowhead Tattoo

5. If you opt for a stylish Native American Arrow tattoo then it would mean that you follow a clear path to achieve your goals.
Native American Arrows Tattoo
small matching sister tattoos

6. It was common in Native America to wear animal skin (that they killed). You can try a stylish Native American bear tattoo like this.
Native American Bear Tattoo

7. The most popular tattoo of Native American heritage is probably the Native American chief tattoo. But most of them base it on the movie The Last of The Mohicans.
Native American Chief Tattoo

8. One cool thing about Native American chief tattoos is that they can be tried as sleeve tattoos or even as cover up tattoos. Here the guy wore it as a full back tattoo.
Native American Chief Tattoos

9. Native Americans turned to Christianity. If you are a Native American with faith in Christianity then try this Native American cross tattoo.
Native American Cross Tattoo

10. One of the most popular Native American craft is the dreamcatcher. A Native American Dreamcatcher Tattoo can be tried as a lucky charm.
Native American Dreamcatcher Tattoo
om and ganesh tattoo designs

native american tattoos and meanings

11. If you are a patriotic person with Native American roots then a cool tattoo idea would be to try Native American Eagle tattoo like this.
Native American Eagle Tattoo

12. Native American face tattoos need to be expressive. They should clearly hint that they have seen terrible things.
Native American Face Tattoos

13. A Native American feather tattoo would show your achievements in life. This is because Native Americans used to wear them with pride.
Native American Feather Tattoo

14. Don’t wear Native American Flower Tattoo Design alone. Add some other designs to it like here the artist added the goat of satan.
Native American Flower Tattoos

15. You can try traditional Native American Girl Tattoos which can be dedicated to your lover.
Native American Girl Tattoo

16. Girls can go for native American girl tattoos as well. I would suggest adding a chief hat (made of feathers) just like this.
Native American Girl Tattoos

17. The Native American half sleeve tattoos are a really popular choice because you can actually get a meaningful tattoo and not just some random tribal signs.
Native American Half Sleeve Tattoos

18. If you wish to try a native American tattoo on hand then two good options would be native American chief and Native American symbols.
Native American Hand Tattoos

19. Native American Headdress is very popular because shows the achievements of a person. You can obviously go for a native American headdress tattoo and it will look great on the chest.
Native American Headdress Tattoo

20. Add a bald eagle to your native American chief tattoo and you will have a mind blowing design like this.
Native American Indian Tattoos

indian chief tattoo meaning

21. Otter is often featured in native american stories. A Native American otter tattoo will show that you are a prank loving person that does not hurt others.
Native American Otter Tattoo

22. Native Americans used owls in witchcraft. If you can foresee the future and believe in destiny then you should try owl tattoo design.
Native American Owl Tattoo

23. Many tribes considered Raven as a protector from evil spirits. You can try a native American raven tattoo if you believe the same.
Native American Raven Tattoos

24. Native American skull tattoos have their own beauty and charm as they look way better than average skull tattoos.
Native American Skull Tattoo

25. Like many other ancient tribes, Native Americans too believed in spirituality. If you are a spiritual person then design like this will suit you.
Native American Spiritual Tattoos

26. All Native American tribes considered Sun as the provider of life. Therefore a sun symbol tattoo will be really good idea.
Native American Sun Tattoo

27. There are many symbol tattoos that you can try from the Native American culture but my favorite pick would be the dreamcatcher tattoos.
Native American Symbol Tattoos

28. Girls can try native american woman chief tattoo on thighs like this.
Native American Tattoo Designs

29. One cool idea would be to add your spirit animal tattoo along with native American chief tattoo.
Native American Tattoo Ideas

30. If you try a native American chief tattoo that as a dead animal as its hat then it would mean you wish to show your achievements.
Native American Tattoo Meanings

Small native American tattoos

31. Native American tattoos can be really great chest pieces. For example this wolf and bear tattoo (that is inspired from a popular tribal story) sits perfectly on chest.
Native American Tattoo On Chest

32. A Native american girl portrait tattoo would be the best choice for sleeve. You can see for yourself how great such tattoos look.
Native American Tattoo Sleeve

33. Instead of trying full sleeve tattoos I would suggest you to go for half sleeve native American tattoos like this.
Native American Tattoo

34. The tattoo artist cleverly used the shades of red and grey in this native American tattoo design making it much more attractive.
Native American Tattoos Designs

35. WHOA! This native American girl tattoo design look so realistic. It is hard to duplicate this.
Native American Tattoos For Men

36. There are many movies that are based on Native American stories and culture. Here is a tattoo that is based from the film The Last of The Mohicans.
Native American Tattoos For Women

37. You can try native american temporary tattoos like this but the best way is to make them using henna or mehndi.
Native American Temporary Tattoos

38. Thunderbird is a mythological bird with great importance in native american culture. It represent strength and power.
Native American Thunderbird Tattoo

39. A totem pole tattoo might scare kids off because they are spooky. Here Is a design that you can choose.
Native American Totem Pole Tattoo

40. I really love native american tribal tattoos because they are very stylish and beautiful.
Native American Tribal Tattoo

Simple Native American Tattoos

41. It is important to show a native American warrior in all necessary accessories (wearable) in a tattoo design.
Native American Warrior Tattoo

42. Dagger was the most important weapon in native american culture. A Native American weapon tattoo will mean that you are no afraid to confront.
Native American Weapon Tattoo

43. As wolf was one of the most important spirit animal in native american culture so you can surely opt for a native American wolf tattoo as shown here.
Native American Wolf Tattoo

44. You can dedicate your native american tattoo design to the loved ones you lost recently.
Native American Woman Tattoo Designs

45. Here this native american woman tattoo is actually inspired from the popular Disney movie Pocahontas.
Native American Woman Tattoo

46. You can go for a 3d native American woman tattoo design which can actually be very gorgeous.
Native American Woman Tattoos

47. If you wish to have a native american woman warrior tattoo then I would suggest you to add a hat like this.
Native American Woman Warrior Tattoo

48. A more realistic native american women tattoo will focus more on facial expressions and attire.
Native American Women Tattoos

49. Your tattoo of native america need not to be large in size. Small native American tattoos like this would be good option too.
Small Native American Tattoos

50. Here is a traditional native american tattoo that seems to be inspired from ancient goddess.
Traditional Native American Tattoo

Which native American tattoo you liked the most?

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