About Us

Welcome to TattoosBoygirl.com
We are a team of tattoo artists and die-hard tattoo lovers. My name is Angelina Weisz. When we started this website we thought of discussing everything related to tattoos – From getting your first tattoo design to tattoo removals. We wanted to bring as much variety of tattoo designs as possible. You can contact us [email protected]

Now with thousands of tattoo photos and tips, TattoosBoyGirl stands as one distinct website on the internet that can be followed by any tattoo lover and artist.

We did not want the site to just focus on clients but also on tattoo artists who are looking for unique designs for their clients. Apart from this, we have one of the largest database tattoo meanings on the internet.

Our tattoo photo gallery is only growing and we often feature tattoo artists who are revolutionizing the tattoo world with their unique art styles.

You will find a wide range of tattoo photo galleries on TattoosBoyGirl. Mostly our website can be divided into following parts –

Tattoo Tips – Whether you are a novice in the tattoo world or an expert we have tips and suggestions for one and all.

Tattoo History – We do not make it a boring history class. Instead, we bring you some really interesting facts from tattoo history. We often mash up interesting facts into infographics.

Tattoo Ideas – Are you confused about your next tattoo design? We have plenty of suggestions and ideas. Browse our photo galleries or use our search bar to find tattoo ideas of your interest.

Tattoo Meanings – This is a work in progress as our tattoo gallery is expanding day by day. We are intent to bring you the meaning of each and every tattoo design in the world.

Celebrity Tattoos – Want to know about the most tattooed celebrity? Or about all the tattoos that your favorite celebrity wears? Just browse through our category of Celebrity tattoos and you will find not only their hidden tattoos but also their deep meanings.

Tattoo Fails – It hurts. But yes there are only a few thousand cool designs and several thousand tattoos fail. We often post about it so that you can avoid such tattoo designs.

Everything Tattoo – It includes tattoo aftercare, tattoo removal, tattoo pain chart, tattoo cost, and prices along with the tips on choosing your tattoo artist. Also, we cover the latest news from the tattoo Industry.