50+ Traditional Tattoo Drawings For Men (2024) – Simple, Easy Designs

People who want to be a tattoo artist often search for cool tattoo drawings. If you want to improve your tattoo art then you surely want to try your hands on easy tattoo drawings. You are in luck as we provide you here with really amazing tattoo drawings ranging from the skull, flower, anchor, rose, wolf, and dove and praying hands. So dive right into this list of easy to draw tattoo sketches that will suit both men and women –

Skull Tattoo Drawings

1. If you want a cool sketch style tattoo then I would recommend you to pick up your favorite Disney character and get it tattooed in sketch style.
Tattoo Drawings

2. You might think that tattoo artist won’t get much imagination for a good sketch style tattoo but trust me there are many jaw-dropping sketch style tattoos. Look at this owl and skull tattoo design in sketch style. Isn’t it amazing?
Owl And Skull Sketch Style Tattoos

3. As Sketch Style tattoos are in the preliminary stage so they might lack full emotions of the artist but this doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing tattoo design. Check out this mesmerizing owl tattoo in sketch style.
Amazing Sketch Style Tattoos

4. Girls can ask for a flower tattoo design in sketch style design. It would be your choice to have a flower tattoo in colors or just in black and white.
Beautiful Sketch Style Tattoos

5. Many tattoo artists give a sketch style look to the tattoo by adding watercolors design to it. Here is one example of an arrow tattoo design with watercolors.
Colorful Sketch Style Anchor Tattoos
american traditional geisha tattoo

6. Sketch style tattoos will have many geometrical arcs and lines added to it and you might find it distracting. So be sure that you don’t mind these flaws.
Cool Sketch Style Tattoos

7. You can also opt for small size sketch style tattoos and they will look great on wrists and shoulder.
Cute Sketch Style Tattoos

8. Don’t add much symbols and signs to your sketch style tattoo because it will make the whole tattoo confusing and odd.
Pencil Sketch Style Tattoo

9. You can mix up your sketch style tattoos with watercolour tattoos. Here is one simple design of arrow and flower tattoos.
Sketch Style Anchor Tattoos

10. If you opt for portrait tattoos in sketch style then there should be no watercolor added to it (STRICTLY). This tattoo would have looked much better in just black and white.
Sketch Style Aquarell Tattoos
celtic cross tattoo designs for men

Easy Tattoos To Draw

11. If you are a tattoo artist yourself then you should try your hands on sketch style tattoos as you will learn a lot from such designs.
Sketch Style Athlete Tattoos

12. Here is watercolour bird tattoo design and In my opinion it can be re-done in sketch style.
Sketch Style Bird Tattoos

13. Sketch style tattoos are ideal options for temporary tattoo designs. You can pick up a design that defines your personality and wear it for few weeks.
Sketch Style Book Tattoos

14. This ribbon tattoo design in sketch style clearly shows how beautifully such tattoos could be carried out. I will highly recommend this design to girls.
Sketch Style Bow Tattoos

15. The most adorable sketch style tattoo design would probably be the cat tattoos. Here is a cute cat tattoo in sketch style.
Sketch Style Cat Face Tattoos

16. I would prefer a cat face tattoo design over the whole cat tattoo because they will look more adorable. Here is a full-size sketch style cat tattoo.
Sketch Style Cat Tattoos

17. You can even have one-word tattoos in sketch style. They will look simple. If you wish you can add watercolors to it.
Sketch Style Deathly Hallows Tattoos

18. Don’t doubt the limits of sketch-style tattoos. A good tattoo artist can even make a realistic looking sketch style tattoo. Here is a real looking sketch style deer tattoo.
Sketch Style Deer Tattoos

19. You will find a lot of sketch-style designs on site like Pinterest, Tumblr, and DeviantArt. You can pick any one from them.
Sketch Style Disney Tattoos

20. I think that cat tattoos look cute in sketch style but this doesn’t mean that you cannot try any other design. Here is a beautiful dog tattoo in sketch style.
Sketch Style Dog Tattoos

Printable Tattoo Outlines

21. Elephant tattoo designs are usually huge. People pick large size African elephants for tattoos. Here is a smaller sketch style elephant tattoo.
Sketch Style Elephant Baby Tattoos

22. Here is another variation of sketch style elephant tattoo. This one seems to be inspired from Lord Ganesha.
Sketch Style Elephant Tattoos

23. There is a huge variety of flowers that you can pick from for sketch style tattoos. Here is a lotus sketch style tattoo.
Sketch Style Flower Tattoos

24. This fox sketch style tattoo can be improved a lot. However, as it is behind the ear so there is not much scope for it.
Sketch Style Fox Tattoos On Behind Ear

25. Human anatomy is also popular among tattoo lovers. This is a hand tattoo design in sketch style.
Sketch Style Hand Tattoos

26. You can pick your favourite movie character for sketch style tattoo. Here is an Indiana jones tattoo on shoulder.
Sketch Style Indiana Jones Tattoos

27. Girls can pick up cute anime girls tattoo designs in sketch style for themselves. Here is one beautiful girl tattoo design.
Sketch Style Kokeshi Tattoos

28. I don’t what kind of sketch-style tattoo it is. Is it a lighthouse or a huge telescope? What do you think?
Sketch Style Lighthouse Tattoos

29. Lion tattoos look good in both sketch style and in normal style. Here is one lion portrait tattoo for you.
Sketch Style Lion Tattoos

30. Sketch style tattoos need not be supreme and amazing. You can have a simple and childish looking sketch style tattoo too just like this.
Sketch Style Mini Malistic Tattoos

Tattoo Drawings for Men on Paper

31. Anime tattoos in sketch style will look way much better than cartoon tattoos or normal animation tattoos.
Sketch Style Music Tattoos

32. To be honest this panda tattoo design in sketch style is not perfect. It seems to be made by a newbie tattoo artist.
Sketch Style Panda Tattoos

33. Samurai tattoo design will also look amazing in sketch style. If you are a girl then you can pick up a female samurai fighter.
Sketch Style Samurai Tattoos

34. If you have interest in sea life then you can pick up a pirate tattoo or a ship tattoo design in sketch style.
Sketch Style Stearing Wheel Tattoos

35. The quote in this sketch style tattoo is unreadable but the design is above average.
Sketch Style Sunflower Tattoos

36. Foot is the perfect part to get sketch style tattoos. This is because it will give a unique look.
Sketch Style Tattoos For Girls

37. Here is a sketch style tattoo of a girl where the girl is shown with body paint on herself.
Sketch Style Tattoos For Women

38. This moustache beard sketch style tattoo is inspired from the popular silhouette style.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Bicep

39. You can pick odd sketches too for a sketch style tattoo. They will look good for a short period of time.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Biceps

40. Sketch style tattoos are also good option for cover up tattoos. You can choose a large size sketch style tattoo and it will surely cover up body mark or ugly tattoo.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Calf

Simple Tattoo Designs on Paper

41. Another benefit of sketch style tattoo is that they can be used to re-design an ugly tattoo design.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Chest

42. Sketch style tattoos might leave your body part red as the pen moves again and again on the same part.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Sleeve

43. I would recommend you to not to pick up any quote for sketch style tattoo design this is because they might turn out unreadable.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Thigh

44. Cat paw or dog paw tattoo design will look simple and cute in sketch style.
Sketch Style Tattoos On Wrist

45. Most people used sketch style tattoos temporarily. This way they can dedicate a temporary sketch style tattoo to their favorite band, musician or sports star.
Sketch Style Tattoos

46. This heart tattoo design is in small size and that is why it looks a bit weird.
Small Sketch Style Tattoos

47. If your old sketch style tattoo starts fading away then a good solution is to add watercolors to it so that it looks amazing.
Water Color Sketch Style Octopus Tattoos

48. Here is a faded away sketch style tattoo design filled up with colors.
Water Color Sketch Style Tattoos

49. Another cool idea for sketch style tattoo would be to pick up designs that are considered good omen. For example here is a horseshoe tattoo in sketch style.
Watercolor Sketch Style Tattoos

50. The very best idea would be to pick up a small size sketch style tattoo and get it on forearm, wrist or even on fingers.
Whisk And Spatula Sketch Style Tattoos

Which Sketch style tattoo drawings won your heart?

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