50+ Tribal Whale Tattoo Designs (2024) Blue, Humpback, Traditional

Whale tattoos hold several different meanings. Among them, the most important is strength and wisdom. Even though whales are the largest animals on our planet yet they are considered a peaceful creature. One cannot hear the sound of a whale due to the difference in frequency.

Here we have chosen 50+ whale tattoo design that will suit both men and women –

Whale Tattoo Ideas

1. Whales are immensely large and powerful yet they are very peaceful. You can try a peaceful whale tattoo that would represent that you are powerful but down to earth person.
whale tattoo

2. Marine life is as mysterious to us as extra-terrestrial life. How about we show them both in a double exposure tattoo design like this?
Awesome Whale Tattoos

3. While I would recommend large size whale tattoos but it doesn’t mean that you cannot try tiny whale designs. Here is one that will suit girls.
Baby Whale Tattoos

4. A watercolor whale tattoo design will look even more beautiful. This design is perfectly placed on the forearm of this guy making it look like as if the whale is swimming.
Beautiful Whale Tattoos

5. Have you ever read the famous novel, Moby Dick? I am a big fan of It. Here is a design based on the novel.
Blue Whale Tattoos
small meaningful family tattoos

Whale Tattoo Designs

6. If you opt for watercolor tattoo design then I will suggest you opt for one color because a multi-color design would require more care and might not turn out good.
Colorful Whale Tattoos

7. You can go old school and try a traditional whale tattoo design which will in fact stay longer and would require less care.
Cool Whale Tattoos

8. The whale has many sub-species. One very popular is Narwhale. A narwhale has a horn on its beak. A narwhale tattoo would represent divine power.
Cute Whale Tattoos

9. Here is another old school whale tattoo design that shows how huge whales really are. This whale is carrying a castle over its back.
Flying Whale Tattoos

10. A symbolic whale tattoo would leave it up to the audience to decode its meaning. Here this one surely represents myth and rebirth. Do you know that Killer whales are social mammals and live in groups.
Geometric Sea Whale Tattoos
anchor tattoo meaning for couples

Small Whale Tattoos

11. This is a geometric whale tattoo design which is actually very popular. This would represent beauty and art.
Geometric Whale Tattoos

12. Yes, this sure looks like a drunken whale. You can base your whale tattoo on popular cartoons and this one represent fun and life.
Grey Color Whale Tattoos

13. The forearm is one of the best places to try whale tattoo. If you are looking for a meaningful half sleeve tattoo then this whale tattoo is best for you.
Humpback Whale Tattoos

14. You can show a moon or a planet in the background of your whale tattoo to indicate that you are amused by this gigantic creature.
Inspiration Whale Tattoos

15. A down flowing whale tattoo would indicate that you are focused on your goals and you avoid distractions because your goal is more important to you.
Killer Whale Tattoos

Simple Whale Tattoos

16. Girls can try ornamental whale tattoo where the design is made to look like a jewel.
Little Whale Tattoos

17. People try all different kind of designs even if they don’t look meaningful. I included this whale in a donut tattoo design because I found it funny and unique. It would represent your love for food.
Lovely Whale Tattoos

18. A unique double exposure tattoo idea would be to try whale and an island tattoo design like this.
Mountain With Whale Tattoos

19. If you show waves along with your whale tattoo then it will look even more meaningful. It would represent that you are always up and ready for challenges.
Orca Whale Tribal Tattoos

20. Beautiful! This amazing whale tattoo design is perfectly placed and words are not enough to describe how magnificent this tattoo is just like the animal.
Perfect Whale Tattoos

Tribal Whale Tattoos

21. You can add a quote to your whale tattoo design. Here the artist added the word ‘Quam Fortsimuss’ which would translate to The Champion.
Polynesian Whale Tattoo Designs

22. I exactly don’t know what the artist wanted this tattoo to look like. A whale on the rings of Saturn? Is he saying that marine life exists in the moons of Saturn?
Space Whale Tattoos

23. You can also go for Killer whale tattoo. A Killer whale would represent your no-nonsense attitude and how you always mean business.
Traditional Whale Tattoos

24. This is a beautiful watercolour whale tattoo design that is perfectly placed on the lower half sleeve.
Watercolor Whale Tattoos

25. This traditional old school whale tattoo shows how huge whales are. You too can show a ship on the nose of the whale to signify its strength.
Whale Boat Tattoos

Traditional Whale Tattoos

26. Due to whale hunting (in Japan and other countries) several whale species extinct and several others are on verge of extinction. You can spread awareness by trying a meaningful design like this whale skeleton.
Whale Bone Tattoos

27. Another design that could be tried would be to show the whale hunting. This would show how selfish human beings are.
Whale Shark Tattoo Designs

28. Don’t you think this is scary? A whale taking a deep dive in ocean is equally scary and magnificent.
Whale Tail Tattoos

29. Blue whales are the largest animal on earth. A blue whale tattoo would represent longevity and wisdom.
Whale Tattoo Designs

30. The artist beautiful used the black and white shade to give this perfect whale tattoo on forearm.
Whale Tattoos Designs

Unique Whale Tattoo Ideas

31. Humpback whales are considered very romantic. So a matching humpback whale tattoo would be perfect for couples.
Whale Tattoos For Couples

32. A large size $perm whale tattoo would represent masculinity. It would suit those who consider themselves macho.
Whale Tattoos For Guys

33. Here is a traditional whale tattoo design inspired from the famous Jules Verne’s novel 20 thousand leagues under the sea.
Whale Tattoos For Male

34. Many whale species went extinct over the past thousand years. You can base your whale tattoo on any extinct whale species.
Whale Tattoos For Men

35. A great whale tattoo like this will represent experience and calmness.
Whale Tattoos For Women

Whale Shark Tattoos

36. A bowhead whale tattoo would represent an emotional connection to your loved ones. Showing them with a sad face will represent how empty you are without your loved ones.
Whale Tattoos Ideas

37. You can give a feminine look to your whale tattoo. I would suggest you to try a feminine killer whale tattoo to represent that you have a beauty that can kill.
Whale Tattoos Meaning

38. If you opt to try small whale tattoo then a unique placement would be to try them on feet or ankle like this.
Whale Tattoos On Ankle

39. You can for a whale tattoo with flowers. This would represent beauty and nature’s grace.
Whale Tattoos On Biceps

40. Most whale species are found near Antarctica. You can give your tattoo such look to represent Antarctica.
Whale Tattoos On Chest

Orca Whale Tattoo

41. You can try just whale outline tattoo and make it colourful using watercolour designs like this.
Whale Tattoos On Foot

42. Please note that using colourful ink on an old tattoo might not look great in all cases. In fact, sometimes it might make the tattoo look odd.
Whale Tattoos On Leg

43. Here this beautiful double exposure whale tattoo shows that how beautiful the combination of whale and flowers look.
Whale Tattoos On Rib

44. Whales make great parents. You can dedicate your whale tattoo to your kids.
Whale Tattoos On Ribs

45. As whale has such a huge body so it is common to find other marine animals attached to it. You can show this in your design too. Like here the artist showed starfish attached to the whale.
Whale Tattoos On Shoulder

Sperm Whale Tattoo

46. Here this traditional humpback whale tattoo is actually inspired from old maori culture.
Whale Tattoos On Sleeve

47. A bowhead whale tattoo looks great on stomach too.
Whale Tattoos On Stomach

48. A triangle represents three different aspects that joins together to a meaningful thing. Such as body. Soul and mind.
Whale Tattoos On Thigh

49. A tiny whale tattoo will looks amazing on wrist.
Whale Tattoos On Wrist

50. Here is a unique design where the artist showed a ship inside a whale.
Whale Tattoos Pictures

Whale Universe Tattoos

Which whale tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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