110+ Egyptian Anubis Tattoos For Men (2024) Tribal Designs

People often opt for God tattoos and many tattoos are inspired by Gods of various cultures. Anubis tattoos are popular because of his importance in Ancient Egyptian Culture. Anubis is called the god of the afterlife who takes care of dead so obviously, this reason attracts people. Another reason that people are attracted to Anubis is because of his unique appearance.

Anubis has the head of a canine (Jackal or wold) and body of a human being. Here we have chosen 50 amazing tattoos of the Egyptian God Anubis for men and women-

Anubis Tattoos Ideas

1. Anubis is the god of the afterlife, so it is only meant to show him as such (scary and zombified). Here is scary Anubis tattoo on the back of this guy.
Anubis Tattoos

2. An Angry Anubis tattoo design will leave long lasting impression especially if it is in large size. Here is a large size Anubis tattoo on this man’s back.
Anubis Tattoo 54

3. If you have a thick bicep, shoulder, and forearm then I would suggest you try Anubis tattoo like this where the forearm of the person symbolizes the abs of Anubis.
Anubis Tattoo 1

4. The artist added a small cross on the head of the Anubis and a pyramid tattoo just below it thus signifying a clash of cultures.
Anubis Tattoo 4

5. You can also opt for an Anubis outline tattoo design but make sure you opt for a majestic tattoo like this.
Anubis Tattoo 5

6. Do not show a tail in Anubis tattoo design because it would be disrespecting and the tattoo would be meaningless.
Anubis Tattoo 6

7. Anubis tattoos design will not fade away quickly because it will require a lot of black and grey coloring.
Anubis Tattoo 7

8. A Standing Anubis tattoo design may not look as wonderful as an Anubis face tattoo but surely it has its own charm.
Anubis Tattoo 8

9. If you opt for Anubis face tattoo design then try making eyes like this because it will look scary and interesting. Also, you can add Celtic cross tattoo design to it too.
Anubis Tattoo 9

10. Honestly, Anubis tattoos will look jaw dropping on black men because they have the perfect skin tone to wear such a tattoo.Learn more about the Egyptian god anubis on this page.
Anubis Tattoo 10

11. Anubis has a face like Jackal or wolf so make sure that you do not get it wrong and don’t even try a dog face.
Anubis Tattoo 11

12. Anubis holds a nekhakha in his arms to make sure that you depict that in your tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 12

13. You can give you Anubis tattoo design a gothic look by adding a skull tattoo to it. There is no need to add the spider tattoo.
Anubis Tattoo 13

14. Here is an angry Anubis tattoo design that is holding a cross in his hand. There is also an eye tattoo in the background.
Anubis Tattoo 14

15. This Anubis tattoo design is shown with exceptionally long nails. Don’t repeat this mistake in your tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 15

16. Forearm is not an ideal place for Anubis tattoo design. If you still wish to then have the tattoo in a size suitable for your forearm.
Anubis Tattoo 16

17. Here the tattoo artist cleverly used the negative shading to bring out the looks of ornaments and jewelry on this Anubis tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 17

18. Snakes are considered mysterious and important in every mythology so why not have an Anubis tattoo design along with a snake tattoo.
Anubis Tattoo 19

19. Is this Anubis tattoo design holding a paintbrush in hand or is it some kind of weapon that has blood on its end?
Anubis Tattoo 20

20. Instead of getting a modified Anubis tattoo you can opt for a traditional Anubis tattoo design that will be inspired from the drawings of ancient Egyptians.
Anubis Tattoo 21

21. Like all gods, it will be good to show Anubis in a ripped physique. A six pack abs is necessary in Anubis tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 22

22. If you wish to show some flying birds in your Anubis tattoo then I would recommend you to show either vulture or bats.
Anubis Tattoo 23

23. Another popular Anubis tattoo design is to show the Egyptian god along with the famous Pyramids of Giza.
Anubis Tattoo 24

24. If you wish to show the hand of Anubis in your tattoo design then you should show it with long nails. Here is an old looking Anubis tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 25

25. This Anubis tattoo design requires a lot of improvement. You must focus on the face of Anubis tattoo or otherwise it would be a huge tattoo fail.
Anubis Tattoo 26

26. This Anubis tattoo is symbolic in several ways. The showed Anubis eyes with no retina along with a separate eye tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 27

27. A cool thing that you can try in your Anubis tattoo is to add Egyptian word or quotes and that too of Anubis.
Anubis Tattoo 28

28. Here is an Anubis tattoo design that seems to be more inspired from the King of Night watch from HBO TV series Game of Thrones.
Anubis Tattoo 29

29. Do not ruin your beautiful Anubis tattoo design with the addition of stupid and meaningless tattoos like these.
Anubis Tattoo 30

30. The artist missed a lot on the face detailing of this Anubis tattoo design. It seems to be more inspired by a female dog than a male wolf or jackal.
Anubis Tattoo 31

31. Small Size Anubis tattoos will not turn out as amazing as large Anubis tattoos but if you wish to have them then here is a design for you to consider.
Anubis Tattoo 32

32. Anubis tattoos will look even more impressive if they are decorated in golden color which will represent their golden jewellery.
Anubis Tattoo 33

33. Anubis tattoos can be a really good cover up tattoos because they require a lot of black and grey coloring which can cover up any mark or scar.
Anubis Tattoo 34

34. You will notice that most of the Anubis tattoos are added with Coptic crosses but you don’t necessarily have to add them in your design.
Anubis Tattoo 35

35. Anubis tattoos with eye tattoos are very much in demand so if you wish to have them then it would be a good idea to add them just above the head of Anubis.
Anubis Tattoo 36

36. Egyptian culture is often related to alien life forms so it would be a cool idea if you add galaxy or a star system tattoo to your Anubis tattoo.
Anubis Tattoo 37

37. You can opt for an animated Anubis tattoo design. It will be surely a beautiful temporary tattoo option.
Anubis Tattoo 38

38. Have Anubis tattoos on bicep or shoulder only if you have huge biceps or otherwise the tattoo will not look good on these parts.
Anubis Tattoo 39

39. You can have an Anubis tattoo design made using pastel colors. They will not give a realistic touch but surely make it unique and impressive.
Anubis Tattoo 40

40. This Anubis tattoo seems to have the head of a bovine instead of a canine. The eyes are surely impressive though.
Anubis Tattoo 41

41. The use of sky blue color in this Anubis tattoo design makes it one of a kind. If you wish to have an eye tattoo with Anubis tattoo then this design is perfect for yo.
Anubis Tattoo 42

42. If you opt for a full-size Anubis tattoo design then I would strongly suggest you focus on the armor of the Anubis.
Anubis Tattoo 43

43. Most artists do not focus on the armor of Anubis. You must show him wearing a warrior’s armor and a strong helmet like this.
Anubis Tattoo 55

44. You can show Egyptian scriptures or Egyptian pyramids in your Anubis tattoo but it will be impressive if they are shown in far back background.
Anubis Tattoo 45

45. Egyptian drawing, paintings, and sketches have a unique depiction of Anubis, the god of the afterlife. You can take inspiration from them for your tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 46

46. You can follow the neo-tribal approach for your Anubis tattoo. Also known as Blackwork tattoo art, the artist will make Anubis tattoo using thick solid black ink.
Anubis Tattoo 47

47. Anubis decided whether a soul is worth entering the realm of dead or not by weighing their heart. You can show that weighing scale in your tattoo.
Anubis Tattoo 48

48. As Anubis is God of Dead so it would be symbolic and meaningful if he is shown holding a skull like this.
Anubis Tattoo 49

49. This Anubis tattoo design seems to be inspired from hit Cartoon Network TV series Courage the Cowardly dog.
Anubis Tattoo 51

50. Tumblr, Pinterest and Deviantart are full of Anubis sketches and you can use them for your tattoo design.
Anubis Tattoo 52

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Anubis Tattoo For Men

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Anubis Tattoo Ideas

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Anubis Tattoo On Arm

Anubis Tattoo On Calf

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Anubis Tattoos Ideas

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Egyptian Anubis Tattoo Designs

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Geometric Anubis Tattoo

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Tattoo Anubis

Traditional Anubis Tattoo

Tribal Anubis Tattoo

Watercolor Anubis Tattoo

Which Anubis tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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