50+ Meaningful Anchor Tattoos For Guys (2024) Traditional Black Designs

Do you know what does anchor tattoos mean? There meaning is very simple yet very deep. Anchors are used to stopping a ship at one point against the strong tides and current of the ocean. Anchor tattoos thus represent strength, stability, and hope.

Anchor tattoos are not just popular among sailors and navy men but it has stepped out and became one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world.

Here are 50 meaningful black anchor tattoos that will suit both men and women –

Simple Anchor Compass Tattoos

1. The Alignment of black anchor tattoo can also give a lot of suggestion and hints. For example, this anchor tattoo on inner bicep of this guy is aligned downward suggesting that it could not handle the immense biceps of him.
anchor tattoos

2. As I told that Anchor tattoo represents hope. If you try an anchor and rope tattoos design then it would represent that you believe your luck is in your own hand.
Anchor And Rope Tattoos

3. 3D anchor tattoo might look incomplete alone so add other simple designs to it such as compass tattoo.
3d Anchor Tattoos

4. Many tattoo artists would agree with me that foot is the best place to get an anchor tattoo. They represent steadiness. So anchor foot tattoos would represent that you have more faith in your self.
Anchor Foot Tattoos

5. If your foot is already occupied by another tattoo design or if you do not want to try the anchor tattoo on foot then go for anchor leg tattoos. Here is a beautiful combination of anchor and lighthouse.
Anchor Leg Tattoos
queen of spades tattoo meaning

Anchor and Rose Tattoos

6. To make the meaning of their anchor tattoos more complex many people like to add other designs to it. Such as here the man added a bald eagle and dog suggesting he loves his country and his dog.
Anchor Meaning Tattoos

7. Anchor tattoos designs look so beautiful and cute on women. Look at this colorful anchor tattoo design and I am sure it will suit almost every lady in this world.
Anchor Tattoos Designs

8. Most women opt for anchor tattoos because anchor represents strength and calmness, the two things that we expect in all relationship. So a cool idea for anchor tattoo for girls would be to try the design with the word ‘Family’ tattooed on it.
Anchor Tattoos For Girls

9. The meaning of anchor tattoos for guys does not change much. Most guys take anchor tattoos as a symbol of power that can hold the whole ship. So they like to try it on their biceps.
Anchor Tattoos For Guys

10. Married men love to have name of their family members inked on their anchor tattoos especially if they are in navy. Do you know about the types of anchor and its uses?
Anchor Tattoos For Men
traditional planet tattoo

Navy Anchor Cross Tattoos

11. If your husband or boyfriend is in navy then it would be great anchor tattoo idea to try them with some flowers along with name initials of your hubby.
Anchor Tattoos For Women

12. Most men who are navy prefer traditional anchor tattoo instead of modern designs. They like to add the swallow bird to their tattoo. Swallow bird has one quality – it always knows the way back home.
Anchor Tattoos Images

13. If you want to show that you have seen hard days in your life yet you are strong then try black and white anchor tattoo on your body. It will represent that the anchor been used many times and faced many difficulties.
Anchor Tattoos Meaning

14. While women like to try anchor tattoo on foot, men love to have an anchor tattoo on ankle. It is a unique place to try such tattoos.
Anchor Tattoos On Ankle

15. The chest is not so commonplace to try anchor tattoo design. However, if you have seen some wonderful things in the ocean then try the anchor tattoo with them. Such as this guy tried an anchor tattoo design along with a humpback whale suggesting he witnessed the glorious moment.
Anchor Tattoos On Chest

Old Anchor Tattoo

16. If you want to try small and tiny anchor tattoo then try them on the neck. In such cases, the tattoos should not be larger than the ear lobes.
Anchor Tattoos On Neck

17. If you try anchor tattoo on thigh then add some other design to it. I would prefer compass design with them.
Anchor Tattoos On Thigh

18. Anchor tattoo on the wrist will look even more meaningful if they are matching tattoos that you got with your sibling (brother or sister) or Significant Other (Wife or girlfriend).
Anchor Tattoos On Wrist

19. Anchor tattoo with flowers is the most commonly suggested tattoo idea to girls. It will look amazing on the rib cage and that too in large size.
Anchor Tattoos With Flowers

20. Anchor tattoos represent strength in a relationship. It will be amazing to have Anchor tattoos with names of your loved ones along with a beautiful quote like this.
Anchor Tattoos With Names

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo

21. Most men and women love to have quote with their tattoos. Anchor tattoos with quotes will look meaningful only if the quote is inspirational and gives positivity like this.
Anchor Tattoos With Quotes

22. Another variation that could be tried with anchor tattoo is the anchor and wheel tattoos. It will suggest that you are master of your own life.
Anchor And Wheel Tattoos

23. Anchor tattoos are also great choices for best friends. If you have a best friend the try a matching anchor tattoo with him along with name initials.
Best Friend Anchor Tattoos

24. Here is a smart tattoo idea – Try a boat anchor tattoo where the boat is tattooed on the upper shoulder and the anchor tattoo is inked near the elbow or wrist.
Boat Anchor Tattoos

25. You can also try temporary anchor tattoos. I would suggest you to try pastel color anchor tattoos or watercolour anchor tattoo like this.
Color Anchor Tattoos

Twisted Anchor Tattoo

26. A cool anchor tattoo idea would be to add a rope to your anchor but in the shape of your name initial. Such as this Man got the rope inked in the shape of ‘S’. Probably he is Superman.
Cool Anchor Tattoos

27. Many artists like to modify the anchor into crossed anchor tattoos. All one has to do is make the anchor look like a cross. Here the artist made a Celtic crossed anchor tattoo.
Crossed Anchor Tattoos

28. Anchor tattoo can be really good memorial tattoos. Add the name and date to your anchor tattoo and it would suggest that your deceased loved one will always be in your heart.
Cute Anchor Tattoos

29. The Marine Corps emblem which features an eagle globe and anchor is one of the most popular tattoo design among sailors. It would look amazing on the full back.
Eagle Globe And Anchor Tattoos

30. If you have kids then a wonderful family anchor tattoo idea would be to get their date of birth tattooed near the anchor suggesting that they are your two strong pillars.
Family Anchor Tattoos

Crown and Anchor Tattoo Ideas

31. A Cool female anchor tattoo idea would be to add your date of birth in roman numerals to your tattoo design. But it should not be so large in size.
Female Anchor Tattoos

32. Forearm anchor tattoo need to be medium to small in size. One modified version you can try is anchor and compass tattoo like this.
Forearm Anchor Tattoos

33. Girls anchor tattoos can be made more meaningful by adding the name of their loved ones who are in the navy. Also adding a compass will suggest that they hope God will always guide them to home.
Girls Anchor Tattoos

34. A really cool girly anchor tattoo idea would be to make an anchor tattoo design using flower vines such as this.
Girly Anchor Tattoos

35. My favorite kind of anchor tattoo is those that use creativity. Such as this anchor tattoo seems to be pierced in the forearm.
Images Of Anchor Tattoos

Traditional Anchor Tattoo Designs

36. I bet you will fall in love with such little anchor tattoos. They can easily be worn on fingers or even behind the ears.
Little Anchor Tattoos

37. Usually, artists do not get creative with matching anchor tattoos. Here is a unique design where the artist added heart-shaped balloons to the anchor tattoo. What does it mean? It means that the relationship won’t be a burden but a joyful experience to share.
Matching Anchor Tattoos

38. One unique anchor tattoo idea would be to show a cracked earth surface in the background of anchor just like this.
Men Anchor Tattoos

39. There are many quotes that can go with your anchor tattoo design. One of my favorites is ‘Sink or Swim’.
Navy Anchor Tattoos

40. You can try the old school anchor tattoo where a lot of focus was emphasized on the coloring of the tattoo design like this.
Old School Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoo Meaning

41. If your anchor tattoo designs start fading away then recolor it with wateroclors and bring it back to life.
Picture Of Anchor Tattoos

42. The anchor tattoo design need not be large in size to leave an impact on viewers. Tiny and little anchor tattoos like this are also impressive.
Pictures Of Anchor Tattoos

43. Have you been a fan of Popeye the sailor man? The guy has huge anchor tattoo on both of his forearms and you can copy his style too.
Popeye Anchor Tattoos

44. Opt for the neo-tribal tattoo art to get pretty anchor tattoos. This guy has one on his forearm.
Pretty Anchor Tattoos

45. That might look painful but this is how realistic anchor tattoos are. You should try this design only if you are sure it will look good on you.
Realistic Anchor Tattoos

Female Anchor Tattoos

46. Flower and anchor tattoo is a cool combination but you can vary the design by choosing a different type of flowers. I would recommend to either try rose or sunflower.
Rose And Anchor Tattoos

47. Here is a crossed anchor tattoo that is simple and very beautiful.
Simple Anchor Tattoos

48. The quote below this anchor tattoo design is one of the best I have ever come across. If you try this then please use large size font.
Sister Anchor Tattoos

49. Here is another creative anchor tattoo design where the artist inked the anchor in such style that it looks carved out of the skin.
Small Anchor Tattoos

50. Most traditional anchor tattoos will also include roses, rope and a crossed shape design.
Traditional Anchor Tattoos

Which Anchor tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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