50+ Best Planet Tattoos For Men (2023) Space, Galaxy, Universe, Constellation

If you have interest in outer space and extra-terrestrial life then I bet you might have considered planet tattoos for yourself. Although there are trillions of planets in our universe yet when it comes to planet tattoos we are limited just to our neighboring planets. This is because we know the shape size and color of our neighboring planets but we do not know much about planets in other galaxies. Here we present you 50 interesting planet tattoo design that will suit both men and women –

Planet Tattoos Designs

1. The planetary motion holds special importance in astrology. If you have an interest in both then you can try a zodiac style tattoo or astrology tattoo like this.
Planet Tattoos

2. Among all the planets in our solar system, Saturn is considered to be most attractive. This is because of the beautiful rings around it. You can try a Saturn tattoo.
Best Universe Tattoos Design On Hands

3. This is how a planetary system would look like on a clear night. This view is actually seen in the clear sky or Alaska and Norway.
3D Planet Tattoos Design On Chest

4. Many people like to have solar system tattoo designs on their body. For such tattoos forearm is the best place.
All Planets Tattoos Design On Hands

5. Instead of showing just one planet in your tattoo you can opt for the whole galaxy or even better the whole universe (it would be impossible though).
Amazing Colored Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. You can have matching planet tattoo design with your siblings or your loved ones. It would be a unique couple tattoo idea.
Awesome Planet Tattoos Desing And Ideas For Girls

7. If you are a science geek then you would surely be attracted to solar system tattoos and here is a small size solar system tattoo for you to consider.
Brilliant Small Planet Tattoos Design On Arms

8. If you want to give real design to your planet tattoo then you have to focus on the color, shape and exact size of the planet.
Colored Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. You can pick up a constellation tattoo design that shows the main stars of the constellation along with neighbouring planets.
Cool Planet Tattoos Design

10. Saturn is a unique planet in the solar system but to be honest there would be like millions of planets like Saturn that have rings around them. This interesting article states about planets that are earth like and are in habitable zone.
Cute Planet Tattoos Design On Hands

matching planet tattoos

11. You can go for an earth planet tattoo (as visible from space) for this you have to show the various continents and oceans but just from one side.
Dark Planet Tattoos Design On Biceps

12. If you go for earth planet tattoo design then I would suggest you give it a blue and green color because then it would look realistic.
Earth Planet Tattoos Design On Hands

13. An interesting planet tattoo idea would be to have a small Jupiter tattoo design on the wrist or fingers. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system so a small Jupiter tattoo would be ironical.
Fabulous Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. I don’t know why the artist added grapes and pineapples to this Saturn tattoo design. Probably the artist considered it to be an eatable.
Fantastic Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. An intelligent tattoo artist can always come up with innovative planet tattoo ideas. For example here is an earth tattoo design enclosed into a flower vine.
Flower And Earth Tattoos Design On Arms

16. Meteorites and asteroids are an important part of universe so you should pick up a design that shows these essential elements too.
Galaxy And Planet Tattoos Design On Hands

17. People often make simple moon tattoo design but a realistic moon tattoo design would look jaw dropping on girls.
Galaxy Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. You can opt for a small polka dot style tattoo on your arm or shoulder in such a way that it represents the 8 planets of our solar system.
Gorgeous Planet Tattoos Design For Women

19. One can also try mix up tattoo design where various planets are shown in different styles. For example here a planetary system is shown inside heart.
Heart And Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

20. If your planet tattoo design starts fading away then you can add vibrant colors to it so that it looks unique and even better than the original.
Holographic Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

planet tattoos on arm

21. Adding an axis to the planet tattoo design will not give it an attractive look but you can do it if you keep science above beauty.
Jupiter Planet Tattoos Design On Hands

22. If you really want a planetary system tattoo design then trust me no tattoo would look as beautiful as this solar system tattoo design on the backbone of this boy.
Latest Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas For Boys

23. You can have micro galaxy tattoo designs on smaller parts of your body such as wrist, ankles or fingers.
Little Planet Tattoos Design On Ankle

24. Perspective matters and if you want a unique tattoo design then I guess this symbolic planet tattoo design would be best pick.
Most Popular Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

25. Saturn is not blue in color. It is actually a bit yellowish and orange in color so keep that in mind when you pick a colorful Saturn tattoo.
Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas For Guys

26. I don’t think adding a quote to a planet tattoo design is a good idea. It might distract viewers from the original tattoo but then again you can do whatever you wish to do.
Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. Doctor who travelled across various parts of universe and you can have tattoo design dedicated to it.
Planet Tattoos Design For Men

28. Pyramid holds a unique place in various cultures and civilization of world. They are often linked up with extra-terrestrial life.
Planet Tattoos Design For Women

29. Girls can have a solar system tattoo design on their forearm or on their bicep and it will look beautiful on both parts.
Planet Tattoos Design On Biceps

30. Is it Copernicus or Galileo Galilee or Albert Einstein? All these physicists gave major contribution in astronomical physics.
Planet Tattoos Design On Chest For Men

planet alignment tattoo

31. Planet tattoo design on chest is not a cool idea for boys but if you want it as a cover up tattoo design then go for it.
Planet Tattoos Design On Chest

32. Back bone is an ideal place to have solar system tattoos because they can be aligned perfectly and can be tattooed in perfect size.
Planet Tattoos Design On Full Back Side

33. Here is a unique planet tattoo idea where a girl is shown holding multiple balloons that strongly resembles to our planets in the solar system.
Planet Tattoos Design On Legs

34. I don’t know why the tattoo artist put an arrow in our home planet but I think it can be improved and made better.
Planet Tattoos Design On Thigh

35. If you love science a lot then there would be no better tattoo design then to have Saturn rings around your fingers.
Planet Tattoos Design On Wedding Fingers

36. I think the tattoo artist tried to add a beautiful landscape inside the silhouette of a planet in this tattoo design.
Planet Tattoos Design On Wrist

37. Planet or galaxy sleeve tattoo design are not new but they are not as much popular as other sleeve tattoo designs.
Planet Tattoos Ideas For Boys

38. If you choose a planet tattoo design for yourself then be sure that there is no adjacent tattoo to it or otherwise it will ruin the look of the planet tattoo.
Planet Tattoos On Pinterest

39. If you have seen Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film ‘2001 – A Space Odyssey’ then you would surely have multiple ideas for planet tattoos like this.
Planet Tattoos On Tumblr

40. If you are looking for a temporary planet tattoo design then you can go for a simple smiley tattoo that is modified into the shape of a mighty planet.
Small Free Planet Tattoos Ideas

traditional planet tattoo

41. You can have planet tattoo design in the shape of yin and yang symbols and you will be proud to tell the meaning of such designs.
Small Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. Apart from hands, back bone and wrist, Thigh is also a good place to have solar system tattoo design.
Solar System Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. If you are confused about picking up the best planet for yourself then you should go by the astrology and pick up the planet that is suggested to you by it.
Three Planet Tattoos Design On Legs

44. There are many artistic paintings and drawings of outer space on sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and deviant art. You can browse them to pick up your own planet tattoo design.
Tiny Planet Tattoos Design On Legs

45. You surely be having a favourite sci fi movie. You can go for a planet tattoo design inspired from that film.
Top Little Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. Girls can add stars to their planet tattoo design to make it look even more beautiful and attractive.
Twin Universe Planet Rabbit Tattoo Design On Backside

47. You can play with your zodiac sign by giving It a unique look and adding a planet tattoo design to it.
Universe With Twin Tattoos Design

48. If you pick up a planetary system sleeve tattoo design then you should pick up the view that is visible from earth on a clear night.
Water Color Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. Some artists might suggest you to try a UV planet tattoo design but I would recommend you to go for simple style.
Water Color Planet Tattos Design And Ideas

50. You can try a 3D model of solar system tattoo and in such design, you have to show the revolution of all the planets around the sun.
Wonderful Planet Tattoos Design And Ideas

Which planet tattoo design attracted you the most?