50+ Best Queen Tattoos for Women (2024) Crown, Spades, Heart

One very popular tattoo idea among girls is the Queen Tattoo design. Queen tattoos are mainly popular among married women but they have equal popularity among young unmarried girls too. Queen tattoo design is often coupled with the King tattoos but if you are looking for a separate queen tattoo design then you have come at the right page. Here are 50 amazing queen tattoo designs for women –

Queen Crown Tattoos

1. A queen tattoo will look even more beautiful and elegant with flower tattoo design so you are always free to add flowers to any queen tattoo design.
Queen Tattoos

2. You might have a certain perception about queens but that is not entirely true and you can try a queen that will suit perfectly to the modern era.
Amazing Queen Tattoos Design For Women

3. If you wish to write the word ‘Queen’ along with your tattoo then make sure that it does not overlap the tattoo itself.
3D Queen Crwon Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. A portrait of any popular queen from history would be very suitable queen tattoo design for young girls.
African Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. We have to admit that Queen Elizabeth II is the most popular British queen of all time. This is probably because she ruled during the peak of the technology revolution. Here Is a Queen Elizabeth inspired tattoo design.
Arabic Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls
wedding blouse designs images

6. You can base your queen tattoo design on ancient Indian queens who used to be warriors or on fictional Amazonian queens (Wonder woman like).
Beauty Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

7. Queen tattoos are often accompanied by King Tattoos and they are mainly popular among couples.
Best Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

8. Queen tattoos are either inspired from the Queen in chess game or from the various queens of playing cards.
Card Queen Tattoos Design On Legs

9. You can opt for Queen Chess piece tattoo design as it will give you a unique look and personality.
Chess Board And Queen Tattoos Design On Hands

10. Crying queen tattoos are not so much popular but few people are attracted to the sad queen tattoos. Here is a sad queen tattoo design for you. You can check this list of most popular queens of all time.
Colorful Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women
american traditional panther

queen of spades tattoo ideas

11. Instead of going for a special sign of Queen, you can try the word ‘Q’ in such style that it signifies queen.
Cool Queen Tattoos Design On Wrist

12. You don’t necessarily have to opt for ‘Good Queen’ tattoos. You can opt for an evil queen. Here is an evil queen tattoo design inspired by Disney film Maleficent.
Dark Art Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. Even though the emo trend had died out yet there are many emo versions of popular tattoos. Here is an emo queen tattoo design.
Day Of The Dead Queen Tattoos Design

14. Queen tattoos are not just for girls. Boys too can have unique queen tattoos. Such as here is a unique skull queen tattoo design on the forearm of a boy.
Deadly Queen Tattoos Design On Hands

15. If you want a small and really tiny queen tattoo design then I would suggest you go for the small queen crown tattoo design.
Easy Queen Tattoos Design For Lady

16. You can base your queen tattoo design on the ancient Egyptian queens and cana lso add mysterious symbols to it like this.
Egyptian Queen Tattoo Design On Thigh

17. Here is another Evil queen maleficent tattoo design and it seems to be inspired from the animated version.
Evil Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. I would suggest boys to have a beautiful queen tattoo design that looks more like femme fatale and gives a $eductive look.
Fabulous Queen Tattoos Design On Leg

19. Different parts of the world had different attires for queens and thus you can have an entirely different queen tattoo for entirely different region or country.
Gorgeous Queen Tattoos Design On Biceps

20. King and Queen Tattoo designs are extremely popular in couples. I would recommend couples to go for king and queen crown ring tattoos as they will look more meaningful.
King And Queen Tattooos Design For Couple

queen of spades tattoo meaning

21. You don’t have to go for the traditional queen of cards tattoo design but instead you can give your own unique take on this specific tattoo design.
Latest New Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

22. Queen tattoos don’t have to be large in size. A simple and small ‘Q’ on finger would also look attractive and meaningful.
Little Queen Tattoos Design On Wedding Finger

23. You can also dedicate a King and Queen Tattoo design to your better half and I bet you will always be proud of it.
Lovely King And Queen Tattoos Design For Boyfriend Girlfriend

24. Here is a queen tattoo design that seems to be inspired from Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
New Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

25. You can get tattooed with the word queen in a different language. Here is Queen Mahdi tattoo design.
Nice Mahurtatto Queen Tattoos Design

26. This Queen of cards tattoo design seems to be inspired by Disney princess sleeping beauty and probably that is why it looks sleepy.
Nice Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. Here is another queen tattoo design that is based on the popular queen of Britain – Queen Elizabeth II.
Old History Queen Tattoos Design On Thigh

28. Most people think that it is hard for the 3D style of a crown tattoo design. Well here is a 3D queen crown tattoo design on the wrist of this woman.
Pink Color Queen Crown Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. Girls opt for queen tattoos on neck or arm but thigh is also a cool place to have queen crown tattoo design.
Queen Crown Tattoos Design On Thigh

30. You can dedicate a queen tattoo design to your boyfriend or husband and it will automatically make him feel like the king of the world.
Queen Crown Tattoos Design On Upper Back Side

queen of spades tattoo tumblr

31. This queen tattoo design seems to be inspired from the Red queen of Alice in wonderland (author Lewis Carroll).
Queen Face Tattoos Design On Calf

32. Remember one thing – If you choose a queen tattoo design then never ever have any other visible tattoo design in the adjacent area or otherwise, it will reduce the beauty of the queen tattoo.
Queen Name Tattoos Design On Hands

33. Different cultures and civilizations had different styles of King and Queen Crowns but the most popular among them was always the British queen crown.
Queen Tattoo On Pinterest

34. Girls can try queen tattoo design on neck or back but I think shoulder is a much better option for it.
Queen Tattoos Design For Lady

35. Dark skin girls should opt for African queen tattoos and trust me people will compliment your tattoo choice.
Queen Tattoos Design On Biceps

36. Foot is not an ideal place to have queen tattoos but if you want a temporary queen tattoo design then go for it.
Queen Tattoos Design On Foot

37. One beautiful fact about queen crown tattoo is that you can have it any part of the body. Here is a queen crown tattoo on hand.
Queen Tattoos Design On Hands

38. A really cool queen crown tattoo idea would be to try it on the middle finger just like a wedding ring tattoo design as shown here.
Queen Tattoos Design On Middle Fingers

39. You can dedicate a queen or princess tattoo design on to your daughter and an even better idea would be to add her date of birth to the tattoo design.
Queen Tattoos For Women

40. If you opt for a small queen crown tattoo design with the word queen then make sure the word does not look bigger than the crown tattoo itself.
Queen Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

queen of spades tattoo designs

41. You can have a mix up queen tattoo design that gives too many cultural refrences. For example here is an emo queen of cards skull tattoo design.
Queen Tattoos On Legs

42. You can give a gothic look to your queen skull tattoo design by adding leaves and leaving it black and white.
Skull And Crown Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. One of the most popular behind the ear tattoo idea for girls is the Queen tattoo design.
Small Queen Tattoos Design On Behind Ear

44. I don’t think it will be a good idea to add a realistic queen tattoo design with a king skull tattoo design.
Smallest King And Queen Tattoos Design On Thumb

45. One impressive queen tattoo idea would be to write the word QUEEN and place the crown on the top of the letter Q.
Sweet Queen Tattoos Design On Backside

46. Queen tattoo design would not be ideal option for cover up tattoos as they occupy less space and requires a neat finishing.
Thin Lining Queen Name Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. If you ever opt for a King and Queen tattoo design then make sure that it does not fade away quickly.
Top Kign And Queen Tattoos Design

48. Here is a queen tattoo design that seems to be inspired from the medieval times.
Traditional Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. If your Queen and king tattoo design starts fading away then you can add pastel colors to it to make it look better.
Watercolor Chess Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. There are many queen paintings and drawings available on sites like Deviantart, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can pick any design among them for your queen tattoo design.
Wonderful Queen Tattoos Design

Which queen tattoo design would you recommend to your girlfriend or friend?

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