100+ Unique Butterfly Tattoos For Women With Meaning (2022)


Butterfly tattoos have a special meaning for girls. They represent hope, positivism, and beauty. You will find a lot of varieties on butterfly tattoo designs (for ex – black, blue, yellow, white, 3d, geometry, monarch, manly, tribal and traditional) but when it comes to picking up a design for yourself you will surely get confused.

We are here to help you to pick up the right kind of butterfly tattoo design and that too on the right body part. Here are 100+ simple small butterfly tattoos that will look beautiful on girls (but men can try them too) –

3D Butterfly Tattoos

1. A large size butterfly tattoo on the back is recommended only to those girls who unconditionally love butterfly tattoos and won’t have any other tattoo on back.
Celtic butterfly tattoos

2. As Butterfly tattoos are very popular among girls so why not pick up a girl portrait along with a butterfly tattoo. Here is a butterfly tattoo sitting on the face of a girl.
Pictures Of Butterfly Tattoos

3. Butterfly tattoos are so common that it gets tough for one to show his/her design unique. Therefore I would suggest you opt for a 3D butterfly tattoo on shoulder or forearm.
3d Butterfly Tattoos 1

4. I don’t think it’s a cool idea to add a hot air balloon along with a butterfly tattoo but many people still look for such designs.
Unique Butterfly Tattoos

5. Many girls like to wear matching dresses with their butterfly tattoos. So you should pick the color that you are comfortable to wear in public.
Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

6. Is this a simple butterfly tattoo or am I seeing a crying Gremlin in it? Look closer and you probably would also find the gremlin.
Men Butterfly Tattoos

7. One of the best placements for butterfly tattoos is either behind the ear or on the back of the neck just like this.
Butterfly Back Tattoos

8. Do not opt for a butterfly tattoo on soft part because It might leave bruises and red skin behind which will be too painful to look at. You can try nautical tattoos at such body parts.
Realistic Butterfly Tattoos

9. Two butterflies tattoo is a good idea but getting tattooed with two 3D butterflies might not turn out as good as it sounds.
Images Of Butterfly Tattoos

10. Like many other tattoos, you can add religious symbols or lucky signs to your butterfly tattoo design as well. There are many type of butterflies and you can learn about them so that you can decide which one you want.
Butterfly Tattoos On Back

Black Butterfly Tattoo

11. Coloring is an important part of butterfly tattoos so before getting inked you should consider the right type of color for yourself.
Baby Foot Butterfly Tattoos

12. A realistic butterfly tattoo design will be more costly than a normal one. I would suggest you find an experienced tattoo artist for it or otherwise, it will be a waste of money.
Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

13. Usually people avoid getting tattooed on face but Butterfly tattoos are few such designs that many girls don’t mind getting on face.
Tiny Butterfly Tattoos

14. Butterflies are attractive due to their wings so carefully observe the design of the wings of your opted butterfly tattoo and then ask the artist to make changes (if any).
Black And White Butterfly Tattoos

15. Many people like to add quotes to their butterfly tattoos. If you wish the same then you should get the butterfly tattoo inked on back or stomach.
Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoos

Monarch Butterfly tattoo

16. If you are confused on an ideal thigh tattoo design then I would highly recommend you to try a butterfly tattoo because they look elegant and beautiful on this body part.
Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

17. You can also try a watercolor butterfly tattoo design. The positive point would be that it would be colorful but the negative point would be that it would be temporary.
Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

18. While many tattoo designs are favoured either in pink, red or blue color. Butterfly tattoos are preferred in purple color by girls.
Purple Butterfly Tattoos

19. A flower tattoo design will be highly symbolic and meaningful with your butterfly tattoo design so consider adding it to your tattoo.
Cover Up Butterfly Tattoos

20. You can also try a pastel butterfly manly tattoo design. Pastel colors are known to give unique look to any tattoo design.
Manly Butterfly Tattoos

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

21. This butterfly tattoo design on the stomach of this girl is inked in the style of a dreamcatcher tattoo and the half-moon just above it increases the beauty of this design.
Big Butterfly Tattoos

22. Even though girls prefer to get tattooed with large size butterfly tattoos but if you are a working person then you might be looking for a small butterfly tattoo. Here is a tiny butterfly tattoo on the foot of this lady.
Small Butterfly Tattoos 1

23. If you want to opt for flying butterfly tattoos then the best body part to have it is back or upper shoulder (as shown here).
Mother Daughter Butterfly Tattoos

24. Siblings especially sisters should opt for matching butterfly tattoos. The best option Is to get tattooed with two (or more) butterflies of different colors.
Side Butterfly Tattoos

25. One beautiful benefit of butterfly tattoos is that you can make improvement later on by adding new tattoo designs like flowers or trees or even other butterflies.
Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

26. The caterpillar of butterfly tattoo is often neglected but you can play with the design by adding subtle symbols to it. For example, the artist added a tiny skull to the head of the caterpillar in this butterfly tattoo.
Tattoos Butterfly

27. Butterfly tattoos with mathematical symbols are often requested by girls who are interested in science and technology. I would recommend you to add a polygon in such designs.
Geometric Butterfly Tattoos 1

28. You can add matching patterns around your butterfly tattoo design and it will give a feeling like a butterfly tattoo is the most important feature of your body.
Simple Butterfly Tattoos

29. Always opt for computer imagery to see how a butterfly tattoo design would look on you before getting inked in reality.
Flying Butterfly Tattoos

30. Many women prefer to have butterfly tattoos on legs especially on the ankle. I would suggest you pick up a design that gives an impression as if the butterfly is sitting on the ankle bone.
Baby Feet Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Designs

31. A large size butterfly tattoo on forearm is commonly suggested to girls. I would suggest you to pick up perfect alignment and positioning of such designs.
Black Butterfly Tattoos

32. If you wish to have a pretty butterfly tattoo design on your body then please have it on a visible part of body.
Butterfly Tattoos On Shoulder

33. You can also add your own name to your butterfly tattoo design. Here is a colorful butterfly tattoo design on the back shoulder of this girl with her name inked just below it.
Monarch Butterfly Tattoos

34. If you opt for a quote along with your butterfly tattoo then make sure it perfectly blends with your butterfly tattoo design in terms of size, color, placement, and alignment.
Butterfly Tattoos For Women

35. Instead of black and grey butterfly tattoos you can opt for various color combinations but make sure you check them using photoshop before getting them done in reality.
Butterfly Tattoos Meaning

Skull Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulder

36. If you add a flower tattoo design with your butterfly tattoo then I would advise you to pick up a good color combo for such design or otherwise it would be unimpressive.
Butterfly And Flower Tattoos 1

37. Do not ruin your beautiful butterfly tattoo design by adding meaningless and unattractive symbols and signs around it.
Pink Butterfly Tattoos

38. The artist made a cute 3D butterfly tattoo in this picture but the wearer did a mistake by adding a large flower tattoo design in the background (later on).
Butterfly And Rose Tattoos

39. Even though most artists recommend adding a butterfly tattoo that shows both wings. But you can opt for a side posing butterfly tattoo if you wish to try a small design and have to hide it occasionally.
Butterfly Semicolon Tattoos

40. Picking the same color for butterfly and flower vine will result in a confusing tattoo like this. In this tattoo design, one can only distinguish between butterfly and flowers from a closer look up.
Lil Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly and Flower Tattoos

41. Butterfly tattoos hold a special meaning against cancer. Therefore you will see a lot of people trying butterfly tattoos with cancer ribbon.
Cute Tattoos Butterfly

42. Butterfly tattoos are not an ideal option for cover up tattoos they can hide a small scar beautifully. For this you have to opt for a medium to large size butterfly tattoos.
Butterfly Tattoos Designs

43. If you have a warrior within yourself then you would surely love this idea of a butterfly tattoo with a sword tattoo design. You can add a dagger tattoo if you wish to.
Butterfly Sleeve Tattoos

44. You artist might bend the wings of a butterfly to match it with the body part you’re trying it on. Therefore I would suggest having butterfly tattoos on the plain body part.
Butterfly Ankle Tattoos

45. You can also opt for a tribal butterfly tattoo design and one benefit of it would be that it won’t fade away quickly.
Pretty Butterfly Tattoos

Tiny Butterfly Tattoos

46. Butterfly tattoos on hand are popular but still I would recommend you to have it either around wrist or on forearm.
Skull Butterfly Tattoos

47. If you add multiple butterflies in your tattoo design then one thing you can do is to change the size of each butterfly along with coloring and wing patterns.
Lowerback Butterfly Tattoos

48. There are multiple species of butterfly and you should research about them before you pick up your favorite butterfly species for the tattoo. Here is the tattoo of Butterfly ‘Queen’ on the forearm of this woman.
Butterfly Leg Tattoos

49. You can also opt for a simple and cute butterfly tattoo design like this where the artist focused on the side pose of the butterfly.
Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

50. Yellow butterfly tattoos are hardly picked but in my opinion yellow and brown butterfly tattoos also look as beautiful as purple or black and grey butterfly tattoos.
Girls Butterfly Tattoos

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Mother Daughter Butterfly Tattoos

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Small Butterfly Tattoos On Wrist

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Tattoos Butterfly

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Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Unique Butterfly Tattoos

So which butterfly tattoo design you liked the most?