50+ Traditional Dagger Tattoo Designs With Meaning (2024)

Dagger is used to take life so a dagger tattoo is symbolic to sacrifice and bravery. However, there are even more meanings of dagger tattoos when they are combined with other designs. Usually people do not try just dagger tattoo but a combination of another tattoo with the dagger. The most common combinations are dagger rose, dagger snake and dagger blood tattoo.

People also don’t try simple dagger tattoos but rather opt for traditional dagger tattoos. This is because they look much better than simple tattoos of the dagger.

Here we have selected 50 plus dagger tattoos that can be tried by both men and women –
1. If you show a dagger tattoo that seems to be piercing your skin then it would mean that you have tendencies to hurt yourself as you cannot control your anger.
Dagger Tattoo

2. Many people who failed in love try dagger tattoo piercing hearts. Here this guy pierced the dagger in two hearts implying that he failed twice in his love life.
Amazing Dagger Tattoos

3. You can have a stylish dagger tattoo design and my favorite pick would be the Japanese daggers. You can see for yourself about how stylish they look?
Awesome Dagger Tattoos

4. Roman god Mercury is often shown with a dagger and a serpent across it. The artist added a two-faced snake (with the other face is that of a shark) to this dagger tattoo.
Beautiful Snake And Dagger Tattoos

5. If you show a dagger piercing a flower (especially rose) then it would mean that you accept life is no bed of roses and one have to pay price to be successful.
Best Dagger Tattoos Ever
feminine dragonfly tattoos

6. I have particularly liked this black and grey representation of dagger rose tattoo which simply implies life should be taken seriously.
Black And Grey Dagger Tattoos

7. If you show spilling blood from your dagger tattoo then it would show how you appreciate the sacrifices of our army men in war.
Black Dagger Brotherhood Tattoos

8. One unique idea is to show a dagger piercing head of a dangerous animal like lion, panther or tiger. This would mean that you are not afraid to accept challenges and go on risky adventures.
Black Panther With Dagger Tattoos

9. Another unique idea is to try a dagger butterfly tattoo. The butterfly represents struggle while dagger represents sacrifice. So it would simply mean that you are a hardworking person.
Butterfly With Dagger Tattoos

10. You can also go for a dagger eye tattoo design. This would mean that whatever you do god is watching you. Dagger is one of the best weapon in pubg and i guess you will agree.
Cloud With Dagger Tattoos
day of the dead tattoo designs

11. You can show a snake-shaped shaft in your dagger tattoo. The snake would represent poison. The tattoo would mean that you are tired of your habits that harm you only.
Cobra Dagger Tattoos

12. If you show a dagger piercing a coffin then it would mean that a feud with you might turn into a deadly war for generations.
Coffin With Dagger Tattoos

13. A cool idea would be to try a diamond dagger tattoo. This would mean that anything that is beautiful in looks can also be dangerous and deadly.
Colorfull Dagger Tattoos

14. The artist showed skull in the eye hole of this skull dagger tattoo. This tattoo represents death in war and bravery.
Cool Dagger Tattoos

15. You can also try Arabian style dagger tattoo. It may mean that you are after a treasure or luck.
Cute Dagger Tattoos Designs

16. Here is a really beautiful traditional dagger tattoo on the forearm of this guy. The artist perfectly blended it with a mandala tattoo.
Dagger Mandala Tattoos

17. The most unique placement for dagger tattoo would right between the chest pecks (for men). WWE wrestler and former MMA star Brock Lesnar too have it.
Dagger Tattoos For Men

18. If you show a shaft that is removed from its dagger then it would mean that you do not wish to harm your enemies but in extreme situations, you can be dangerous.
Dagger Tattoos On Calf

19. Here the artist showed a dagger between two skull tattoos that are supposed to be lovers. This means that the lovers got separated due to some dispute.
Dagger Tattoos On Chest

20. Don’t think that small dagger tattoos won’t look adorable. This small dagger tattoo on the finger of this woman looks amazing.
Dagger Tattoos On Finger

21. Sailors or navy men can try dagger tattoo where the dagger is being constrict by a rope.
Dagger Tattoos On Half Sleeve

22. You can show dagger and rose tattoo on separate (but symmetrical) body parts. Here is one design that you can try.
Dagger Tattoos On Hand

23. The artist added a beautiful quote ‘Amor de Madre’ (Mother’s love) in this dagger heart tattoo. Obviously a mother sacrifices a lot for her kids.
Dagger Tattoos On Leg

24. Another modification of snake dagger tattoo that you can try is by showing the dagger piercing the snakehead. It would mean that you can identify the poisonous people in your life and remove them.
Dagger Tattoos On Neck Back

25. Another unique placement that you can try is behind the ear. A small dagger tattoo behind the ear would look impressive.
Dagger Tattoos On Neck

26. You can try tattoo of a dagger that is actually based on ancient dagger styles. Here is one that you can consider.
Dagger Tattoos On Sleeve

27. While I admire colourful dagger tattoos but black and white dagger tattoos also look beautiful.
Dagger Tattoos On Thigh For Men

28. A dagger snake tattoo would look incomplete without the addition of venomous teeth. Don’t forget to show teeth to it.
Dagger Tattoos On Thigh

29. As dagger tattoos are based on traditional designs so a cool idea would be to try one that is based on 1930s art.
Wonderful Dagger Knife Tattoos

30. A Bent knife or dagger like this would mean that you are a person who don’t jump to conclusions quickly.
Easy Dagger Tattoos Design

31. A dagger key tattoo is very unique and hardly tried. It is based on the Harry potter universe. This tattoo means that you can only unlock success after paying a certain sacrifice.
Fine Dagger Tattoos Pictures

32. You can show blood in your dagger rose tattoo design. This would mean that you are successful in life but you sacrificed a lot.
Flower With Dagger Tattoos

33. If you are fan of mortal kombat or tekken video game then you can try a dagger tattoo that is based on the above mentioned games.
Game Of Thrones Dagger Tattoos

34. Dagger was one of the favourite weapons of samurais. You can show a samurai in your tattoo of dagger like this.
Japanese Dagger Tattoos

35. I don’t think it would be a cool idea to show so much pierced skin in your dagger tattoo but still many try it.
Knee Dagger Tattoos On Elbow

36. You can add a lock to your tattoo of the dagger. It will mean that you know a secret and you can do anything to protect it.
Lock And Dagger Tattoos

37. While adding angry python or tiger or any other animal with a tattoo of the dagger is common yet you can make it unique by adding the paw print to it.
Modern Classic Dagger Tattoos

38. You can have a bigger tattoo which uses a small tattoo of dagger just like this.
Mouse With Dagger Tattoos

39. A tattoo of a dagger with a pointed edge and zigzag shape has a deep meaning too. It shows that not only you know how to achieve your target but also pave way for others.
Old Dagger Tattoos

40. If you wish to try a dagger and bird tattoo then choose your bird wisely. An eagle or hawk would be a good choice.
Owl With Dagger Tattoos

41. You can add a goat with huge horns to your tattoo of dagger. The goat would represent Lucifer or satan and thus it would mean that you criticize evil.
Ramskull And Dagger Tattoos

42. Most people do not show the animal dead in their dagger animal tattoos but I think it would be lot cooler if you show them dead.
Rat With Dagger Tattoos

43. You can also try a dagger tattoo that is based on ancient armours just like this.
Red Ink Dagger Tattoos

44. If you show a dagger rose tattoo then it would be even cooler if you show a petal of rose falling from it.
Rose And Dagger Tattoos Design

45. Choosing right colors is very important in traditional dagger tattoo designs. So choose them wisely.
Simple Dagger Tattoos

46. You can make your dagger skull tattoo even better by showing fire flames around the skull. The fire flames would represent the evil spirits coming out from the skull.
Skull With Dagger Tattoos

47. Couples can have matching dagger tattoos. Here is one design that I liked.
Small Dagger Tattoos

48. As there are many snake species so I would advise you to choose the snake that is most dangerous or venomous.
Snake With Dagger Tattoos

49. Dagger tattoo is one of those rare tattoos that could be tried on face and still they would look awesome.
Tiny Dagger Tattoos On Face

50. As dagger is used to take life most of the time, you can add dangerous lines like these to it.
Traditional Dagger Tattoos

51. A dagger snake outline tattoo would also look great,
Tribal Dagger Tattoos

sword and rose tattoo

knife through heart tattoo

neo traditional dagger tattoo

chef hat tattoo

dragon dagger tattoo

old school dagger tattoo

dagger through rose tattoo meaning

skull dagger tattoo

celtic dagger tattoo

rose with dagger tattoo

kitchen knife tattoo

traditional dagger tattoo flash

stone tattoo design

tools tattoo design

traditional tattoo dagger

dagger with banner tattoo

butterfly knife tattoo

chef tattoo design

heart with dager

dagger in heart

chef knife tattoo design

chef knife tattoo

rose dagger tattoo

traditional dagger tattoo

simple dagger tattoo

switchblade tattoo meaning

heart with knife through it

snake and dagger meaning

snake sword tattoo

dagger and rose

knife finger tattoo

sword rose tattoo

skull with knife through it

heart with dagger tattoo

So which dagger tattoo design from the above photo gallery you are going to pick?

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