50+ Alien UFO Tattoos For Men (2023)

UFO tattoos are so rare that you will find one in thousand tattoo lovers having them. Although UFO tattoo designs suit both men and women yet it is not popular in either gender. This is probably because of the universal acceptance of UFO. People do not want to send wrong signals and be called as tinfoil head. I strongly believe in aliens but I don’t think our earth was visited by them in 20 or 21 century. Here are 50 cool UFOs tattoo for men and women –

UFO Tattoo Ideas

1. You will find a lot of UFO tattoos on-site like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Deviantart.
UFO Tattoos

2. UFOs are mysterious objects and you can ad other mysterious symbols to it too.
Amazing Ufo Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. UFO can be designed in any way of your wish. Here is a tattoo of UFO kidnapping a pizza.
Alien UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Most UFO tattoos are colourful and animated and here is a good example of such tattoo.
Awesome UFO Tattoos Design On Hands

5. You can add planets too to your UFO tattoos design.
Beautiful UFO Tattoos Design On Girl Biceps

6. I don’t know why but most people love to add trees to their UFO tattoos.
Brilliant UFO Tattoos Design For Men

7. If you are confused about the color of the UFO then I will suggest you use either blue or green color because most people confirmed seeing such UFOs.
Captivating UFO Tattoo Designs

8. Adding quote to your UFO tattoos would be weird but you can add a funny saying to your UFO tattoo.
Colored UFO Tattoos Design

9. It will look extreme but you can add name of any abducted person or who claimed of alien abduction to your UFO tattoo.
Dot Line UFO Tattoos Desig On Hands

10. You might not want your UFO tattoo to clear. In such a case, you can always add unique designs to your UFO tattoo. This one is based on the famous roswell incident .
Fabulous And Cool UFO Tattoos Design On Hands

ufo tattoo meaning

11. UFO tattoos are always preferred on hands, wrist or forearms because they are visible there.
Flower And Ufo Tattoos Design Thigh

12. Most people like to have temporary UFO tattoos because permanent design will look weird.
Flying Saucer Tattoos Design On Hands

13. Maths is the language of universe. You can add geometric symbols to the UFO tattoo.
Full Size UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. We people can claim of seeing UFO but what if animals too saw UFO. They can not talk to us about it.
Geometric UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. Lighthouses are lonely and scary so you can use them in your UFO tattoo to make it look scary.
Gorgeous UFO Tattoos Design

16. Small size UFO tattoos look better than large size because they are subtle and attractive.
Latest UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. This tattoo design surely suits UFO enthusiasts and people who strongly believe that our earth is visited by aliens.
Little Ufo Tattoo

18. The tattoo artist cleverly added the skull to this UFO tattoo design.
Little UFO Tattoos Design On Legs

19. This UFO tattoo design is enclosed in star shape to make it look impressive.
New UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

20. This UFO tattoo is inspired from ancient paintings and cave art.
Nice UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

ufo tattoo designs

21. Do you think that UFO visited earth during Jurassic era and abducted dinosaurs?
Simple UFO Tattoos Desing Oh Hand

22. Apart from hands, foot is also a good place for fake UFO tattoo.
Small Alien UFO Tattoos Design On Women Upper Backside

23. This UFO tattoo design is related to one episode of The Simpsons.
Small UFO Tattoos Design On Ankle

24. So according to this tattoo some animal went extinct because UFOs abducted them (the whole species).
Small UFO Tattoos On Forearm

25. How about multiple UFOs flying and abducting a man?
Super Fun UFO Tattoos Design

26. Is this UFO trying to abduct the pyramids or is it placing a pyramid on the exact point.
Three UFO Tattoos Design On Hands

27. I do not understand why most people imagine aliens to be little green creatures.
Tiny UFO Tattoos Design On Wrist

28. Here is a UFO tattoo inspired from the Close Encounters of Third Kind film.
Top UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. This is obviously a fake UFO tattoo that will wear off after some time.
UFO Cow Tattoos Design And Ideas

30. In no situation I will recommend you a matching UFO tattoo because that will look too weird.
UFO Cow Tattoos Design On Arm

traditional ufo tattoo

31. UFO tattoos are not meant for couples or siblings or brother sister.
Ufo Fly Tattoos Design On Leg

32. All UFO tattoos have circular disc flying in the sky. You can choose some other design for your UFO.
Ufo Over Edinburgh Tattoo

33. Naming the UFO ship will make it more authentic? Do you think so?
UFO Photos Gallery

34. What is going on in this UFO tattoo? So the Egyptians were kidnapped when they were making pyramids?
UFO Tattoo Maker

35. UFO tattoos are mostly shown flying in mountains or in deep forest.
UFO Tattoo Meaning

36. This simple UFO spaceship looks more attractive than an abduction machine.
Ufo Tattoo Padova Orari

37. The artist focused on the clouds too and that’s what makes this UFO tattoo look cool.
UFO Tattoos Design For Men

38. I liked the way the artist added a funny quote to the design.
UFO Tattoos Design On Ribcage

39. Now why they are kidnapping innocent cows?
UFO Tattoos Design On Thigh

40. If you want a UFO tattoos then prefer forearm as wrist will be too small.
UFO Tattoos Design On Wrist

spaceship tattoo designs

41. UFO tattoos on side rib cage also look good.
UFO Tattoos For Girls

42. There are so many geometrical symbols in this UFO tattoo that it is hard to understand the meaning of this tattoo.
UFO Tattoos For Guys

43. Oh No! Please do not abduct our music.
Ufo Tattoos For Women

44. The shape of the UFO in this tattoo is unusual but overall it looks attractive.
UFO Tattoos Ideas For Guys

45. Adding a blast in your UFO tattoos will result in over exposure and might damage your skin.
UFO Tattoos On Legs

46. This UFO cow tattoo is tiny in size and that is why I liked it.
UFO Tattoos On Pinterest

47. A smart UFO tattoo idea would be to make the design in style of silhouette.
UFO Tattoos On Tumblr

48. Here is a UFO placing Pyramid right in between the desert of Egypt.
UFO Tattoos Pictures

49. Now here is a UFO unique tattoo with a robot.
Water Color UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. Here is a good UFO tattoo on the thigh of this girl.
Wonderful UFO Tattoos Design And Ideas

So this was our list of UFO tattoos. Which one you liked the most and why?