50+ Elegant Dragonfly Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2024)

The real meaning of dragonfly tattoos depends on what is shown along with it. Dragonfly live is an insect of water and air. You can have a simple dragonfly tattoo which will show that you believe in wilderness, carefree and cheerful nature.

The water part of the dragonfly shows one’s faith in spirituality. This means that you can add water in your tattoo design to show your faith in God. Here we have chosen 50 meaningful dragonfly tattoos for both men and women –

Simple Dragonfly tattoos

1. Trying large dragonfly tattoos might not be a good idea as they are small insects and look better when portrayed realistically.
Dragonfly Tattoos

2. Watercolor dragonfly tattoo will fade away very soon so try them with tribal outline so that the outline stays forever.
Capturedragonfly Vine Tattoo

3. This 3d dragonfly tattoo would have looked gorgeous in small size. I liked how the artist showed the shadow of the tattoo on the lower back.
3D Dragonfly Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. This tribal dragonfly tattoo design on the back neck of the girl is inspired from the native American tattoo art.
Beautiful Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Upper Back Side

5. Can you imagine a full back dragonfly tattoo? Well, here it is. The artist also added a spiral and star of David to the tattoo to make it more beautiful.
Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo For Girl
number design tattoo

6. Butterfly and dragonfly have almost similar life. It is a cool idea to try dragonfly and butterfly tattoo design just like this.
Dragonfly And Butterfly Tattoos On Calf

7. Another good option is to try dragonfly and flower tattoo design as shown in this picture.
Dragonfly And Flower Tattoos Design On Legs

8. Showing a shadow of dragonfly will represent that your late loved ones are always there to bless you.
Dragonfly Tattoo On Ankle

9. My personal choice for dragonfly tattoo placement is behind the ear or on neck. The tattoo of dragonfly perfectly sits here.
Dragonfly Tattoo On Neck

10. Side of rib cage is also good choice for dragonfly tattoo placement. You can hide it whenever you want. Do you know that over 5000 species of dragonflies exist in the world.
Dragonfly Tattoo On Ribs
women’s chest tattoos pictures

male dragonfly tattoo

11. Showing a dragonfly flying in the tattoo design will represent that you believe in freedom and adventure. Here is a small dragonfly tattoo for you to consider.
Dragonfly Tattoos Art Design For Women

12. Dragonflies have many colors on their body but still many people like to have a tattoo of dragonfly in their favourite color.
Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Back Neck

13. This tiny dragonfly tattoo is way better than most large size dragonfly tattoos and it is also perfectly placed on the side of the wrist.
Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Hands

14. You can add tribal patterns (inspired from Native American or Asian cultures) on your dragonfly tattoo to make it look more attractive.
Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Lower Back Side For Girls

15. If you want to show multiple colors of dragonfly in your tattoo design then consider trying a similar style as shown in picture.
Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Lower Back Side

16. Couples or siblings can have matching dragonfly tattoos which will represent that they feel complete with each other.
Dragonfly Tattoos Design On Wrist

17. As dragonfly tattoos represent moving on from past so you can show it by adding a sun in the background just like this.
Dragonfly Tattoos For Girls

18. A realistic dragonfly tattoo design will have its own grace and elegance. Here this dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder of this woman will be adored by many people.
Dragonfly Tattoos For Lower Back

19. Here is another Native American art inspired dragonfly tattoo. People who believe in good luck can try this design.
Dragonfly Tattoos For Women

20. Dragonfly outline tattoo will also look delicate and beautiful but it should be on hidden part of body (so that it last longer).
Dragonfly Tattoos For Wrist

dragonfly tattoo meaning

21. Most people try front posing dragonfly tattoo design but I think a cool idea would be to try side posing small dragonfly tattoo like this.
Dragonfly Tattoos Ideas

22. It is a common practice to try just one dragonfly tattoo but if you want to represent a solid change in your life then you can try multiple dragonfly tattoos as shown in this image.
Dragonfly Tattoos Images

23. You can add circles in your dragonfly tattoo. It will mean that you are moving forward from one phase to another and open for a new adventure.
Dragonfly Tattoos Kansas City

24. Wings are the most beautiful part of a dragonfly. You can try a dragonfly tattoo with such majestic wings.
Dragonfly Tattoos Kolkata

25. Showing the tail up of a dragonfly tattoo will mean that you don’t even care about your past.
Dragonfly Tattoos Meaning

26. Even though most people add four wings in dragonfly tattoo, you can add more to show that soul of your late family members is always there to help you.
Dragonfly Tattoos Newfoundland

27. Another common choice is to have a long tail dragonfly tattoo where it will represent that you might have moved on from past but you still seek revenge.
Dragonfly Tattoos On Back

28. Most tattoo artist show just fronts paw of a dragonfly but you can show back paws as well to show that you do not want to move on from your past.
Dragonfly Tattoos On Calf

29. The way dragonfly flies shows there carefree nature. You can show this side by trying an offbeat design like this.
Dragonfly Tattoos On Foot Pics

30. You can try two dragonfly tattoo design to show that you believe in spirituality where two souls are supposed to meet and become one.
Dragonfly Tattoos On Foot

dragonfly tattoo drawing

31. You can add patterns in the wings of the dragonfly tattoo to make it look even better.
Dragonfly Tattoos On Hand

32. Many tribes consider dragonfly to be symbol of rebirth. This is why people try dragonfly tattoos to show change in their lives.
Dragonfly Tribal Tattoos

33. Even though dragonflies have symmetrical wings yet you can show a pair of large and small wings like this. It will show that you need emotional support to take a flight in life.
Dragonfly X2 Tattoo Machine Review

34. Another idea that you can try is to show sharp wings of dragonfly (like a blade). It will mean that you will overcome and pierce any hurdle that comes your way.
Dragonfly X2 Tattoo Machine

35. You can show extra-large wings of a dragonfly and slightly bend them from the middle. It will mean that you have a protective nature for your family and kids. You are taking them under your wings.
Dragonfly X2 Tattoo

36. Here is a neo-tribal dragonfly tattoo design which will last longer than usual tattoos.
E Tattoo Dragonfly

37. I will surely not suggest you a back full of dragonfly flying. However two or three dragonflies won’t look bad.
Elegant Dragonfly Tattoos

38. This is a unique dragonfly tattoo design in its own self. It does not mean anything special just that it looks good on the backbone.
Full Back Dragonfly Tattoos Design

39. Most artists don’t like to show the insect part of the dragonfly. However it will give a unique look if you try it.
Full Back Dragonfly Tattoos For Women

40. Here is a realistic take on the tattoo of dragonfly where the artist beautifully inked a real looking dragonfly.
Ink Machines Dragonfly Tattoo

feminine dragonfly tattoos

41. If you try a colourful dragonfly tattoo then it might fade away sooner than later.
Joy's Dragonfly Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

42. An all-black dragonfly tattoo can easily be one of the best tattoo you ever had.
Simple Small Dragonfly Tattoo On Wrist

43. This is a unique dragonfly tattoo idea where the artist used minimal style of tattooing.
Tender Dragonfly Contour Tattoo On Wrist

44. You can try a black caterpillar with colourful wings in your dragonfly tattoo and it will look great.
The Dragonfly Tattoos Lockport

45. Can you spot it? The artist cleverly added the mystical word of ‘OM’ in this tattoo of dragonfly.
Unique Dragonfly Tattoos

46. Dragonfly is an insect of both air and water. So you can show water droplets in your tattoo design to signify that you believe in the magical aspect of nature.
Vintage Dragonfly Tattoos

47. A cool idea would be to try a colourful butterfly and dragonfly tattoo combo on rib cage as shown here.
Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo Design And Ideas

48. A dragonfly tattoo on upper back would be a cool idea for many but still think before you take decision.
Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo For Women

49. Another cool placement for dragonfly tattoo is upper collar bone. The artist also gave the wings shade of a bee.
Yellow Color Dragonfly Tattoos On Breast

50. If you show one wing long and other as short as it means that you do not believe in perfectness. You want your partner to be imperfect so that you complete each other.
Youtube Dragonfly Tattoo

Which dragonfly tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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