50+ Best Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men (2024) – Tribal Ideas With Meaning

You will be surprised to know that half sleeve tattoos are more popular than full sleeve tattoos. This is because people either opt-out of full sleeve tattoos because of job-related policies or they simply do not like getting tattooed on their sleeves. Half sleeves tattoos opt either on just one arm or both upper arms. Here we have chosen 50 meaningful half sleeve tattoos for men and women –

Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

1. One of the most impressive half sleeve tattoo idea would be to try a biomechanical half sleeve tattoo or a 3D half sleeve tattoo like this.
half sleeve tattoo

2. Here is another 3D half sleeve tattoo design in the style of a star on this guy. What makes it stand out of other tattoos is the use of one-word tattoos inside it.
3d Star Half Sleeve Tattoos

3. What would be more patriotic tattoo then a half sleeve national flag tattoo design? I would really appreciate the art of this tattoo artist who tattooed a very realistic flag tattoo.
American Flag Half Sleeve Tattoos

4. If you are a religious person then you should either try a half sleeve Jesus tattoo or a half sleeves Mary tattoo design. In both designs don’t forget to show the cross.
Angel Half Sleeve Tattoos

5. Half sleeve tattoos need not cover up the entire portion. You could opt for a simple half sleeve tattoo design such as that of a snake. Many people also opt for quarter sleeve tattoos.
Arrow With Snake Half Sleeve Tattoos

6. Some half sleeve tattoos are just up to the elbow but if you opt for a tribal design like a Maori tattoo or a Polynesian tattoo then you might like it in a longer style like this.
Best Half Sleeve Tattoos

7. You can also have a temporary half sleeve tattoo design made using watercolor or pastel color. Here the artist inked a beautiful half sleeve Buddha tattoo which is made using pastel color.
Buddha Half Sleeve Tattoos

8. If you are in the navy then a cool idea would be to try either a compass tattoo as a half sleeve tattoo or an anchor tattoo as a half sleeve tattoo. You can also give try to both designs in one tattoo.
Compass Half Sleeve Tattoos

9. Couples can have matching sleeve tattoo designs and a very romantic idea is to get tattooed with a couple of silhouette with beautiful landscape tattoo in the background.
Couple Half Sleeve Tattoos

10. If you are not very much interested in a half sleeve tattoo then you might like quarter sleeve tattoos. Here is a cross tattoo design on the quarter sleeve of this guy. I would recommend you reading these fashion tips for men to make yourself more appealing.
Cross Half Sleeve Tattoos

half sleeve tattoos with meaning

11. On cool thing about half sleeve tattoos is that you can try large size tattoos or a big scenario. Here this girl got tattooed with foxes and reindeers on her sleeve and also added vibrant colors to the background.
Deer And Fox Half Sleeve Tattoos

12. If you want to try scary tattoos or tattoos inspired by devil or horror movies then please try them in large size. While chest or back is an ideal option for such tattoos but trusts me you won’t be disappointed by the look that you will get from such tattoos on half sleeves.
Demon Half Sleeve Tattoos

13. Most half sleeve tattoos start from the upper portion of the shoulder and then ends up to the elbow. But you can also try a specific half sleeve tattoo that begins from the mid-portion of the bicep just like this dog tattoo.
Dog Half Sleeve Tattoos

14. If you already have a tattoo design on your bicep but want to convert it to a half sleeve tattoo then add a natural landscape design to the background. It works in many tattoo designs.
Dolphin Half Sleeve Tattoos

15. My personal preference for dreamcatcher tattoos would be to try them on the back or on the stomach but many people also admire dreamcatcher half sleeve tattoos like this.
Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoos

16. If you want a matching half sleeve tattoo design on both your upper arms then there would be a no better option than angel wing tattoo designs.
Feather Half Sleeve Tattoos

17. Half sleeve tattoos need not cover all of the areas of the upper arm. You can have a flower vine tattoo on your half sleeve like this.
Flower Half Sleeve Tattoos For Female

18. One really interesting half sleeve tattoo idea would be to try face close up a tattoo of any animal. Elephants are very popular for this due to their long trunk.
Half Sleeve Elephant Tattoos

19. If you believe in afterlife and karma then a very impressive half sleeve tattoo idea for you would be to try stairway to heaven tattoo. If you don’t believe in it then try a wooden pier tattoo.
Half Sleeve Tattoos Cost

20. If you want to try a unique half sleeve tattoo design then I would recommend you to try combinations of different colors. For example here is a half sleeve tribal tattoo in blue color.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

best half sleeve tattoos

21. No other tattoo design would be as satisfying on sleeve as a portrait tattoo of your favourite person or character. Here is a joker half sleeve tattoo that is imagined a unique appearance.
Half Sleeve Tattoos Ideas

22. If you do not want to go by the above half sleeve joker tattoo then I am sure that you will admire this Joker tattoo which is inspired by the Heath Ledger’s Joker.
Joker Half Sleeve Tattoos

23. If you want a cover-up a tattoo design for your upper sleeve then I would suggest you consider a fish tattoo design. A large size fish tattoo (a shark or a whale tattoo) would not only look great on the half sleeve but also would be a good choice for the cover-up.
Koi Fish Half Sleeve Tattoos

24. If you are in the navy then you should try half sleeve nautical tattoos. Here is a traditional lighthouse tattoo design on the upper sleeve of this man.
Light House Half Sleeve Tattoos

25. There are many different representations of the Yin Yang tattoo designs. If you have a large size representation in mind then you should get it tattooed on your upper sleeve. Here is a Lion tattoo on the upper sleeve in the style of Yin Yang.
Lion Half Sleeve Tattoos

26. A biomechanical tattoo design s brilliant as this can only be pulled off by an experienced tattoo artist. This is one in a million tattoo designs so make sure you find the right artist for it.
Mechanical Half Sleeve Tattoos For Boys

27. Colorful half sleeve tattoo designs would fade away much quicker than black and grey half sleeve tattoos. But if the colored tattoos are as good as this little mermaid tattoo then try them without any second thought.
Mermaid Half Sleeve Tattoos

28. Another cool option for half sleeve tattoos is music tattoos. You can either pick up a large size musical instrument tattoo or if you like singing then try a large size microphone tattoo design on the sleeve.
Music Half Sleeve Tattoos

29. If your ancestor’s roots back to Native American then are proud to show your heritage by opting for a native American half sleeve tattoo design like this.
Native America Half Sleeve Tattoos

30. Here is an owl tattoo design on the half sleeve of this guy. The attractive point of this owl tattoo is its blue eyes that are cleverly inked.
Owl Half Sleeve Tattoos

half sleeve tattoos for men ideas

31. Peacock tattoos are rarely opted by men or women but if you like the bird or you like dancing then consider a peacock tattoo design on your half sleeve.
Peacock Half Sleeve Tattoos

32. You will find many Maori and Aztec paintings and drawings on sites like Tumblr, Pinterest or DeviantArt. Check out those sketches and pick out a design for your half sleeve tattoo.
Polynesian Half Sleeve Tattoos

33. If you do not want a detailed half sleeve tattoo design then one good option for you is to try a quote tattoo. Pick up a long and meaningful quote for this.
Quotes Half Sleeve Tattoos

34. Mothers can have a large size half sleeve tattoo design of a mother-child (like this Jesus Mary tattoo) on the half sleeve. Fathers can also try the same.
Religious Half Sleeve Tattoos

35. I liked the detailing of sky and sea in this amazing half sleeve tattoo design on this girl. You can also try this tattoo design.
Ship Half Sleeve Tattoos

36. This skull tattoo design on the upper sleeve of this woman seems to be inspired by the Mad Max movie series. However, I won’t recommend you to use two skulls, instead try a danger sign tattoo design.
Skull Half Sleeve Tattoos Ideas

37. This snake tattoo design on this man can be made jaw-dropping good. All you have to do is show the snake constricting the arms. The more realistic the snake tattoo will be the more positive reactions you will get.
Snake Half Sleeve Tattoos

38. Real superheroes don’t wear a cape. If you have high beliefs in yourself then a cool half sleeve tattoo idea would be to try a biomechanical tattoo where the artist shows a hidden superhero inside you just like this.
Spider Half Sleeve Tattoos

39. Sure this stairway tattoo design is amazing and jaw-dropping good but I don’t think it is very meaningful. What do you say?
Stairs Half Sleeve Tattoos Designs

40. Upper sleeve tattoo designs need to either black and grey or colored. An outline tattoo like this flower outline tattoo might not look good to everyone.
Sun Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoos

tribal half sleeve tattoos

41. Couples can try medium to large size matching sun and moon tattoos on their upper sleeve. Here is a cool design for couples.
Sun Moon Half Sleeve Tattoos

42. Ever thought of getting flash tattoos? How about trying a superhero flash tattoo design on the half sleeve?
Superhero Half Sleeve Tattoos

43. I don’t know the reason why the Tigers in this tattoo design have jewelry pieces on their head but they sure look impressive.
Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoos

44. One interesting tattoo design that you can try on your half sleeve is double exposure tattoo. Here is a double exposure tattoo of a skull and a tree.
Tree Half Sleeve Tattoos

45. Blackwork tattoo art will look amazing on half sleeves. Here is a neo-tribal half sleeve tattoo design which is made using solid black thick ink.
Turtle Half Sleeve Tattoos

46. Many girls opt for trash tattoos and one such tattoo design is to try an emo angel tattoo along with a unicorn tattoo.
Unicorn And Fairy Half Sleeve Tattoos

47. This magnificent unicorn tattoo design on the upper sleeve of this lady is carried out using watercolor and it surely is very attractive.
Unicorn Half Sleeve Tattoos For Ladies

48. There are many Celtic patterns too available online that you can pick up for your tattoo design. Here is a medium size Celtic tattoo on the upper sleeve of this man.
Vikings Half Sleeve Tattoos For Male

49. You can pick up your favourite flower and have a large size realistic flower tattoo design on upper sleeve.
Watercolor Half Sleeve Tattoos

50. This incredible wold tattoo design on the half sleeve of this man is really good. There is no need to add the wolf silhouette in it.
Wolf Half Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Which wolf tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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