80+ Cool Anime Tattoos Ideas For Girls (2024)

Anime tattoos are more popular than movies or TV tattoos. Dragonball Z, One Punch Man, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Deathnote and even Pokemon have a huge fan base among tattoo lovers.

This is because Japanese anime has a huge impact on a global audience. They introduced a unique style and design of anime characters and this is why they impress at first look. But there is much more than just looks.

Japanese anime have unique concepts and themes for their anime series. Many anime are popular because they have anime girls with tattoos on their bodies. Here we chose 50 best anime tattoos for men and women –

Small Anime Tattoos

1. You can always play around with your anime tattoo design and make it look unique with unique dressing.
Anime Tattoos designs

2. Can Goku beat superman? I don’t know but here is a wonderful Dragon ball tattoo.
Anime Dbz Tattoos

3. The calf is unusual to place for anime tattoos because you don’t want to hide it. This Goku tattoo on the calf is looking good.
Amazing Goku Anime Tattoos

4. Millions of heart broke when Adventure time decided to bid good bye. Here is a beautiful Adventure time tattoo on the forearm.
Anime Adventure Time Tattoos

5. As there are thousands of pokemon so this means that you can have a tattoo of your favorite pokemon character and chances are it will be unique just like this.
Anime Bulbasaur Tattoos

Subtle Anime Tattoos

6. Anime girl tattoos are more popular than anime boy tattoos and for obvious reasons. Here is a blue haired anime girl tattoo.
Anime Bulma Tattoos

7. You do not need to have anime sleeve tattoos as a medium of small anime tattoos would look equally beautiful. Just look at this.
Anime Calcifer Tattoos

8. Cheshire cat is very popular character and you can have a similar cat tattoo in anime style.
Anime Cat Tattoos

9. There are many popular game from Japan and you can have their characters inked on your body.
Anime Chibi Ken Tattoos

10. Avatar the Last Airbender was loved by anime fans all over the globe. Here is an anime tattoo inspired from the series.
Anime Dragon Ball Z Tattoos

Anime Girl With Tattoos

11. This dragon tattoo design might look funny but it would work as a good temporary anime tattoo.
Anime Dragon Tattoos On Neck

12. Chest is very popular body part for tattoo lovers so choose your anime tattoo wisely for this body part.
Anime Dragon Tattoos

13. There are hundreds of tiny and subtle anime tattoos on site like Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and deviantart.
Anime Evangelion Tattoos

14. This Anime tattoo design would look even more beautiful in 3D look what you say?
Anime Freeza Dragon Ball Tattoos

15. One good thing about anime tattoo is that they work as good cover up tattoos. It doesn’t matter if you have a body mark that you want to hide or a tattoo went wrong; you can always opt for a good anime tattoo to hide it.
Anime Gengar Pokemon Tattoos

Anime Tattoo Sleeves

16. I think Kid Goku is way cuter and fun than @dult Goku. Therefore I would suggest you opt for a kid Goku tattoo.
Anime Goku Tattoos

17. Transformers series might not be as popular as Marvel or DC superheroes but still you can not neglect the fan following of Optimus Prime.
Anime Grendizer Tattoos

18. Coloring is a major problem for anime tattoo and that is why i would suggest you to choose background color wisely.
Anime Haunter Pokemon Tattoos

19. What would be a better anime tattoo than the cute little Pikachu?
Anime Pikachu Tattoos

20. Charizard is another popular choice for anime tattoos.
Anime Pokemon Tattoos

Best Anime Tattoos

21. There are many female anime characters to choose from. So take your time and chose a meaningful anime character for your tattoo.
Anime Sailor Moon Tattoos Ideas

22. You can have anime symbols as your tattoo too. My favourite would be a Pokeball tattoo.
Anime Sailor Moon Tattoos

23. Hairs and expression of anime character matters too. You do not want to confuse people over the expression of your anime.
Anime Tattoos For Girls

24. You can have an anime character in black and white shade too, just like this.
Anime Tattoos For Men

25. Here is a cute anime tattoo on the inner bicep of this boy.
Anime Tattoos On Biceps

Bad Anime Tattoos

26. Studio Ghibli has a huge fan following. Here is a My Neighbour Totoro tattoo on the back calf of this boy.
Anime Tattoos On Calf

27. If you have more than two favorite anime series then you might get confused for the right anime tattoo. I would suggest you choose the one that defines your character.
Anime Tattoos On Chest

28. Anime couple tattoos are not new and a lot of people (brothers, sisters or married couple) choose matching anime tattoos for themselves.
Anime Tattoos On Half Sleeve

29. If you like multiple pokemon characters than you can try a group anime tattoo of all characters.
Anime Tattoos On Leg

30. Among all the colors, Purple is favourite for anime tattoos so make sure to add it.
Anime Tattoos On Thigh

Anime Tattoos Designs

31. I really liked the way the tattoo artist worked on the facial expression of this anime tattoo.
Anime Tattoos

32. If you want a female anime tattoo then choose Princess Mononoke.
Beautiful Anime Tattoos

33. Anime tattoo outlines will not be just enough to make a perfect tattoo. Coloring is must.
Best Anime Tattoos

34. Japanese anime is different from American animation due to the difference in facial expression and eyes. Just look at the eyes of this anime tattoo.
Blue Color Anime Tattoos

35. This amazing anime tattoo on the shoulder of this boy looks majestic.
Colorful Anime Tattoos

Anime Symbol Tattoos

36. Adding Japanese symbols and fonts to your tattoo would increase the authenticity of the anime tattoo.
Cool Anime Tattoos For Boys

37. Here are multiple anime tattoos inspired from the Japanese anime film Spirited Away.
Cute Anime Tattoos

38. If you have a word tattoo then you can add an anime character to it that best define the word.
Dragon Ball Z Anime Tattoos

39. The problem with colourful anime tattoos is that they will fade away sooner than later. Here is a studio ghibli tattoo in fading state.
Ghibli Anime Tattoos

40. No matter in which pose the anime character is, the artist must work on the facial expressions and eyes.
Japanese Anime Tattoos

Anime Face Tattoos

41. Here is an anime tattoo inspired from a popular art from Deviantart.
Little Anime Tattoos

42. If you are deeply in love with an anime series then you should add the name of the series too with your anime tattoo.
Lovely Dragon Anime Tattoos

43. Even though this is a small size anime girl tattoo but the artist made it to perfection.
Minimal Anime Tattoos

44. As I said anime eyes are very different from cartoon eyes and you can judge the difference from this wonderful eye tattoo.
Naruto Eye Anime Tattoos

45. Apart from eyes and facial expression, the hairs of anime character are also important. You can use different colors for the hair of your anime tattoo.
New Anime Tattoos

Anime Inspired Tattoos

46. Sketch or stencil art anime tattoo are not hard to design. Here is a beautiful anime tattoo inspired from a drawing.
Outline Anime Tattoos On Sleeve

47. As pokemon evolve in different size and shape therefore you must choose the version of your pokemon smartly.
Pokemon Anime Tattoos

48. I do not understand the need to add a rose to this marvellous Goku tattoo. But overall it’s an attractive anime tattoo.
Rose With Anime Tattoos

49. Here is the ghostly tattoo inspired from the film Spirited away.
Scary Anime Tattoos

50. Another beautiful modification of the studio Ghibli tattoo.
Tiny Anime Tattoos

Small Anime Tattoos

Subtle Anime Tattoos

Tattoos Anime

Tattoos In Anime

Anime Boy With Tattoos

Anime Characters With Arm Tattoos

Anime Characters With Face Tattoos

Anime Characters With Tattoos

Anime Face Tattoos

Anime Inspired Tattoos

Anime Girl Tattoos

Anime Girl With Tattoos

Anime Guy Tattoos

Anime Guy With Tattoos

Anime Guys With Tattoos

Anime Symbol Tattoos

Anime Tattoos Designs

Anime Tattoos Ideas

Anime Tribal Tattoos

Anime With Tattoos

Awesome Anime Tattoos

Bad Anime Tattoos

Best Anime Tattoos (1)

Bleach Anime Tattoos

Cool Anime Symbol Tattoos

Cool Anime Tattoos

Cute Anime Tattoos (1)

Fairy Tail Anime Tattoos

Female Anime Characters With Tattoos

Half Angel Half Devil Tattoo Designs 238x178

Japanese Anime Tattoos (1)

Which anime series you love the most? Which anime tattoo you liked?

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