100+ Peace Dove Tattoos For Guys (2024) Realistic Designs

Dove tattoos are very meaningful as they are considered the symbol of peace. Getting a dove tattoo will show that you want peace and love in the world. Dove tattoos were extremely popular during the 60s and 70s.
Here we present you 50 dove tattoos design that both men and women can try –

white dove tattoo meaning

1. One simple dove tattoo idea is to try a dove with flower in its beak. This is symbol of peace.
Dove Tattoos

dove of peace tattoo

2. Most people like to show their passion or dreams through tattoos. Now here is a unique dove tattoo idea where the dove is shown carrying boxing gloves.
Dove And Boxing Gloves Tattoos

tattoos with clouds and doves

3. Dove Heart Tattoos are a good choice for couples. You can show an animated heart with a dove dedicated to your lover like this.
Awesome Dove Tattoos On Chest

two doves tattoo designs

4. The cross and dove tattoos combination can be tried with different variations like here the dove is carrying the cross necklace.
Dove And Cross Tattoos Designs

dove and rose tattoo designs

5. Flowers and dove tattoos is not such popular combination but most people try it because both represents peace, happiness and prosperity.
Dove And Flower Tattoos Designs

3 dove tattoo meaning

6. I don’t know why this dove is carrying multiple keys in its beak. But one unique thing I noticed in this tattoo is that the key chain in ink in the shape of a heart.
Dove And Keys Tattoos On Forearm

dove tattoos on wrist

7. Realistic dove tattoos are hard to do especially if they are done with black and grey ink and shown flying. Here is how such tattoos would look like.
Dove And Rose Tattoos On Chest

tattoo of doves flying

8. Two dove tattoos are a perfect combination for couples. Here this man is having two doves inked on his opposite shoulders with praying hands tattoo on the stomach.
Full Back Dove Tattoos Design For Men

holy spirit dove tattoo

9. Dove tattoos are usually tried on chest but if you want unique position then you should try them on hands.
Dove Tattoo For Men On Hand

dove and angel tattoos

10. Forearm is not a good choice for dove tattoos in my opinion. This is because the wing span will not get enough space. This is probably the most beautiful dove species you will see.
Dove Tattoo On Hand

3 Dove Tattoo

rip tattoos with doves

Black Dove Tattoo

dove tattoos for men

Cross With Dove Tattoo

doves and clouds tattoo

Dove And Clouds Tattoo

dove tattoos for females

Dove And Cross Tattoo

meaning of dove tattoo

Dove And Rose Tattoo

pictures of dove tattoos

Dove Bird Tattoo

what does a dove tattoo mean

Dove Bird Tattoos

dove tattoos for guys

Dove Chest Tattoo

dove tattoo on neck

Dove Flying Tattoo Designs

cross with doves tattoo

Dove Hand Tattoo

dove tattoo on arm

Dove Neck Tattoo

dove tattoos on neck

Dove Outline Tattoo

birds and clouds tattoo

Dove Shoulder Tattoo

what does a dove symbolize in tattoos

Dove Tattoo Design

dove tattoo with name

Dove Tattoo Designs

dove and cross tattoo

Dove Tattoo Flash

dove with ribbon tattoo

Dove Tattoo For Men

tattoos of doves flying

Dove Tattoo Ideas

dove tattoos on back

Dove Tattoo Meaning

rose and dove tattoo

Dove Tattoo On Head

dove with olive branch tattoo

Dove Tattoo On Leg

cross and dove tattoos

Dove Tattoo On Neck

dove tattoos with clouds

Dove Tattoo On Ribs

turtle dove tattoos meaning

Dove Tattoo On Stomach

dove and rose tattoo

Dove Tattoo On Thigh

angel and dove tattoos

Dove Tattoo Sleeve

dove tattoo on shoulder

Dove Tattoo Stencil

doves and clouds tattoos

Dove Tattoos For Females

dove with clouds tattoo

Dove Tattoos For Guys

turtle dove tattoos designs

Dove Tattoos For Men

dove tattoo for men

Dove Tattoos Meaning

cross with dove tattoo

White Dove Tattoo On Arm

tattoos that mean peace

Dove With Clouds Tattoo

turtle dove tattoo meaning

Dove With Olive Branch Tattoo

meaning behind dove tattoos

Flying Dove Tattoo

rest in peace dove tattoos

Flying Dove Tattoos

dove tattoos for women

Half Sleeve Dove Tattoos

dove cover up tattoo

Mourning Dove Tattoo

tattoo pictures and meanings

Peace Dove Tattoos

dove tattoos on forearm

Realistic Dove Tattoo

dove tattoo for guys

Religious Dove Tattoo

tattoo images of doves

Rose And Dove Tattoo

dove tattoos with names

Simple Dove Tattoo

dove and rose tattoo meaning

Small Dove Tattoos

clouds and doves tattoos

Traditional Dove Tattoo

meaning of dove tattoos

Turtle Dove Tattoo

tattoos of doves and roses

Watercolor Dove Tattoo

dove bird tattoo meaning

Dove Tattoos On Arm

pics of dove tattoos

White Dove Tattoo

Turtle Dove Tattoos

11. Men can opt for anatomical heart in dove heart tattoo combination but girls must opt for animated heart like this. Also the unique positioning of behind the ear make this dove tattoo attractive.
Dove Tattoo On Neck (1)

flying dove tattoo designs

12. Pocket watch and dove tattoos are unusual combination because both have different meanings yet some people try them.
Dove Tattoos Design And Ideas For Boys

flying dove tattoo meaning

13. The wings and the tail of dove will matter a lot in tattoo design. As you can see this tattoo design has a really beautiful wings pattern.
Dove Tattoos Design On Back Side

pics of doves tattoo

14. Many tattoo artists do not know that dove claws are very pointed so they do not show them as such.
Dove Tattoos Design On Bicep

3 doves tattoo meaning

15. Tattoos on whole chest can really be painful but if you opt for them then please go for meaningful tattoos.
Dove Tattoos Design On Chest

Dove Chest Tattoo

16. You can have dove outline tattoo design on any part of body but remember they look better in small size.
Dove Tattoos Design On Elbow

white ink dove tattoo

17. If you are thinking of trying 3d dove tattoo then let me tell you that 3d bird tattoos can be really painful so think about your decision.
Dove Tattoos Design On Full Back

dove in clouds tattoo

18. Another unique combination that you can try is cross and dove tattoos. You can also show praying hands with it.
Dove And Cross Half Sleeve Tattoos Designs

lion and dove tattoo

19. Dove tattoos are also a good choice for memorial tattoos. You can ink the name of your deceased family member along with dove tattoo and it will mean that you are praying for the peace of their soul.
Dove Tattoos Design On Shoulder

roses and clouds tattoo

20. As you can see for yourself that this dove tattoo design has a beautiful variation of colors in it but I wonder what’s a dagger doing in its claw?
Dove Tattoos Design On Thigh

Dove tattoos On Arm

21. You can have a one word tattoo on your wrist along with a tiny dove tattoo flying across it.
Dove Tattoos For Girl On Wrist

dove bird tattoo designs

22. Or you can try Dove half sleeve tattoo design where the dove tattoo is accompanied by tribal patterns. This is one old school style.
Dove Tattoos For Men And Women

white dove tattoos designs

23. Dove tattoos on rib cage is not a good idea but still, many girls love to try this. If you too are thinking about it then consider adding a good quote with it.
Dove Tattoos Lover Back Side

dove and heart tattoo

24. One thing you should consider about dove tattoo is that it must have expressive eyes or better they should be too small to notice.
Dove Tattoos On Calf

dove with rose tattoo

25. Here is another dove tattoo on the rib cage of a lady along with words ‘Hope’ and ‘Family’.
Dove Tattoos On Stomach For Girls

Dove Outline Tattoo Ideas

26. Many people think that dove bring happiness in life so when they get tattoos dedicated to their kid they opt for dove tattoos.
Dove Tattoos On Upper Back Shoulder

cross tattoos with doves

27. If you look closer you will see two dove tattoos in this tattoo design but honestly they are ruined by the giant hand tattoo.
Dove Tattoo Designs For Men

dove tattoo on wrist

28. I don’t think it is cool idea to get such huge portrait tattoo but then again many people love to cross limits.
Full Body Dove Tattoos Ideas

cross and dove tattoo

29. I don’t know why the person added a globe in this dove tattoo design. They are not even migratory birds.
Full Sleeve Tattoos Design On Right Hand

dove tattoo on chest

30. Now, this is a really heart touching dove tattoo design where the artist showed a man giving freedom to the bird by letting it go.
Hand And Dove Tattoos For Woman

Peace Dove tattoos

31. This dove tattoo design on hand can be improved by trying two dove tattoos on both hands.
Hand Tattoos Dove And Script

hands and dove tattoo

32. If you try one word tattoo along with your dove tattoo then make sure that both are complementary to each other.
Hope And Dove Tattoos Design

dove flying tattoo designs

33. Black and grey is a normal tattooing style but it does not suit dove tattoos as they are white in color. So try black and white inks for it.
Kissing Dove Tattoos

tattoos with doves and clouds

34. Here is another unique idea for dove tattoos where the artist inked a quote inside a dove silhouette.
Letter Dove Tattoos Design On Upper Shoulder

dove with banner tattoo

35. An artist must differentiate between dove and other birds. This dove tattoo design looks more like a sparrow tattoo.
Lonesome Dove Tattoos

White Dove Tattoo Designs

36. Do not add dove tattoos to already beautiful tattoo design. Now, this portrait tattoo is so beautiful that it is hard to notice the dove in fact when you notice the dove it ruins the look of the whole tattoo.
Love Dove Tattoos Pictures

dove tattoo designs for men

37. This realistic dove tattoo design on the upper shoulder of this woman would look even amazing if it is tried in the same way on another shoulder as well.
Nice Dove Tattoo On Upper Shoulder

dove and cloud tattoo designs

38. Showing a shining sun behind a dove tattoo will represent that you are a hopeful person and wish to travel the world.
Peace Dove Tattoo Images

tattoos of clouds and doves

39. If you want to add a cross tattoo design with your dove tattoo then opt for celtic cross as they perfectly match them.
Peace Dove Tattoo Quotes

white doves tattoo designs

40. Here is another beautiful dove tattoo that show the bird flying to its freedom from the hands of this woman.
Peace Dove Tattoos Tumblr

Flying Dove Tattoos Meaning

41. You do not have to opt for huge dove tattoos. Small and tiny dove tattoos like this will also look meaningful.

Small Dove Neck Tattoos Design And Ideas

tattoos of doves mean what

42. You can add music sign or symphonies to your dove tattoo design which will show that you love music.
Small Dove Tattoo Ideas

rip tattoos with clouds

43. Now this is a unique body part to get bird tattoos. Surely you would love to see a flying bird on the side b00b.
Small Dove Tattoos On Ribcage

small dove tattoos on wrist

44. I don’t think getting a matching dove tattoo on both of your calves or forearms is a good idea. You can try the matching dove tattoo with your sibling though.
Tattoo Dove Non Si Vede

two dove tattoo designs

45. Such huge bird tattoo on the back along with the name of your loved one is not a unique idea but still you can try it.
Tiny Dove Tattoo Gallery

Mourning Dove Tattoo

46. Personally I admire tiny and subtle tattoo designs. Here is a minimal dove tattoo on the ankle.
Tiny Dove Tattoos Design On Ankle

key tattoos for guys

47. Showing a dove tattoo design flying in dark night is tough to do but again it will show your optimism and hope.
Unique Dove Tattoos

doves flying away tattoo

48. I don’t think it’s a cool idea to add a double cross in any kind of tattoo design. The word double cross itself defines its meaning.
Vintage Dove Tattoos

dove tattoos on chest

49. White ink tattoos easily go unnoticed but they surely are among very popular tattoo design. Here is a white ink dove tattoo.
White Dove On Side Breast Tattoo

tattoo with clouds and a dove in it

50. Here is another white ink dove tattoo on the wrist of this beautiful lady.
White Ink Dove Tattoos Design On Wrist

Which dove tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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