50+ Flower Hummingbird Tattoo Designs & Ideas (2024) With meaning

Do you know the meaning of hummingbird tattoos? Hummingbird is known for its unique ability to flap wings around 200 times per SECOND. People love hummingbirds due to their unique beautiful colors and their environmentally friendly nature.

Hummingbirds tattoos have several meanings ranging from hope and love to life and positivity. If you are trying to be positive in your life then hummingbird tattoo is a good choice. Here are 50 unique humming bird tattoo ideas –

Small Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

1. Small hummingbird tattoo with large sunflower tattoo design.
Hummingbird Tattoos

2. A beautiful and romantic hummingbird couple tattoo idea for couples.
Best HD Hummingbird Tattoos Design Pics

3. Blue Hummingbird tattoo with flowers on the chest of man.
3D Hummingbird Tattoos For Men

4. Small tribal hummingbird tattoo idea on the forearm.
Amazing Hummingbird Art Tattoos Design

5. Beautiful watercolour hummingbird tattoo design on the back of the girl.
Awesome Hummingbird Tattoos Design

tattoos for girls with meaning

6. Hummingbird drawing tattoo idea on the thigh of the woman.
Black And White Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Thigh

7. Old school and traditional hummingbird tattoo idea design.
Black Color Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas


8. Hummingbird with flowers tattoo idea that will suit thighs of girls.
Black Hummingbird Tattoos On Thigh

9. Watercolor hummingbird tattoo design with compass in the background.
Classic Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. Flashy and large size hummingbird tattoo design on the rib cage of the girl. Hummingbird’s heartbeat around 1200 beatsper minute.
Colored Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Girls Stomach
women’s side hand tattoo designs

hummingbird tattoos for guys

11. Hummingbird shoulder tattoo idea for girls with pink color flowers.
Colorful Hummingbird Tattoos On Shoulder

12. Unique and matching hummingbird tattoos for siblings and couples.
Cool HummingBird Tattoos Design On Girls Biceps

13. Colorful and cool hummingbird tattoos for women who want unique designs.
Fantastic Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. A mixture of hummingbird tattoos and phoenix design in watercolour.
Gmaorous Hummingbird Tattoos For Women

15. Small and tiny hummingbird with wings flapping at high rate.
Greatest Hummingbird Tattoos Ideas

16. Hummingbird tattoo with anchor that will suit sailors and navy men (or their wives).
Greatest Hummingbird Tattoos Of All Times

17. The eyes of this hummingbird can be improved but otherwise it is a nice tiny tattoo idea.
Humming Bird Tattoos On Lower Backside

18. Long beak hummingbird tattoo in neo-tradition style. It will last longer than normal tattoos.
Humming Bird Tattoos On Tumblr

19. Memorial hummingbird tattoo dedicated to Mother.
Hummingbird Tattoo On Foot

20. Ruby throated hummingbird tattoo with blooming flower.
Hummingbird Tattoo On Legs

hummingbird tattoos for men

21. Abstract hummingbird tattoo ideas for women who love to have colourful designs.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design 2017

22. Beautiful image of hummingbird tattoo on the back shoulder of this woman.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Backside

23. Unique design of hummingbird tattoo on collarbone of woman.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Chest

24. Small watercolour tattoo idea of hummingbird on the foot of the girl.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Foot

25. Minimal and simple hummingbird tattoo idea for those who want tiny tattoos.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Neck

26. Idea of hummingbird tattoo for women who love maths and geometrical symmetry.
Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Upper Backside

27. Hummingbird and heart tattoo idea for those who are madly in love with each other.
Hummingbird Tattoos For Girls

28. You can also add name of your loved ones with your tattoo of hummingbird. It will mean that those people give you hope.
Hummingbird Tattoos For Men

29. Aztec hummingbird tattoo that is inspired from old art of Aztec civilization.
Hummingbird Tattoos For Womens

30. 3D hummingbird tattoo design for those who love realistic tattoos.
Hummingbird Tattoos Ideas For Lady

sunflower and hummingbird tattoo

31. The outline of this hummingbird tattoo is inked using the dotwork style. It looks more beautiful with the watercolour splash in background.
Hummingbird Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

32. Hummingbird and lily tattoo idea. It will suit on the side of the girls.
Hummingbird Tattoos On Pinterest

33. Hummingbird and quote tattoo ideas for people who love saying tattoos.
Japaness Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. Unique tattoo style of hummingbird where the bird is shown in one color.
Large Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

35. Another unique patter of hummingbird and flower tattoo where the flowers are shown in a double exposure style.
Latest Humming Bird Tattoos Design And Ideas

36. Here is long tail hummingbird tattoo which will suit people who want to move forward but the past drag them back.
Latest Stylish Hummingbird Tattoos Design

37. New school pink throated hummingbird tattoo idea for those who believe that life gives you chance every day.
Little Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. One of the most beautiful and best hummingbird tattoo that won’t be pulled off by every artist.
Lovely And Beautiful Hummingbird Tattoos Design

39. Neo tribal tattoo of hummingbird with flowers.
Mini Hummingbird Tattoo Design And Ideas

40. Gothic hummingbird tattoo with skull and rudraksh which shows that you have overcome demons of your past.
Most Beautiful Hummingbird Tattoo Design

watercolor hummingbird tattoo

41. Hummingbird sleeve tattoo idea which is made even better with pocket watch.
New 3D Hummingbird Tattoos Design

42. You can show multiple flowers in your tattoo design as here the artist showed different type of flowers.
New Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Placement of the tattoo can also make it more appealing, here is an example.
Nice Hummingbird Tattoos On Shoulder

44. Simple and minimalist tattoo of hummingbird which is dedicated to grandmother.
Simple Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. Matching hummingbird tattoo designs can be tried on wrists or foots (by sisters) just like this.
Small Hummingbird Tattoos On Foot

46. Hummingbird tattoo can also be made in the style of dove tattoo and here is a cool design.
Small Hummingbird Tattoos On Wrist

47. Hummingbird tattoo with peacock feather in its claws. It represent that you are a positive person who give hope to others too.
Sweet Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Legs

48. The color of this hummingbird tattoo will fade away soon so avoid such colors.
Temporary Hummingbird Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. Extremely small and tiny tattoo of hummingbird for those who cannot afford large tattoos.
Tiny Hummingbird Tattoos Design On Arms

50. Calf is also good place to try flying hummingbird tattoo as they give curve to the design.
Wonderful Hummingbird Tattoos Design

Which hummingbird tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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