150+ Infinity Tattoo Designs With Heart & Love Symbols (2024) Signs With Meaning

Infinity tattoos designs have a very simple yet very strong meaning. They represent infinity. It could be infinite love or infinite hope or infinite possibilities that life gives. It all depends on how you interpret its meaning.
People try infinity tattoos because of two reasons – One because it represents infinite love, secondly because it is a cute tattoo design.

Here we have chosen 150+ infinity tattoos that will look great on women and men –

eternal love tattoo

infinity rose tattoo

1. 3D infinity tattoos leaves a very unique impression. They also hold a special meaning. They represent that life is not as we know it but in fact there are unlimited possibilities of life in this world (probably in dimensions we don’t know about).

infinity symbol with names

infinity symbol tattoo designs

infinity sign with names

heart with infinity sign

infinity feather

faith infinity tattoo

2. Here the artist added feather wings and flying birds to the infinity tattoo. This indicate that the person is wishing for complete freedom of expressions and speech.
Amazing Infinity Tattoos Ideas For Women

3. One beautiful tattoo idea for a couple is to try the infinity and anchor tattoo design. The infinity symbol will show the infinite love the couple share while the anchor will represent the strength and stability in a relationship.
Awesome And Cool Infinity Tattoos For Friends

4. Another cool idea is to add the name of the person or relation whom you love the most. For example here the girl got ink with an Infinity Wing tattoo.
Beautiful Infinity Tattoos Designs On Forearms

5. You can dedicate your infinity tattoo to your better half. A cool idea would be to add a bird couple tattoo in it like this.
Colorful Infinity Tattoo Designs On Biceps

6. You can also add your name along with the name of your s.o. to your infinity tattoo design just like this.
Colorful Infinity Tattos Designs For Men

7. Infinity tattoo is symbolic to infinite love. That is why it also makes a great sibling tattoo. You can try a matching infinity tattoo with your sister.
Cool And Lovely Infinity Tattoos Designs On Wrist

8. This infinity tattoo has the word ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’ in it. This indicates that a person should have infinite love and hope in their life.
Cute Infinity Tattoos Designs For Women

9. Another common combination is to try infinity and heart tattoo. The artist here added paw prints as well to show the wearer loves his pet.
Cute Pawprints On Heart Infinity Tattoo Idea

10. Two birds holding the infinity sign. It shows that the couple holds a special bond between them which is stronger and infinite.
Fabulous And Cool Infinity Tattoos Pics

11. You can try a infinity tattoo along with the hobby that you are passionate about. For example here this guy is passionate about knitting and sewing.
Fantastic And Cool Infinity Tattoos Designs

12. If you look closely there are multiple infinity tattoos in it. Also, there are two hearts which indicate that this is a cool design for couples.
Glamorous Infinity Tattoos Designs

13. If you want a small heart infinity tattoo design then this is your best pick.
Heart Infinity Tattoos Design For Girls

14. If you want to try the old school traditional infinity tattoo design then try this one which has an anchor added as well.
Infinite Art Tattoos

15. If you are dedicating infinity tattoo to your loved one then make sure to add flying birds to indicate that you are committed to your partner yet you find extreme freedom with them.
Infinite Tattoo Hopkinsville Ky

16. You can also add an owl feather to your infinity tattoo design. This would show that you crave for intelligent literature and love writing.
Infinity Feather Family Calf Tattoos

17. Your infinity and anchor tattoo can also be symbolic of any disease that you or your loved one is suffering from. It will show that you are strong enough to handle such problems.
Infinity Sign Tattoos Tumblr

18. Instead of birds, you can trying flying butterflies with your infinity tattoo. They will represent hope and freedom.
Infinity Sister Tattoos Tumblr

19. A combination that you can try is infinity and arrow tattoo. The arrow represent target and the infinity symbol represent determination. This will mean that you are determined to achieve your goals.
Infinity Sisters Tattoos Designs On Hands

20. Religious people can try this really meaningful infinity and Celtic cross tattoo design. This represent that you have infinite amount of faith in Jesus.
Infinity Symbol Tattoo Quotes

21. I agree with this quote. They say in Bodybuilding that Pain is Gain. This tattoo is really meaningful.
Infinity Symbol Tattoos Tumblr

22. When you add the word Family to your infinity tattoo then you are signifying that your family is your strength and they are the reason your life is beautiful.
Infinity Tattoo 3d

23. A must try place for infinity tattoo is back of the neck. It will look extremely beautiful on girls.
Infinity Tattoos Design For Women In Backside

24. A cool thing about infinity tattoos is that they don’t fade away easily and in fact they remain meaningful for most of the time.
Infinity Tattoos Design On Stomach

25. A twisted arrow tattoo in the style of the infinity symbol will have a deep meaning. It will show that you were determined to achieve your goals but in the process, you became successful in something else.
Infinity Tattoos Designs For Boys

26. A small and tiny infinity tattoo will send a loud message than the large designs. It will show that you are a down to earth person with extreme confidence.
Infinity Tattoos Designs For Girls

27. Here is a classic infinity tattoo design with the word LOVE. You can dedicate this design to your crush.
Infinity Tattoos Designs For Lovers

28. Who doesn’t want to stay forever young? A infinity symbol tattoo with the word Young would depicts the same desire.
Infinity Tattoos Designs For Young Bro

29. If you love any song or movie then you can get an infinity tattoo to honor them. For example, this tattoo honor the famous song ‘Sei nell Anima’ which translates to ‘You are In My Soul’.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Back Neck

30. If you ever thought about which tattoo would be perfect on foot then I will suggest you to go for ‘Infinity tattoo’ which looks great on feet.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Foot

31. You can add psalm number to your infinity tattoo design. This way you send a strong message.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Hands

32. Another cool idea would be to add your (or your loved ones) date of birth to the infinity tattoo design to show how much they mean to you.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Legs

33. An incomplete infinity tattoo design like this will mean that you are lonely and you need a person who would complete you.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Ribcage

34. You surely are familiar with Buzz lightyear’s famous quote ‘To the Infinity and Beyond’ (from Toy story). You can try this in your tattoo design.
Infinity Tattoos Designs On Upper Back Shoulder

35. Here is a simple infinity tattoo where the person added the name of their s.o. to show how much she love him.
Infinity Tattoos Designs With Back Neck

36. Infinity tattoos don’t limit to love only. You can have an infinity tattoo dedicated to your best friend as well.
Infinity Tattoos Designs With Names

37. Infinity tattoo can also be used as memorial tattoo. For example you add the day or year of passing of your loved ones to your tattoo.
Infinity Tattoos Designs With Numerical Number

38. You can add quote to your infinity tattoo design but I would recommend to try a motivational quote instead of any emotional one.
Infinity Tattoos Designs With Words

39. Couples can try separate infinity and heart tattoo to show that they are incomplete without each other.
Infinity Tattoos For Couple

40. An anchor along with its rope inked in the style of infinity symbol will indicate that your family member is in navy and you love them the most.
Infinity Tattoos Meaning

41. Here is another symbolic infinity tattoo which represent that you are caught in a serious relationship but you want to get out of it.
Infinity Tattoos On Elbow

42. Here is a perfectly placed and perfectly inked heart and infinity tattoo. You can try it on wrist or back of the ear as well.
Lovely Heart And Infinity Tattoo For Girls

43. You can dedicate your infinity love tattoo to your kids. Many celebrities have similar tattoo.
New Infinity Tattoos Designs And Ideas

44. You can try a matching tattoo on yourself. Such as, this guy got a tattoo of infinity anchor and a powerful quote.
Nice Infinity Tattoos Designs

45. I love how this artist gave a medieval look to this infinity tattoo. It shows your love for that era.
Ornate Infinity Symbol For Jasmine

46. The quote in this tattoo describes it beautifully. ‘I refuse to Sink’. Are you strong enough?
Simple And Sweet Infinity Tattoos Designs

47. If you add feather to your infinity tattoo then make sure it doesn’t hide the symbol.
Small Feather And Infinity Tattoo On Forearm

48. A tiny infinity tattoo on finger would suit those who cannot have tattoos due to their jobs.
Tiny Infinity Tattoos Designs On Middle Fingers

49. White ink infinity tattoos are rarely tried but they always looks admirable.
White And Black Ink Infinity Tattoos Designs

50. Here is another version of anchor and infinity tattoo.
Woman With Infinity Symbol And Anchor Tattoo

Which infinity tattoo you liked the most?

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