50+ Cute Girl Tattoos (2024) Pin Up, Country, Nice, Pretty

One common issue among tattoo lovers is that they often run out of ideas when it comes to their next design. Surely, you will find hundreds of girl tattoos ideas on the internet but not all of them can be tried. Also, not all of them are meaningful.

Here we have selected 50+ girl tattoos that are unique and rarely tried –

Girl With Tattoos

1. A world map would signify how much you love traveling. It doesn’t need to be big. A small world map tattoo like this would also look great.
African Style Map Tattoos On Neck Back For Girls

2. Here are a meaningful air balloon and an anchor tattoo. The air balloon represents your will to move up in life and touch the sky whereas the anchor represents the negativity (from people) that keeps pushing you down.
Air Balloon Tattoos On Back For Girls

3. A penguin is a rare bird that is only found in Antarctica. A penguin tattoo will represent that you too are a rare person and your friends should not lose you.
Beautiful Penguin Tattoos On Leg

4. You already know what leaf is this. Such tattoo would represent that you crave freedom in your life.
California Tattoos For Girls

5. A cat tattoo represents multiple things. This Egyptian cat tattoo represents your love for this pet.
Cat Tattoos On Thigh
tattoo schulter frau blumen

6. A Phoenix (mythical) is known for it’s born again ability from its own ashes. Therefore, A Phoenix tattoo will show that you are not afraid of failure and it only motivates you for a fresh start.
Celtic Tattoos For Female

7. A flower vine tattoo will also look meaningful. It represent that you love nature and its beauty.
Cherry Blossoms Tattoos For Girls

8. Cheshire cat is a famous character from Alice in Wonderland novel. This tattoo would represent that you like to take life easy.
Cheshire Cat Tattoos For Girls

9. This is a perfectly inked geometric tattoo which represent that you love perfection and need no space for inaccuracy.
Chest Tattoos Ideas For Girls

10. If you are god loving person then this beautiful bible verse is perfect tattoo for you.
Christian Tattoos On Collarbone
simple mehndi design 2020

pin up girl tattoo images

11. If your boyfriend or husband is in navy then you should go for a compass tattoo. It will represent that you always wait for them to come home.
Compass Tattoos For Girls

12. This skull tattoo is inspired from Ghost Rider story. It means that you are not the one who back down easily.
Crazy Skull Tattoos Designs For Girls

13. You can have a matching tattoo with your mother/daughter. This elephant tattoo is beautiful and it shows how strong the bond is between the mother and daughter.
Elephant Tattoos Designs On Wrist For Girls

14. Different feather tattoos have a different meaning. But if you use it with a quote then it will mean that you are a literature-loving person.
Feather Tattoos For Girls With Meaning

15. Girl often looks for small, tiny tattoo. Here this ship and anchor tattoo on finger is a perfect choice for them.
Finger Tattoos For Girls

16. While many people love colourful flower tattoos but it doesn’t mean that you cannot try a black and white flower tattoo.
Floral Tattoos Designs

17. A frog tattoo has a negative meaning too. It shows that you are an opportunist person who will simply jump from one situation to another.
Frog Tattoos Designs For Girls

18. Full back tattoos are not common among girls. But if you are looking for one then I would suggest you this design.
Full Back Tattoos For Girls

19. A mountain tattoo will also be a meaningful tattoo idea for girls. It would mean that you are a strong willed person.
Geometric Tattoos For Girls On Neck Back

20. Eye tattoo will show that you are a person who observes other people and their body language.
Girls Toe Tattoos Ideas

cute country girl tattoos

21. An anatomical heart tattoo is rarely tried because of its uneasy look. However, it has a deep meaning. It represent that you admire really beauty instead of fake beauty.
Heart Tattoos For Girls

22. Angelina Jolie started the trend of longitude-latitude tattoos. If you remember the exact place where you or your loved one was born then get a tattoo of the longitude and latitude of that spot.
Hummingbird Tattoos On Wrist For Girls

23. This is a tribal lotus flower. Lotus bloom in the mud. This tattoo indicates that you have matured yourself among negative person and you thrive for perfection.
Lotus Tattoos For Girls

24. One $exy idea would be to get a lace tattoo on thigh. Even better would be to try a floral tattoo as lace on your thigh.
Mandala Tattoos For Girls

25. If your ancestry lies in native America then you should go and try native indian tattoo design like this.
Native American Tattoos For Girls

26. Pineapple tattoos are tried because of two reasons. One due to spongebob and secondly due to love for beaches.
Pineapple Tattoos For Girls

27. You can try cryptic tattoo designs like this. Here is a tattoo of a pyramid. No one knows who made them. So, you are indicating that you have an interest in mystic stuff.
Pyramid Tattoos For Girls

28. Arrow and Bow tattoo also have a deep meaning. This means that you are focused on your goals and aim for higher targets in life.
Sagittarius Tattoos For Girls

29. You can have matching tattoos with your siblings. One of the most popular one is the triangle tattoo.
Sibling Tattoos For Girls

30. You can try one-word tattoos but remember that it must be a meaningful word. You can try words like FREE, FAMILY, etc.
Simple Tattoos For Girls

pin up tattoo designs for men

31. One favourite place for girl to try tattoo is behind the ear. You can try small designs or can opt for medium designs as shown here.
Small Fleurdelis Tattoos On Ear Behind

32. Spine tattoos are also very popular but rarely tried. Here is an awesome spine tattoo that uses the Sanskrit words like OM.
Spine Tattoos Ideas For Girls

33. A flamingo tattoo will also hold special meaning. For example, here it shows that the wearer is looking for the right opportunity to achieve his target.
Swan Tattoos For Girls On Ankle

34. Here is how a small cat tattoo should look like. It is perfect and must be tried.
Tattoos For Girl Behind Ear

35. Butterfly tattoo will represent your will to stay carefree and happy. Many women claimed that they get positive vibes from their butterfly tattoos.
Tattoos For Girls On Foot

36. I can bet that when you were young you loved to imagine unicorns and fairies. Here is a tattoo inspired form this theme.
Tattoos For Girls On Hand

37. You can also try flying birds tattoo in tribal form. It will show your will to be free and alive.
Tattoos Girls On Shoulder

38. A grim reaper tattoo will show that you are not afraid of death. In fact, you are attracted to after life.
Traditional Grim Reaper Tattoos For Girls

39. A black rose tattoo will suit those girls who have heavy crush on someone but are unable to show their feelings.
Tulip Tattoos For Girlfriend

40. As I said, most girls love unicorns. A unicorn tattoo will represent that you still have that little spark in your personality.
Unicorn Tattoos For Girl On Thigh

pin up girl tattoo ideas for men

41. A minimal wave tattoo is also a cool idea. It would show that you are a young person who can bring the storm into the system and change everything around you.
Wave Tattoos For Girl On Elbow

42. Most girls like to have matching ring tattoos with their loved ones. You also can try a ring tattoo with the person you love the most.
Weddingring Tattoos For Girls

43. This famous Oscar wilde quote is used as tattoo by many people. You can try it as well.
Word Tattoos For Girls

44. This tattoo on the forearm of this girl is actually inspired from Polynesian tribal art.
Yang Tattoos For Girls

45. This is a neo-traditional ship tattoo design. It represents that you are a person with a strong personality and you are not afraid of challenges.
Ship Tattoos On Stomach For Girls

46. If you want to show yourself attractive then try a cherry tattoo. It will show that you are a person with hard to find a personality.
Small Cherry Tattoos For Girls

47. You will find many snake tattoos but only a few of them look meaningful. Here is a meaningful snake tattoo that shows that you are a person who believes in achieving instead of talking.
Snake Tattoos For Girls On Ribcage

48. Star tattoos can be tried on any body part. But I will suggest you to go for small, tiny designs instead of the large one.
Tiny Star Tattoos On Finger For Girls

49. A tree tattoo will signify that you love environment and support its conservation.
Tree Tattoos On Lower Back For Girls

50. If you love dogs then you can try this really cute tiny dog tattoo designs.
Very Small Puppy Face Tattoos

Which of the girl tattoos from the above photo gallery did you like the most?

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