60+ Traditional Norse Tattoos for Men (2024) Mythology & Rune Designs

Norse Tattoos are not just popular among Nordic people but worldwide because People love mythology tattoos related to art and traditions. The popularity of Marvel superheroes’ Thor and Loki made the Norse god tattoos even more popular.

Here we present you 60+ old Norse rune tattoos that can be tried by both men and women –

Norse Mythology Tattoos

1. There are many Norse pagan tattoos design available online and one is this.
norse tattoos

2. Norse sleeve tattoos are very common but they can only be pulled off by artist who knows about Norse mythology.
Norse Tattoo 1

3. A Norse mythology tattoo design would look incomplete without a warrior in it. Also, you have to show the warrior in full attire.
Norse Tattoo 0

4. If you opt for Norse warrior or Norse god tattoos then make sure they have big beard on them.
Norse Tattoo 3

God Norse Tattoos

5. Each norse god has his own special weapon. For example Thor has the legendary Hammer called Mjolnir.
Norse Tattoo
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Norse Raven Tattoo

6. There are many cave paintings about Norse mythology. You can base your tattoo design on such paintings.
Norse Tattoo 5

7. Do you get this norse tattoo design on the back of this guy? Look Closer, It Is a dragon.
Norse Tattoo 6

8. Do you know that two ravens sit on the shoulders of Norse god Odin? They are Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Mind). You can try a Norse that shows both of them and it would be very meaningful.
Norse Tattoo 7

9. Celtic and Norse are two different cultures but many artists love to have celtic Norse tattoo just like this.
Norse Tattoo 8

10. Here is a Traditional norse tattoo design that shows Thor in his old age along with a dog. You can read more about vikings and norse culture and their history here.
Norse Tattoo 9
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Norse Tribal Tattoos

11. Here is a beautiful portrait tattoo inspired from Odin of the Norse Mythology.
Norse Tattoo 2

12. Here is Norse mythology tattoo of God Njoror who can control both sea and land.
Norse Tattoo 11

13. One really cool norse tattoo design would be to try angel wings on back along with Norse swords just in the middle (on spine).
Norse Tattoo 12

14. Here is an unusual Norse tattoo design that shows a raven with the wings of an eagle. Probably this was the raven that was used by Jon snow to send a message to Daenerys from beyond the wall.
Norse Tattoo 13

15. You will find many Norse tattoo in a large size but there are smaller versions too. Like here is a small Norse tribal tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
Norse Tattoo 14

Norse Compass Tattoo

16. If you opt for Norse sleeve tattoo design then let me clear you that it must feature weapon and armor or otherwise it would be meaningless.
Norse Tattoo 15

17. Instead of getting tattoos of Norse gods and Goddesses you can try Norse symbol tattoos like this.
Norse Tattoo 16

18. If you love skiing then you should get tattoo of Norse god Skaoi whose wolves howl at the cold mountains.
Norse Tattoo 17

19. Norse sleeve tattoos are not just best choice for arms but you can have them on calves as well.
Norse Tattoo 18

20. Here is another version of Norse’s The Helm of Awe tattoo which has a deep meaning. It represents faith and protection from evil.
Norse Tattoo 19

Norse Rune Tattoos

21. Here is a bit confusing tattoo of the legendary Norse goat Heiðrún that produces mead by eating tree leaves.
Norse Tattoo 20

22. Njordr is Norse god of Sea and Seafaring. If you are a navy men or loves sailing then it would be a good option for you to try Njodr tattoo design.
Norse Tattoo 21

23. Norse weapon tattoos would look incomplete without colors. In fact, I do not like to outline tattoos very much. Look at how meaningless they look.
Norse Tattoo 22

24. You must know that Odin does not have one eye and he depends on his ravens a lot. So if you opt for Odin tattoo then do show these features.
Norse Tattoo 23

25. Many men like to have Norse ship tattoos because Norse culture is full of brave warriors who sailed across the world.
Norse Tattoo 24

Norse Wolf Tattoo

26. A New tattoo design came in existence after the Thor Ragnarok trailer released. It shows Thor in short hair and in helmet.
Norse Tattoo 25

27. Instead of trying the movie version of Thor you can opt for a more traditional Thor tattoos as shown here.
Norse Tattoo 26

28. You can try Norse tattoo in geometrical shapes too. Like here is one that show Norse god inside an arrow.
Norse Tattoo 27

29. You also opt for Norse tattoo that show Norse architecture. It will look good if you are an architect.
Norse Tattoo 28

30. Here The Helm of Awe tattoo without the circle around it. You should try it if you want to scare away ghosts.
Norse Tattoo 29

Norse Designs for Tattoos

31. Here is a tattoo of The Helm of Awe along with a Raven. As the raven suggest thought and mind while the Helm represents protection so this tattoo would have a beautiful meaning. It would mean the protection from bad thoughts.
Norse Tattoo 30

32. Snake are important part of every culture around the world. A cool norse tattoo idea would be to try a Norse snake tattoo.
Norse Tattoo 31

33. Norse god tattoos would look incomplete without their majestic beard. You can give a style to the beard as well.
Norse Tattoo 32

34. Norse warrior tattoos will seem a lot inspired to modern Viking tattoos so you can try them as well.
Norse Tattoo 33

35. I think face tattoos would be ideal Norse tattoo for men. If you want to give them a gothic look then try skull version like this.
Norse Tattoo 34

Norse Dragon Tattoo

36. The Ancient Norse raven tattoos were huge in size and covered up almost half sleeve. Try them if you have huge biceps.
Norse Tattoo 35

37. Norse wolf tattoo need to be large in size or otherwise they would be mistaken for other wolf tattoos. You can try two faced wolves or even symbolic wolf tattoos like this.
Norse Tattoo 36

38. Loki is as much popular as Thor. Thanks to the Marvel Movies. You can try Norse Loki tattoo too.
Norse Tattoo 37

39. The Helm of awe tattoo can be made more impressive by adding beautiful geometric patterns to it.
Norse Tattoo 38

40. Is this Norse Warrior tattoo wearing goggles like Cyclops (from X-Men)? Anyways this tattoo look beautiful due to the use of Nordic language in it.
Norse Tattoo 39

Norse God Tattoos

41. This Norse Odin tattoo seems to be inspired from the Movie version as it has striking resemblance to Anthony Hopkins.
Norse Tattoo 41

42. Many people wonder did the norse have tattoos? If they did then it might be sleeve tattoos like this.
Norse Tattoo 42

43. Even though Norse tattoos are popular among men but there are many beautiful Norse tattoo for women as well.
Norse Tattoo 43

44. Another amazing norse style tattoo idea would be to try an old Odin face like this.
Norse Tattoo 44

45. If you try Norse symbol tattoo then you must know their meaning. Also, they should not be hidden behind other tattoos.
Norse Tattoo 45

Norse Tree of Life Tattoo

46. It is hard to ink feminine Norse tattoo because Norse tattoos are considered masculine.
Norse Tattoo 46

47. But if you still wish to find an amazing norse tattoo for women then try norse symbol tattoos.
Norse Tattoo 47

48. Norse god tattoos are often showed angry and fierce. So remember this one quality while inking their tattoo.
Norse Tattoo 48

49. If you wish to have Norse hammer tattoo (The Mjolnir) then try a symbolic tattoo. Here is small version of it.
Norse Tattoo 49

50. Norse dragon tattoos are not like usual dragon tattoos because Norse dragons had unique powers. You must know that.
Norse Tattoo 50

Norse Symbol Tattoos

51. Many norse tattoo will bear striking resemblance to JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.
Norse Tattoo 51

52. While many people try norse tattoo on arms or biceps I would suggest to try a portrait tattoo fo Norse god on chest.
Norse Tattoo 52

53. Among many Norse symbol tattoos the Norse triangle tattoo or the Valknut can be hidden in warrior armour. It represents death.
Norse Tattoo 59

54. Here is symbolic tattoo of Thor’s Hammer The Mjolnir. It represent strength and bravery.
Norse Tattoo 54

55. Do you know that the Swastika is an important sign in Norse mythology? It represents power and holiness. You can have it hidden in a complex Norse tattoo like this.
Norse Tattoo 55

56. Another important Norse symbol tattoo is The Svefnthorn which represents sleep and laziness.
Norse Tattoo 56

57. Norse mythology has another important tattoo design called The Vegvisir.
Norse Tattoo 57

58. Many guys like to have Norse Freya tattoo who was the goddess of love. Also, you can make your tattoo more authentic by Norse runes patterns.
Norse Tattoo 58

Which Norse tattoo Design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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