50+ Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo Designs & Ideas (2024) Small Simple

Jellyfish tattoos can be the cutest tattoo design that you can try. But not only is it beautiful but also a very meaningful tattoo design. A jellyfish tattoo can mean a lot depending on the context. For example, a jellyfish with a hard shell will represent that you are a tough person.

A colorful jellyfish will represent your easy to go to natural. A jellyfish swarm will represent your bond with family.
Jellyfish is one of the oldest living animals. Therefore it will also represent experience and survival. Box-shaped Jellyfish is the most poisonous organism so it will also represent beauty with danger.

Turritopsis dohrnii (Jellyfish) can reproduce itself thus defying the laws of death and staying immortal.
Its tattoo will represent the wish to stay immortal. Here are 50 plus jellyfish tattoos that will look great on both men and women –

Watercolor Jellyfish tattoo ideas

1. Forearm might not support a large size watercolor jellyfish tattoo but still the design will look great on it.
Jellyfish Tattoo

2. Jellyfish are among the ancient living beings. Showing a cave painting style simple jellyfish tattoo will be a cool idea.
Black And Grey Jellyfish Tattoos

3. If you have broad shoulder and good biceps then try an upper half sleeve jellyfish tattoo like this.
Amazing Jellyfish Tattoos

4. Jellyfish is a free creature. Showing a jellyfish with an anchor will mean that you are a free-willed person but being held down by people you love.
Awesome Jellyfish Tattoos

5. If you show a jellyfish flowing along with the current then this will denote that you go along the way wherever life takes you.
Black Jellyfish Tattoos
African American Tattoos Designs

Box Jellyfish Tattoo

6. You can opt for a simple traditional jellyfish tattoo design which will show that you appreciate simplicity in life.
Cartoon Jellyfish Tattoos

7. Jellyfish is very light and an upward floating jellyfish will mean that you wish to touch the heights of success.
Colored Jellyfish Tattoos

8. When jellyfish is about to sting its shell sparks. You can try a stinging tribal jellyfish tattoo design which will represent the rage in you.
Colorful Jellyfish Tattoos

9. A bent small jellyfish tattoo like this will mean that you are a protective person who loves to help friends and family.
Cool Jellyfish Tattoos

10. Most people do not try to show the blob of jelly over the shell of jellyfish. If you show it then it will mean that you are a layered person and one should get closer to you to know you better.
Coolest Jellyfish Tattoos
Tattoo Drawings For Men On Paper

Simple Jellyfish Tattoo

11. Jellyfish often roam in groups called Bloom or swarm. A jellyfish swarm tattoo will mean that you are a family oriented person or you are extremely closer to your friends or siblings.
Cute Girl Jellyfish Tattoos

12. As jelly are colourful creature so one thing you can do is to show various colored jellyfish tattoo designs like this.
Cute Jellyfish Tattoos

13. Here is a cool design where the artist inked the jelly blob on the hand of the person and the tentacles of jellyfish moved all over the forearm.
Dots Jellyfish Tattoos

14. Showing no jelly on the head of the jellyfish will mean that you are a very soft person who does not have a double personality.
Fresh Ink Jellyfish Tattoos

15. Here is a meaningful double exposure jellyfish tattoo design where the artist showed galaxy in the jelly of the shell.
Galaxy With Jellyfish Tattoos

Tribal jellyfish Tattoo

16. You can try a mix-up design where you can show a skull of human and tentacles of jellyfish. This will mean that you are a person who has many sources to acquire true knowledge about anything.
Jelly Skull Tattoos

17. Jellyfish can also be a really great cover up tattoo design. All you have to do is show the darkness of the ocean like this.
Jellyfish Forearm Tattoos

18. This box jellyfish tattoo design is inspired from the Disney cartoon art.
Jellyfish Illustration Tattoos

19. Watercolor jellyfish also look beautiful but I would advise you to opt for a design where the jellyfish is inked with solid black ink (outline only).
Jellyfish Sketch Style Tattoos

20. Showing a complex tentacle structure of jellyfish will mean that you are a very strong willed person and one should not bully you.
Jellyfish Tattoo Stencil

Traditional Jellyfish tattoo

21. Colorful tattoos look great on thighs of girls. So a cool idea would be to show various colored jellyfish tentacles like this.
Jellyfish Tattoos Designs

22. Or you can opt for a geometric jellyfish tattoo design which inspired from the art of another era. For example here is a Victorian era styled tattoo of Jellyfish.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Boys

23. Couples can try a cute jellyfish tattoo that has two colors in it. For example, this lady got inked with a beautiful jellyfish tattoo with blue and green ink.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Female

24. Even though this tiny jellyfish tattoo is not that attractive but perfect placement on thigh made it catchy and impressive.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Girls

25. Here is another watercolor jellyfish tattoo where the artist beautiful used the color blue and orange.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Guys

Tattoos of Jelly Fish

26. A realistic jellyfish tattoo might not look that great but still some design tend to look better as shown here.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Male

27. You can modify your jellyfish outline tattoo with beautiful colors as shown in this image.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Men

28. Jellyfish resides in Blue Ocean. Blue is a calm color. So I would advise you to use it in your tattoo design of jellyfish.
Jellyfish Tattoos For Women

29. Here is another tattoo of jellyfish where the artist tried to give a shot of realism.
Jellyfish Tattoos Ideas

30. Jellyfish tattoos with extra-long tentacles will represent that you worry a lot about past but still somehow manages to move away from it.
Jellyfish Tattoos Meaning

31. If you are thinking to get a jellyfish tattoo on bicep then try it in such style that the jellyfish seems to be moving toward the chest.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Biceps

32. If you try a jellyfish tattoo whose shell looks like garlic then this will mean that you are hard to decode person.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Chest

33. You can confuse people and try a jellyfish tattoo that looks a lot like a squid or octopus.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Elbow

34. Most people consider for medium or large size jellyfish tattoo but I would say that small jellyfish tattoos also look awesome.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Forearm

35. Jellyfish are a really old creature. You can go for dull colors to show an aged jellyfish. Tattoo of an aged jellyfish will mean that you are a person with lots of experience to share.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Half Sleeve

36. If you wish to try small jellyfish tattoo then hand is perfect place for it.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Hand

37. Here is an abstract jellyfish tattoo design which is really hard to ignore.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Inner Biceps

38. There is one jellyfish that can reproduce itself thus staying immortal. Trying a tattoo of that jellyfish will mean that you are not afraid of death.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Knee

39. One cool idea would be to try a jellyfish tattoo on the calf that is swimming upward. A traditional jellyfish tattoo would be perfect for that.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Leg

40. Black jellyfish tattoo also look great and the shell would look really amazing.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Rib

41. The contrast of colors in this jellyfish tattoo design is beautiful thus making it look outstanding.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Sleeve

42. You can add another tattoo design (preferably a mandala or a dreamcatcher tattoo) to your jellyfish tattoo like this.
Jellyfish Tattoos On Thigh

43. You can show an eye to your jellyfish tattoo which will mean that even though you pretend to live in dark but you know a lot of things.
Jellyfish Tattoos Pictures

44. A nice design would be to try a jellyfish tattoo that is wrapping your forearm like this.
Jellyfish Tattoos Pinterest

45. A large size jellyfish tattoo like this would look great on chest or back.
Jellyfish Tattoos Tumblr

46. Collarbone is also an ideal place to try a jellyfish tattoo.
Jellyfish Tattoos

47. You can try a jellyfish tattoo that looks a lot like a mushroom.
Latest Jellyfish Tattoos Images

48. Yellow color is rarely tried in tattooing. A Yellow jellyfish tattoo would look great.
Lovley Jellyfish Tattoos

49. You can ink a jellyfish in such style that It looks a lot like an umbrella.
Mini Jellyfish Tattoos

50. Jellyfishes do not have brain, heart or nervous system. This is why they represent an emotionless person.
Simple Jellyfish Tattoos

Here are few more jellyfish tattoos that we loved –
Stunning Jellyfish Tattoos

Tiny Jellyfish Tattoos

Wonderful Jellyfish Tattoos

So which jellyfish tattoo design you liked the most from the above photo gallery?

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