50+ Tribal African Tattoos For Men (2024) Designs & Ideas

It is common among African tribes to have tattoos. African tattoos are not just popular among African Americans but are also loved by Europeans and citizens of various other countries. Here are various African Inspired tattoos for our readers:

African Tribal Tattoos

1. One thing that is known worldwide about Africa is that it is the poorest continent in the world (ahead of Antarctica though). This portrait tattoo of Sad African girl clearly shows that.
African Tattoos

2. African tribes might be shown as poor in recent times but there is no doubt that the Egyptians (African country) were one of the wealthiest civilizations of ancient times.
African Brilliant Tattoos Design For Women

3. The land of Africa is known for its unique fairy tales. Here is an African fairy tale inspired tattoo on the forearm of this man.
Wonderful Alice In Wonderland Tattoos

4. It is hard to make a portrait tattoo and that too on the calf. Here is an amazing tattoo of an African girl.
African Colored Tattoos Design

5. African elephants are huge and they are popular among tattoo lovers. Here is a might African elephant tattoo on the forearm of this young man.
African Continent Tattoo Designs
king and queen crown design

6. A unique idea would be to have a tattoo of Egyptian pharaohs. Here is an Egyptian Pharaoh tattoo on the full back of this woman.
African Elephant Tattoos Design

7. Africa is known for its varied wildlife. Here is 3D giraffe tattoo on the bicep of this guy.
African Full Size Tattoos Design On Women Back Side

8. Although thigh would not be a good place for a portrait tattoo I chose this picture because it is a unique African tattoo design.
African Giraffe Tattoos Design On Hands

9. The current African tribes are still very much into ancient traditions and rituals. Here is a beautiful tattoo that shows the gods of African tribes.
African God Tattoos Design On Thigh

10. Trees are considered spirited animals by many African tribes. This is a beautiful tribal tattoo of Africa. Please remember to bless the rains in africa .
African Gods Tattoos Design And Ideas
tribal octopus tattoo designs

African American Tattoos

11. You might not get impressed with this African lion tattoo but the design can surely scare little kids away. You can add life death ambigram tattoos to it.
African Inspired Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. The detailing on the face of this African portrait tattoo is amazing and it is one of the best African tattoos I have come across.
African Lion Tattoos Design On Back Side

13. You can have tribe symbols and signs as a tattoo but for this, you need to have good knowledge of African culture.
African Old Lady Tattoos Design On Biceps

14. The queens of African tribes are beautiful and attractive. Here is a beautiful portrait tattoo of African queen.
African Sleeve Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. Here is a cool African continent tattoo on the back of this girl.
African Tattoo Culture

16. Most African American take it as a pride to have tattoos of their continent or nation inked on their body.
African Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. Instead of having a normal Africa continent tattoo you can have the map filled with African wildlife.
African Tattoos Design On Biceps

18. Here is a unique tribal design of African continent and it surely suits the chest of this African American man.
African Tattoos Design On Chest

19. This is a mix up tattoo that have a Sanskrit quote along with African symbol.
African Tattoos Design With Font

20. Cleopatra is one of the most popular queen of all time and you will surely love to have a good Cleopatra tattoo.
African Tattoos Design With Quotes

African Queen Tattoos

21. Most people prefer to have tattoos of beautiful African girls but I would suggest you to have tattoos of tribal African girls.
African Tattoos For Men

22. One unique thing about African facial tattoos is that they have lots of accessories on their head and face. Take this for example.
African Tattoos Images

23. If you are choosing an African queen tattoo for yourself then make sure that the queen has a unique crown for herself.
African Tattoos Meaning And Ideas

24. Here is a unique African continent tattoo with several geographical interpretations.
African Tattoos Symbols

25. If you are tattoo artists then a unique idea would be to have various African animals aligned together to make the shape of the African continent.
African Thigh Tattoos Design For Women

26. Here is a good example of how various African animals can be aligned to make African continent tattoo.
African Wild Animal Tattoos Design (1)

27. A very simple African tattoo design would be to have baby African animals.
African Wild Animal Tattoos Design

28. The giraffe in this African tattoo on the chest is rather small than the tree itself but otherwise, it is a good tattoo.
African Wild Animal Tattoos On Biceps

29. Many American too love to have African tattoos and their interpretation of African culture is inspired by Eddie Murphy movies of the 1980s.
African Woman Tattoos Design On Hands

30. Here is a realistic tattoo of African girl on the thigh of this young boy.
African Women Face Tattoos Design

African Styles Tattoos

31. African tribes themselves have various drawings and arts of their god and goddess. They even have drawings of the devil. So if you like one, you surely can have it as a tattoo.
African Zulu Face Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. This is a heartbreaking tattoo of Africa continent. This is because it shows the reality, the poverty of the countries of Africa.
Amazing African Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. The tribal tattoo designs were made popular by the African tribes so this list of traditional African tattoos would be incomplete without them.
Awesome African Tattoos Design On Biceps

34. Most African goddesses do not have a black dot of eyes and this is how you can differentiate from a normal African girl portrait, an African queen portrait, and a goddess portrait.
Beautiful African Tattoos Design On Biceps

35. If you do not want to have multiple African animals in your continent tattoo then I would suggest you have just one animal. My choice would be the African lion.
Best African Tattoos Design

African Tattoos Ideas

36. Feathers are the important accessory of tribal girls of Africa and that is why you should focus on their design in the tattoo.
Cool African Tattoos Ideas And Design

37. Isn’t this a unique design of African Elephant tattoo? This guy is surely proud to showcase his shoulder tattoo of elephant.
Cute African Tattoos Desig And Ideas

38. African has dangerous deserts too so it would be smart to show the deserts in the African continent tattoo.
Eye And African Map Tattoos Design And Ideas

39. This is a unique symbol in African culture. I do not know the meaning of this African tattoo but if you do then do let us know in the comment section below.
Fabulous African Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. Here is 3D African tattoo design on the back shoulder of this guy.
Latest African Tattoos Design And Ideas

African Warrior Tattoo

41. Whoa I never saw such detailed African lion tattoo. I guess this is an old lion.
Most Popular African Tattoos Design

42. Africa has warrior tribes as well and it will be cool to add a weapon in it.
New African Tattoos Design For Women

43. You can have temporary African tattoos as well. They are full of colors and glitter.
Nice African Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. This is a unique idea for African Tattoo. If you love someone from Africa then have their longitude and latitude inked on your arm.
Simple African Map Tattoos Design On Legs

45. This is a mix up tattoo of African continent and cross.
Simple And Cute African Tattoos Design

46. If you opt for African continent then do not have it on legs or foot. It will be disrespectful.
Small African Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. This is a simple African drawing made into tattoo.
South African Best Tattoo Artists

48. This African tattoo design is inspired from the Hope and Love symbol of their culture.
Super Cool African Tattoos Design

49. Couple can get wonderful matching tattoos inspired from African Culture.
Top African Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. Here is an African animal portrait tattoo on the half sleeve of this guy.
Wonderful Animal Tattoos Design On Thigh

So which African tattoo you liked the most?

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