50+ King Queen Crown Tattoo Designs With Meaning (2024)

Usually, crown tattoos are opted by couples but this doesn’t mean that singles cannot try them. The meaning of the crown tattoo is simple – You are the king or queen of your world. Here we have selected 50 most beautiful crown tattoos for men and women –

King Crown Tattoos

1. Many people try to cross and crown tattoos because they suggest that even though they are king yet they are slaves of God.
Crown Tattoos

2. One commonly tried design is the pointed crown tattoo. The sharper the crown the better the design would be. It would suggest that you are a fierce person.
5 Point Crown Tattoo

3. Crown tattoos are common among couples but it doesn’t mean that they should match exactly. You can try something similar where both king and queen crown tattoo are given different styles.
Couple Crown Tattoos

4. Here is a mix of the crown, Celtic cross and anchor tattoo. Such design represents the faith of the person in Christianity and how much down to earth they are.
Crown And Anchor Tattoo

5. Crown tattoo sits perfectly on fingers. So if you are thinking of getting a matching tattoo then try a crown tattoo on ring finger.
Crown Finger Tattoo
dog tattoos for guys

6. The placement of the tattoo can give the tattoo a unique meaning. For example, a crown tattoo on hand would mean that you live life freely and do not run worry much.
Crown Hand Tattoo

7. You can try a crown of thorn tattoo. This would represent that even though you are king today but this doesn’t mean you haven’t faced any hardship in life.
Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

8. Another cool placement of crown tattoo would be on the shoulder. However, you might not like it if you are getting a matching tattoo.
Crown Tattoo Designs

9. A simple and minimal crown tattoo design like this would suit those who do not want a complex design.
Basquiat Crown Tattoo

10. A really cool and unique idea would be to get matching crown tattoo on elbow just like this couple. Can you name the richest king in the world?
Crown Tattoo Elbow
one side chest tattoos for men

straighten your crown tattoo

11. You can add a flower such as black rose to your crown tattoo design. It would mean that your heart was broken once but it only made you stronger.
Crown Tattoo Flash

12. You can base your tattoo of crown on real crowns of England. For example this crown is inspired from the royal Victorian era.
Crown Tattoo For Men

13. Even though I won’t suggest adding the word king or queen to your tattoo but still if you wish to then here is how it would look like.
Crown Tattoo Ideas

14. A tiny crown tattoo will suit those who cannot have large size tattoos due to job related rules.
Crown Tattoo Meaning

15. To be honest I am not much of a fan of traditional crown tattoos but there are few designs like this that will please anybody’s eyes.
Crown Tattoo On Chest

16. A 3d crown tattoo should be tried on body part that is clearly visible to others just like this one.
Crown Tattoo On Neck

17. Most people for medium to small size tattoos of crown but a large size crown tattoo like this would also look amazing.
Crown Tattoo On Wrist

18. Adding a tiny cross tattoo to your crown will make it even more attractive.
Crown Tattoo Outline

19. If you wish to try a royal looking tattoo of crown then be sure to add pearls like this.
Crown Tattoo With Name

20. A crown tattoo design on neck might not suit many but if you wish to try then go for a small design.
Crown Tattoos Ankle

crown tattoos for men

21. Wrist the perfect place to try a crown tattoo design. Here is the ideal size that you should go for.
Crown Tattoos Back

22. You can also try outline crown tattoo like this where even the optimum design looks great.
Crown Tattoos Behind Ear

23. Adding your name to the crown tattoo design will also be a great idea.
Crown The Empire Tattoo

24. Ankle is not a suitable place to try crown tattoos but still many people opt for it.
Crown Wrist Tattoo

25. Girls can try a large size crown tattoo on back.
Cute Crown Tattoo

26. If you try a tiny crown tattoo behind the ear then make sure it is aligned perfectly with the ear.
Diamond Crown Tattoo

27. This tattoo of crown is inspired from the ancient roman empire art where the crown was denoted with such symbol.
Girl Crown Tattoos

28. You can try a crown tattoo that is inspired from the king or queen chess piece.
Heart With Crown Tattoo

29. If you add your name to the tattoo of crown then the font must match perfectly with the design of crown.
His And Hers Crown Tattoos

30. Here is a unique design of crown and diamond tattoo. This tattoo represent that the wearer consider himself omnipotent.
King And Queen Crown Tattoo

king and queen crown tattoos

31. Crown tattoos are perfect choice for rib cage tattoos especially for girls. Check out this design and judge for yourself.
King And Queen Crown Tattoos For Couples

32. Couples can make their matching crown tattoo even better by adding a half heart design to it like this.
King Crown Tattoo

33. You can add romantic words to your crown tattoo design or even a romantic quote that is split and shared by you both.
Kingdom Hearts Crown Tattoo

34. One common mistake in couple crown tattoos is that most of the time the tone of the tattoos does not match with each other. You must keep in mind that your tattoos should complement each other.
Latin Kings Crown Tattoos

35. Adding jewellery design to your tattoo of crown makes it even more beautiful.
Lion With Crown Tattoo

36. I will avoid a colourful crown tattoo but if you still wish to try then here is a design.
Little Crown Tattoo

37. This minimal crown tattoo can even be tried on fingers.
Matching Crown Tattoos

38. The design of this tattoo of crown is based on Old Testament book.
Prince Crown Tattoos

39. One beautiful combination that you can try is the crown and lion tattoo. Lion is fearless and considered the king of the jungle.
Princess Crown Tattoo

40. Here is another cool behind the neck crown tattoo design.
Queen And King Crown Tattoo

crown tattoo design

41. Couples can add name of their better half to their crown tattoo design. It will be a perfect tattoo.
Queen Crown Tattoo

42. If you consider yourself a prince or princess instead of king or queen then you should try such a design. It will mean that you are a spoiled brat.
Rolex Crown Tattoo

43. Here is a crown tattoo design that is actually based on the mythical description of god crowns.
Simple Crown Tattoo

44. Symmetry will matter a lot in couple crown tattoos. Therefore always go for an on paper design before getting inked.
Skull Crown Tattoo

45. You can try a geometrical crown tattoo which will simply translate to “With great Power come greater responsibilities”.
Skull With Crown Tattoo

46. This crown tattoo seems to be inspired from old Disney drawings. It actually looks like crown of Mickey Mouse.
Small Crown Tattoo

47. A simple tattoo of crown like this might not be adored by everyone but it surely will be unique design.
Tattoo Crown

48. Crown and skull tattoo is also another popular combination. It will mean that you have conquered your fears.
Tiny Crown Tattoo

49. Crown and skull tattoo can be made even better by adding a flower tattoo (preferably rose or chrysanthemum) to it.
Traditional Crown Tattoo

50. Crown tattoo will sit perfectly on the side of the wrist.
Women Crown Tattoos

So which crown tattoo design you liked the most?

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