50+ Best Dog Tattoos For Females (2024) Tag, Portrait, Paw Designs

Dog tattoos are admired by almost every person on the planet. This is because dogs are among the cutest and most loyal creatures in this world. Even though many people rank cats above dogs but one has to admit that dog tattoos are equally popular as cat tattoos. If you are a dog-loving person then we have to treat for you. We have chosen 50 amazing dog tattoo designs and I bet you will love them all. Here are 50 beautiful dog tattoos for men and women –

Dog Tag Tattoos

1. Another cool dog tattoo idea would be to have a royal looking design. Here is a royal pug tattoo design for consideration.
Dog Tattoos

2. The only good and experienced tattoo artist will focus on showing the fur of the dog tattoo. I would highly recommend a furry dog tattoo design.
Amazing Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. Many people consider calf to be the best place to get pet tattoos especially dog tattoos.
Triangle And Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. You can opt for a dog tattoo design that will also show your own personality. For example here is a dog tattoo that shows a rebellious youth.
Awesome Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. If you are not a dog person but your loved one has deep emotions for this beautiful creature then you can show your appreciation by getting a dog tattoo (choose the favorite dog breed of your loved one).
Best Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. Realistic dog tattoo designs are not hard to get but if it is your pet dog then you surely don’t want to compromise with the quality of the tattoo. Here is a real looking Rottweiler tattoo design.
Black Color Bull Terrier Dog Tattoos Design On Calf

7. There are many classic dog movies and one of the most popular dog’s movie hero is Benji. Here is a tattoo dedicated to Benji.
Brilliant Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

8. One important part of dog tattoo design is coloring. Black and white dog tattoo design won’t look as impressive as colourful dog tattoos.
Brown Color Dog Tattoos Design

9. You can also get your dog name tattooed along with the dog portrait. This will surely look impressive.
Bulldog Tattoos Design On Hands

10. If you do not have a pet dog then you can choose your favorite dog character from Movie and TV world and get it tattooed on your body. One of my favorite dog breed is border coolie as they are very intelligent.
Cartoon Dog Tattoos Design On Biceps

dog tattoos for females

11. For girls I would suggest to opt for a colourful dog tattoo design as it will justify the feminine side.
Colorful Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. It is common among many households to have more than one dog as a pet. If so you can opt for a dog couple tattoo design.
Cute Dog Tattoos Design On Hands

13. I would recommend getting a full-size dog tattoo design but if you are looking for a small dog tattoo then you should go for a small dog portrait design.
Cute Small Dog Tattoos Design

14. I think a dog tattoo design with just one dog will look better but still who can resist these cute creatures?
Dog Breed Tattoos Design On Women Backside

15. Do you want really cute tattoo design on your body? Then go for a puppy tattoo that has the cutest puppy eyes.
Dog Draw Tattoos Design On Arms

16. Small dog tattoo design can also be designed cleverly. Here is an impressive dog and heart tattoo design on foot.
Dog Line Tattoos Design On Foot

17. What is your dog’s favorite hobby? Is it listening to music? You can get a tattoo that shows your dog doing its favorite hobby.
Dog Memorial Tattoos

18. Dog paw tattoo designs are as popular as dog tattoos itself. Here is one cute dog paw tattoo design on the shoulder of this girl.
Dog Paw Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. How about imagining your dog wearing attire of your favourite character? Here is a dog showing off his British accent.
Dog Tattoo After Spay

20. This pug tattoo design could be improved by removing the rectangular frame around him.
Dog Tattoo Brooklyn

feminine dog tag tattoos

21. If you are huge fan of the Scottish dog breeds then you should get it tattooed in Scottish or Irish attire.
Dog Tattoo Designs Pictures

22. Dog loves bones. If your dog is also obsessed with bones then get them tattooed together.
Dog Tattoo For Men

23. Usually, no one would recommend a close-up face tattoo design but if it’s of a dog then I hardly believe anyone would mind.
Dog Tattoo Quotes

24. This realistic looking dog tattoo design on the shoulder of this boy is really a winner because of its beautiful and real looking eyes.
Dog Tattoo Sleeve Design

25. Here is a creative dog tattoo idea where the dog is inked in the style of a dog paw. I bet your friends will be impressed with this design.
Dog Tattoos Design For Women

26. Dog tattoo design can also act as good cover up tattoos. After all they are your best friend that can heal all your wounds.
Dog Tattoos Design On Chest For Men

27. If you are into racing dog breeds then be sure that you show them in fierce mode in the tattoo design.
Dog Tattoos Design On Chest

28. You can add a dog collar to your dog tattoo design and it will make the tattoo even more attractive.
Dog Tattoos Design On Forearm

29. This real looking dog tattoo design would have looked way better on back calf. You can get it on forearm too.
Dog Tattoos Design On Legs

30. There are many dog paintings and drawings available on sites like DeviantArt. You can choose any one from them for your dog tattoo.
Dog Tattoos Design On Women Backside

dog tattoo for women

31. This amazing dog tattoo design was submitted on tumblr and I really liked it.
Dog Tattoos On Pinterest

32. Here is a dog tattoo design that seems to be inspired from the main character of Grand Theft Auto Vice City video game.
Dog Tattoos On Tumblr

33. One genius dog tattoo idea would be to have it in the style of geometrical shapes and symbols. Here is a dog tattoo that seems to be inspired by the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.
Dot Line Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. If you want a really tiny and cute looking dog tattoo design then here is one for you.
Geometric Dog Tattoos Design On Leg

35. You know who looks cool in goggles? This Dog. I loved this dog tattoo design.
Gorgeous Dog Tattoos Design For Women

36. I don’t know why people always imagine bull dogs as really sad and depressed Wall Street brokers.
Latest Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas For Guys

37. If you don’t want to get your dog tattoo fade away quickly then consider it getting on chest or back.
Little Doggie Tattoos Design On Thigh

38. If you have more than one pet then you can get them both tattooed in one frame. Here is a dog tattoo design with a rabbit tattoo.
New Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

39. No dog tattoo design would look as good as a laughing dog tattoo. Trust me it will instantly bring a smile to the face of people who sees it.
Nice Dog Tattoos Design On Legs

40. On the other hand, you can get an all serious dog tattoo design but again it won’t look as good as a smiling dog tattoo.
Oil Color Dog Tattoos Design On Hands

dog tattoos for guys

41. Is this a dog tattoo imagined in the style of an Egyptian mummy? What you say?
Pitbull Dog Tattoos Design On Hands

42. Dog hang out their tongues a lot and you can show it in your tattoo design too.
RealisticDog Tattoos For Women

43. One of the cutest dog tattoo idea would be to get a paw tattoo inked in a heart frame.
Simple Dog Foot Tattoos Design For Girls

44. Dog tattoo design can also be accompanied by a cat tattoo design. However such design will only be loved by those who admire both pets.
Simple Line Dog Tattoos Design On Wrist

45. I would really appreciate the artist of this dog tattoo design. This is because it is hard to ink such a detailed dog tattoo in such a small size.
Small Face Dog Tattoos Design

46. People usually get name tattoos on the wrist but if you love your dog more than any person then show it proudly with a dog tattoo on wrist.
Tiny Dog Tattoos Design On Wrist

47. If you want a small size dog tattoo design then opt for a small size dog breed.
Top Dog Tattoos Design And Ideas

Which dog tattoo design you loved the most and why?

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