50+ Tribal Sun Tattoos For Guys (2024) Designs With Meaning

Sun and Moon tattoos are more popular than sun tattoo design but this doesn’t decrease the importance of sun tattoos. The tattoo of the sun holds deep meaning. It represents hope, fertility, a new beginning, the source of life and victory over evil.

If you are struggling and facing hardship in life then a sun tattoo would be a perfect choice to keep you motivated. Here we have chosen 50 tribal sun tattoo designs that you can try –

Aztec Sun Tattoo ideas

1. Tribal Sun tattoo on the shoulder of this guy.
sun tattoos

2. Idea for Sun and Moon tattoos for couples.
Awesome Sun Tattoos Design On Rib

3. This sun tattoo design is inspired by ancient Mayan civilization who used it to represent fertility. Male from the tribes used to have such symbols to represent their masculinity.
Balck And White Sun Tattoos Design On Hands

4. Sun and Moon tattoo design is not new. In fact they are one of the most popular couple tattoo design.
Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos Design On Calfs

5. As Sun is the reason that life exists on earth so an interesting tattoo idea would be to show a sun tattoo as a part of a bigger landscape tattoo design like this.
Beautiful Sun Art Tattoos Design For Girls
yin yang matching couple tattoos

6. A calm sun tattoo design with a lotus flower will show that you have found peace in life and you are a religious person.
Best Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Men And Women

7. Another cool couple tattoo idea would to have a bigger moon tattoo design that engulfs whole sun tattoo in it like this.
Brillaint Sun Tattoos Design For Girls

8. To be honest a broken sun tattoo design would be scary but a nice innovative idea would be to ink it in the style of a compass.
Compass Sun And Moos Tattoos Design Ribcage

9. If you are a couple who are just blessed with a baby then you should try a sun, moon, and star tattoo design. The star would represent your child.
Cool And Lovely Sun Tattoos Design On Hands

10. It is okay to give your sun and moon tattoo a feminine look because, in the end, all that matters is the happiness of your partner. Do you know that the sun is about 1 million times larger than earth?
Cross With Sun Tattoos
wedding ring tattoos king and queen

Sun and Moon tattoos

11. Girls can add chandelier style to their sun tattoo because not only it will decorate the sun but also show that you love mother nature.
Dots Line Sun Tattoos Design On Hands

12. You can try realistic sun tattoo design. It can be a cool half sleeve tattoo or a great cover up tattoo.
Full Sleeve 3D Sun Tattoos Design On Arms

13. One of the best places for girls to try sun tattoos is the lower back. It will look d@mn $exy.
Glamorous Sun Tattoos Designs And Ideas

14. Here is a yin and yang style tattoo of sun that shows that our world has both good and evil.
Guys Sun And Moon Tattoo On Back

15. Did you like the movie King Kong? You might remember the helicopter scene with the yellow sun in the background. It’s awesome.
Half Sleeve SunTattoos Design On Arms

16. If you try a sun and moon tattoo and give eyes to one and not to another then it would mean that you believe your partner to be your eyes.
Moon And Sun Tattoos Design On Forarms

17. a cool sibling tattoo idea would be to try sun, moon and star tattoo like this.
Mother Daughter Tattoos Design On Hands

18. Showing sun rays in the tattoo design is an art. Instead of opting for thin flames I would suggest you go for large curvy flames like this.
Sleep Sun Tattoos Design On Stomach

19. Even though our sun is enormous but that doesn’t mean that we should not try a tiny small sun tattoo like this.
Small Sun Tattoos Design On Thumb

20. I loved teletubbies and here is a sun tattoo inspired from the great TV show.
Sun And Moon Quote Tattoos

Small Sun Tattoo Ideas

21. If you give eyes to both sun and moon in your tattoo design then a cool idea would be to make them both look at each other like this.
Sun And Moon Tattoos Design For Girls

22. There are many cave paintings style available online. You can base your sun tattoo design on them.
Sun And Moon Tattoos For Men

23. Traditional sun tattoos have their own charm but try not to make them as $exy and $eductive as this.
Sun And Tattoos

24. Here is a beautiful tattoo design where the artist inked a dark forest that is being lit up by the sun. it shows that in the end, the light wins over the darkness.
Sun And Vine Tattoos

25. If you are looking for a perfect small and tiny tribal sun tattoo design on wrist then this is it.
Sun Art Tattoos

26. If you belong to the Polynesian tribe then you might want to give respect to all the sub-tribes that formed from it. This sun tattoo takes art elements from all major ancient tribes.
Sun City Tattoo Koh Samui

27. A popular art idea is to imagine the sun in the night sky. How about try this as a tattoo design?
Sun City Tattoos In El Paso Tx

28. You can have a double style tattoo of sun where you ink a sunflower tattoo in style of sun like this.
Sun City Tattoos Zaragoza

29. This tattoo of sun seems concerned about your life choices.
Sun Cream For Tattoos Uk

30. Here is another innovative idea to try the sun and moon tattoo design in small size.
Sun Gallery Tattoo Koh Samui

Simple Sun Tattoo Designs

31. Eyes can be very expressive so be careful while adding them to your tattoo. They can change the meaning of tattoo. For example this tattoo of sun seems to be high on w{{d.
Sun God Tattoo Images

32. The Hinduism is based on 4 varnas. A major clan of Kshatriya varna is the Suryavanshi clan. If you belong to that clan then this design is for you.
Sun God Tattoos

33. Chinese culture also gives a lot of importance to the sun. They consider sun as the most important part of universe.
Sun Goddess Tattoos

34. One of the most beautiful scenes that you can witness is a rising sun on a green field. Tattoo this and you will love it.
Sun Henna Tattoos Tumblr

35. Rising sun tattoo represent hope and new beginning. You can try this if you are a positive person.
Sun Rise Tattoos Design On Ankle

36. Another massive idea would be to try a composure tattoo where you show the sun as the largest circle that includes the moon and earth. You can add other planets as well.
Sun Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas

37. You can also try a watercolour tattoo of sun like this. It can turn out really pretty.
Sun Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

38. If you want a temporary sun tattoo then try it with henna or mehndi on hands.
Sun Tattoos Design For Girls

39. One cool idea would be to try the tattoo of sun in style of a large flower like this.
Sun Tattoos Design For Lady

40. Here is a decorative sun and moon tattoo design that is inspired from the native American art.
Sun Tattoos Design For Women

Sun tattoo Ideas for Guys

41. A simple sun tattoo like this can be very adorable and also it is easy to hide.
Sun Tattoos Design On Hands

42. You can improve your old tattoo of sun with such style.
Sun Tattoos Design On Left Upper Back Shoulder

43. A blushing sun would represent that you are in love with someone and it is a crush for life.
Sun Tattoos Design On Stomach

44. You can add other facial features to your sun tattoo design to make it look even more attractive.
Sun Tattoos Design On Upper Back Side

45. Here is another stylish sun design that you can try on back.
Sun Tattoos For Girls Backside

46. I know this is weird but if you are single then this is a cool sun and moon tattoo design.
Sun Tattoos On Chest

47. This is another offbeat design but if your significant other is facing weight problems then you try a chubby sun design like this.
Tiny Sun Tattoos Design On Ankle

48. One idea would be to leave the inner are of the sun circle empty and add impressive ray designs to it like this.
Tribal Sun Tattoos Design On Backside

49. You can mix up and try a sun and cross tattoo design like this. Can you spot the cross?
Tribal Sun Tattoos For Guys

50. This sun and moon tattoo design is inspired from the arab culture.
Watercolor Sun And Moon Tattoos Design On Arms

So which sun tattoo design from the above photo gallery you would try?