50+ Octopus Tattoos Ideas Trending in 2024

What is the meaning of octopus tattoos? Octopuses are considered one of the smartest beings on our planet. They are equally mysterious as well. There are many well-documented stories of giant sea animals attacking ships. Most scientists claimed them to be giant squid or octopus.

Octopus does not have bones and they have 8 tentacles. Octopus tattoo surely is meaningful but most of the time people ink them in the wrong style or fashion. While there are many laser tattoo removal techniques to remove unwanted tattoos yet I would say to choose your design wisely. Here we have chosen 49 beautiful octopus tattoos designs for men and women –

Octopus Tattoo Meaning

1. Octopus dwell in the Deep Ocean where people believe a lot of ancient treasure is buried. So a cool idea would be to show an octopus carrying a diamond.
Octopus Tattoos

2. If you want a scary yet rocking tattoo design then try octopus tattoos on hand.
Amazing Octopus Tattoos

3. As octopuses are mystical creatures so it is better to give your tattoo such look. Here is a design that you can try.
Abstract Octopus Tattoos

4. Many Disney movies showed octopus as mysterious beings. Here is a Disney inspired octopus tattoo design.
Awesome Octopus Tattoos

5. Octopuses are usually of one color so you can show them in your favourite color like here is purple design.
Baby Octopus Tattoos

6. Octopus does not have such long limbs but if you add long limbs then it means you are showing yourself as cunning.
Beautiful Octopus Tattoos

7. A octopus tattoo without eyes will look scary but it will have deep meaning. It will represent that you believe in fortune.
Best Octopus Tattoos

8. As octopus are considered intelligent so it is only better to show them as classy just like this.
American Traditional Octopus Tattoos

9. This octopus tattoo looks more like an alien but mind you there are many alien creatures in deep ocean.
Black And Grey Octopus Tattoos

10. You can add geometrical shapes and sizes in your octopus tattoo design just like this. Octopus live alone their whole life but scientists have also discovered octopus colonies.
Black Ink Octopus Tattoos
bible scripture tattoos on arm

octopus tattoo girl name

11. Here is a completely black octopus tattoo design on the shoulder of this guy.
Black Octopus Tattoos

12. I don’t know if it’s a full grown octopus or a baby octopus but I think it is a cute design.
Colorful Octopus Tattoos

13. Navy and sailors can opt for octopus tattoo with compass tattoo designs.
Compass With Octopus Tattoos

14. Adding red color to your octopus tattoo show the signal of a warning.
Cool Octopus Tattoos Designs

15. Badass octopus tattoo design that will suit boys.
Crazy Octopus Tattoos

16. Beautiful old school octopus tattoo on the thigh of this girl.
Watercolor Octopus Tattoos

17. Try tiny octopus tattoo inside a circle which will represent eternity of life.
Dotwork Octopus Tattoos

18. I don’t find any cool or fancy reason to add a name to an octopus tattoo but some people still do it.
Fancy Octopus Tattoos

19. Fish and Octopus tattoo idea with pearl oyster.
Fish With Octopus Tattoos On Leg

20. Here is a cool steampunk octopus tattoo idea that would suit people who want to try some unique design.
Fresh Ink Octopus Tattoos

girl with octopus tattoo

21. You should know the difference between squid and octopus and also should be aware of their tattoo meaning.
Funny Baby Octopus Tattoos

22. Even though octopus tattoo sleeves look better but girls can try them on thighs too.
Geometric Octopus Tattoos

23. You can make your octopus even better by opting for tattoo of a rare species of octopus. There are around 300 of them.
Golden Octopus Tattoos

24. Here the eyes of octopus are given a real touch along with unique limb designs.
Traditional Octopus Tattoos

25. The spot on the body of octopus are unique. You can design the spots according to your choice.
Green Octopus Tattoos

26. Showing brain to the octopus will mean that you prefer knowledge over anything else.
Hourglass With Octopus Tattoos

27. You can add mysterious symbols to the octopus tattoo which will show that you believe in secret societies or you may even be part of one.
Japanese Octopus Tattoos

28. There are so many stories of giant squid attacking ships in mid-ocean. You can try a tattoo that depicts this scene.
Kraken Octopus Tattoos

29. To be honest this octopus seems to be a practicing ballerina. May be the girl wearing it is a belle dancer.
Octopus Girly Tattoos

30. There was an experiment where an octopus was locked in a bottle. The octopus learned how to open the lid of the bottle and this is where scientists deduced that octopus is very clever beings.
Octopus Lock In Bottle Tattoos

octopus tattoo ideas and meaning

31. The placement of this octopus tattoo makes it look really attractive. Thighs can make any tattoo look great.
Octopus Tattoos Fo Lady

32. Shoulder is good choice for octopus tattoos but remember that they might be visible to others most of the time.
Octopus Tattoos For Female

33. Do you find octopus outline tattoo attractive? I don’t think they are good choice for sleeves.
Octopus Tattoos For Girls

34. The proportion of octopus body should be clear to the tattoo artist or otherwise you might end up with an extra-long octopus tattoo like this.
Octopus Tattoos For Ladies

35. This looks like a gang or prison tattoo. I bet you don’t want to angry the person wearing this tattoo.
Octopus Tattoos For Men

36. Here is another cool placement for octopus tattoos. It will suit girls who are looking for a stomach tattoo.
Octopus Tattoos For Women

37. There are many designs for octopus tattoo sleeve but I didn’t find any design cooler than this. What you think?
Octopus Tattoos Ideas

38. If you are looking for an offbeat (and scary) tattoo design then here is one for you.
Octopus Tattoos On Forearm

39. You can show a scary scene in your tattoo like Octopus attacking statue of liberty or may be the Eifel tower.
Octopus Tattoos On Half Sleeve

40. Here is a neo-tribal octopus tattoos design that will suit people who are looking for long lasting tattoo designs.
Octopus Tattoos On Hand

woman with octopus tattoo

41. Here this picture of octopus tattoo shows all major colors. You too can try such colourful design.
Octopus Tattoos On Inner Biceps

42. Is this octopus riding a bicycle? You too can ink octopus limbs in such fashion as if it is doing something.
Octopus Tattoos On Rib

43. Your rib cage should be huge enough to afford a large size octopus tattoo or otherwise it will look messy.
Octopus Tattoos On Ribcage

44. Instead of trying a normal octopus tattoos you can show them hanging upside down just like bats.
Octopus Tattoos On Thigh For Girls

45. If you try an old octopus tattoo then it would mean that you consider yourself as a wise man just like Gandalf.
Octopus Tattoos On Thigh

46. Black and grey octopus tattoo design idea on forearm.
Octopus Tattoos

47. Octopus and hidden treasure tattoo idea where the octopus seems to be protecting the treasure.
Old School Octopus Tattoos

48. Blue octopus tattoo design for those who consider themselves cool and smart.
Realistic Octopus Tattoos

49. Octopus and skull tattoo design is a marvellous combination for those who are trying gothic tattoos.
Skull With Octopus Tattoos

So which octopus tattoo design you liked the most?

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