50+ Best Bible Verse Tattoos For Men (2023) Religious Quotes

Whenever it comes to quote tattoos people opt for bible verse tattoos. Why? Because the Bible has some of the most motivational and life-changing quotes. There is no doubt that many people spend their lives following these verses. So why not get them inked on your body?

Here we have chosen 50 bible verse tattoos that will look great on both men and women –

Bible Verse Tattoo Ideas

1. If you do not want a bible verse tattoo then go for bible tattoo like this. Chest is perfect place for it.
Bible Verse Tattoos

2. When people want to bring change in their life they follow extreme paths. Such people often try large size bible verse tattoos like this to show how much they have changed.
Amazing And Cool Bible Tattoo Design On Hand

3. I often recommend my clients to try bible verse tattoos with animals. For example, this bible verse describes how brave eagles are and how you should be like them. Therefore an eagle tattoo would be great with it.
Awesome Bible Tattoo Design On Bicep

4. One beautiful thing about bible verses is that each and every person in this world can find a motivation quote for themselves. Here is one such bible quote that suits on girls.
Beautiful Bible Tattoos Verse For Women

5. People often look for guidance from god when they are confused or surrounded by problems. Here is one such praying quote that defines such situation.
Best Bible Tattoo Design On Hand

6. Isn’t it true? If you start fearing god then you will stop sinning and globally it can reduce crime rate drastically.
Best God Tattoo Design And Ideas

7. If you do not want to try a long quote then just add the psalm number in your design. For example here is a tattoo of Psalm 23:4 which is actually very motivational verse.
Bible And Cross Tattoo Design

8. Another cool idea is to try a bible book tattoo wrapped in gift. This will indicate that bible is like a gift to humanity from god.
Bible Arm Tattoo Design And Ideas

9. One commonly tried idea is to go for bible tattoo in such manner that it shows bible in it like this.
Bible Book Tattoo Design On Ribs

10. A bible tattoo design will look even better with praying hands tattoo. You can also add a tattoo of a dove. You can get tattooed with most popular quotes from religions
of the world.
Bible Cross And Hand Prayer Tattoo Design On Bicep

bible verse tattoos for athletes

11. If you have a large size bible verse design in mind then try it in the style of cross to make it look even more meaningful.
Bible Cross Tattoo Design With Quote

12. Fonts play an important role in bible verse tattoos, so choose a font that actually is easy to read.
Bible Quote Lesson Tattoo Design And Ideas

13. You can also add angel wings tattoo to your bible verse tattoos. Such tattoos will look great on back.
Bible Quote Tattoo Design And Ideas

14. Choose a bible verse that shows how much faith and god loving person you are. It surely will motivate you.
Bible Quote Tattoo Design On Bicep

15. You can try bible verse tattoos in your mother tongue as well. For example here is a bible verse tattoo in Spanish.
Bible Quote Tattoo Design On Hands

16. To give your tattoo unique look you can try different inks and different patterns like this.
Bible Quote Tattoo Design On Stomach

17. Another cool thing that you can try is to add a sunray along with your bible verse tattoo. It will represent the ray of hope in your life.
Bible Tattoo Desig On Chest

18. If you follow symmetry in your bible verse tattoo then it will look even more beautiful. Such as look at this tattoo that has perfect symmetry.
Bible Tattoo Design For Boy

19. If you do not use right ink for your bible verse tattoo then it will fade away more quickly than expected.
Bible Tattoo Design For Men

20. If you have deep faith in god then you will fear no evil. In fact there is nothing to fear at all.
Bible Tattoo Design For Women

bible verse tattoos on arm

21. One most important teaching of bible is to love other human beings like your own. There are many bible verse that states it.
Bible Tattoo Design On Forearm

22. A flower tattoo looks great with any kind of tattoo design. In fact it will look awesome with bible verse tattoo as well.
Bible Tattoo Design On Ribcage

23. You can dedicate a bible verse tattoo to your kids. After all they are gifts of god that needs to be nurtured well.
Bible Tattoo Design On Ribs

24. Religious people are often questioned about their faith. So why not opt for a bible verse that describes what exactly faith is.
Bible Tattoo Design On Upper Back Shoulder

25. Believe that God is watching you on every turn and is with you during all the ups and downs of life.
Bible Tattoo For Women

26. If you are looking for bible sleeve tattoo then try a bible verse tattoo along with a cross tattoo like this.
Bible Tattoos Design On Arms

27. Shaving is important in tattooing. So if you are trying a tattoo on chest then please have your chest shaved.
Bible Tattoos Design On Chest

28. Many think that this is not a cool idea. But in my opinion, trying a long bible verse in your half sleeve is actually a great idea.
Bible Tattoos Design With Quotes

29. If you do not heal your tattoo properly then you must know that the font will mix up and your tattoo would be unreadable.
Bible Themed Tattoo Design

30. There are many fonts that you can choose from. Browse internet to find out the fonts that you find attractive.
Bible Verse Tattoo Design On Arms

bible verse tattoos for guys

31. There can be bible verse that your parents or grandparents lived upon. You can get yourself inked with them and dedicate it to your
Bible Verse Tattoo Design On Upper Back Shoulder

32. Here is an awesome 3d bible verse tattoo design. it is not hard to do and it will look amazingly attractive.
Bilble Tattoo Design On Ripped Skin

33. If your bible verse tattoo starts fading away then make it better by using watercolours around it like this.
Colored Write Bible Quote Tattoo Design On Hand

34. You can try a bible verse tattoo in medieval style. It will make the tattoo even more meaningful.
Cross Bible Tattoo Design On Bicep

35. A full back bible verse tattoo might not be what everyone will admire but if you want one then try this.
Full Back Bible Tattoo Desig For Men

36. This is unreadable bible verse tattoo but it is very symbolic as it represent unbreakable faith of a person in god.
Full Back Bible Tattoo Design And Ideas

37. You must live in the present and do your work accordingly. You should not worry about what will happen in the future if you are working hard enough.
Heart Touching Bible Tattoo Design And Ideas

38. Here is a holy bible tattoo in blackwork style that will look great on forearm.
Holy Bible Tattoo Design And Ideas

39. This is a beautiful font and I bet everyone will like a bible verse tattoo in this font style.
Inspirational Bible Quote For Men

40. Here is another font that you can opt for. This is inspired form the Shakespearean era.
Inspirational Bible Verses Tattoos Ideas

bible verse tattoos for men

41. This is another cool bible verse tattoo on back which is unreadable.
Latest New Bible Tattoo Design On Hand

42. Here is a bible verse tattoo on rib cage of this man.
Mens Bible Verse Tattoos On Ribs Proverbs 3 5 6 Trust In The Lord

43. If you ever wondered what life is then you will find many bible verses that tell the meaning and purpose of life.
Motivational Bible Tattoo Design

44. Bible does not advocate war. So your tattoo should clearly indicate that you are a peaceful person.
Psalm 144 Bible Quote Tattoo Design

45. Here is an old school bible verse tattoo that will suit men.
Religious Piece Bible Tattoo Design And Ideas

46. Proverb 31:25 is one of the most commonly tried bible verse tattoo by women.
Rib BibleTattoos For Girls

47. A small size bible tattoo design will look amazing as well.
Small Bible Book Tattoo Design On Hand

48. This is a beautiful combination of cross and bible verse tattoo in 3d style.
Small Chest Bible Tattoo Design And Ideas

49. Here is a full sleeve bible verse tattoo that is surely an awesome cover up tattoo.
Tattoos And Christianity Designs For Men

50. Bible verse tattoo looks better on chest then on back.
Watercolor Bible Tattoo Design On Back Side

What is your favorite bible quote and why?