150+ Matching Tattoo Ideas (2023)

People like to have matching tattoos with their loved ones be their brother, sister, mother, daughter, best friend, or couple. I have had many clients who love to have matching tattoos with their son or father. However, very often people run out of ideas for matching designs that will look good on them.

You need not worry anymore as we present 150 beautiful matching tattoo designs for men and women. These designs are best suited for close friends and families. If you are looking for couples’ tattoo ideas, then you should check out some of these matching designs.

Matching Flower Tattoo

1. If you are a flower-loving person then you can easily have the cutest matching tattoo ever. Just pick your favorite flower and get it inked with your sibling or your loved one. The color of the flower need not be the same.

cute Matching Tattoos

Father Daughter Matching Tattoo

2. Father and daughter share a unique relationship that cannot be described in words. Here is a heart-touching father-daughter matching design that is made even more beautiful by adding the date of birth.
Father Daughter Matching Tattoos

3. Women can share a matching feather tattoo design. It will represent their unique bond. For example, this aunt and niece pair has a beautiful feather-matching tattoo design behind the ear.
Aunt And Niece Matching Tattoos

4. In my opinion matching tattoos do not have to be exactly the same. For example, this matching tattoo design shared by two sisters shows two different girls on swinger. It is actually a perfect sister tattoo design.
Best Matching Tattoos

5. Arrow is a common matching tattoo design but you can make it even cooler by adding the name of your best friend to it.
Cool Matching Tattoos

6. Some people love to have a quirky and funny matching tattoo design. Here is a fun tattoo that would surely be appreciated by people who love food.
Funny Matching Tattoos

7. I don’t know the exact meaning of this beautiful matching tattoo design but surely such designs are catchy. If a design hold meaning for you then don’t care for the world.
Husband And Wife Matching Tattoos

8. Your tattoo design needs not to be visible to the world. For example, these two sisters share a little matching tattoo design on hidden body parts.
Little Matching Tattoos

9. Anchor tattoos are significant for people who want to show that their relationship is far much stronger than the hate in this world.
Matching Anchor Tattoos

10. If you love to live freely then bird tattoos are for you. You can try matching bird tattoos with your partner if you find true freedom with them. We all are connected in several ways and this is even proved by the six degrees of separation theory.
Matching Bird Tattoos

11. Cat-loving people like to have matching cat tattoos but do you know what they mean? They mean that you find pleasure in each other’s annoying activities.
Matching Cat Tattoos

12. Another common trend among lovers is to try matching crown tattoos. The best body part to try this is the wrist and after that is the rib cage.
Matching Crown Tattoos

Couple Matching Tattoos

13. Many couples love to relate their love stories to Disney movies. If you too find your love story similar then you should opt for matching Disney tattoos.
Matching Disney Tattoos

14. Not many families like to get tattoos together but for those who do, the heart is the best design for them.
Matching Family Tattoos

15. A feather tattoo design is opted for by those who want to show that their relationship is pure, light, and very important.
Matching Feather Tattoos

16. If you want to try a small matching tattoo design then try a cross tattoo design on your fingers. This is best for couples who are religious.
Matching Finger Tattoos

17. If you opt for matching flower tattoos then you can try them as if they are mirror images of each other.
Matching Flower Tattoos

18. If you are trying a matching design with your mother or daughter then a cool idea is to show an animal walking with its child. Here, for example, is an elephant mother tattoo with its calf.
Matching Foot Tattoos

19. If you have a large friendship circle then the best tattoo design you can have is a logo (it should be the logo of your group).
Matching Friendship Tattoos

20. Here is a cute-looking hand tattoo design that means that you will never ever leave the person.
Matching Hand Tattoos

21. If you and your best friend are a huge fan of JK Rowling’s harry potter then there would be no better choice other than a matching harry potter tattoo.
Matching Harry Potter Tattoos

22. Matching heart tattoos are great for those who are desperately in love with each other. Their love need not be erotic but it can be pure.
Matching Heart Tattoos

23. Infinity tattoo is also used by those who want to show infinite love to their other half. Here the couple not only got a matching infinity tattoo but also added a dog paw to it thus signifying their mutual love for dogs.
Matching Infinity Tattoos

24. King and queen tattoos are very common among couples but if you want them to be perfect then have them inked on the same body part.
Matching King And Queen Tattoos

25. Couples also try matching lion tattoos. This trend has increased even further after the success of Disney’s The Lion king.
Matching Lion Tattoos

26. Father and son can share a matching owl tattoo design. This is because the owl is considered the most intelligent bird and shares its knowledge with its offspring.
Matching Owl Tattoos

27. Couples can also try matching ring tattoos especially if they are engaged or married. This is the perfect tattoo you will ever have.
Matching Ring Tattoos

28. Siblings love matching mathematical and geometrical symbols as tattoos. Here is a weird matching sibling tattoo that is hard to decode.
Matching Sibling Tattoos

29. Here is another matching sister tattoo design that is fading away but still glorifying the relationship shared by the sisters.
Matching Sister Tattoos

30. Matching skull tattoos will suit either brothers or couples who want to show that they will stand with each other even in the harshest conditions.
Matching Skull Tattoos

31. If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones then a cool matching tattoo idea would be to try dragon tattoos. Here is a majestic matching dragon tattoo design.
Matching Tattoo Ideas

32. If you love traveling around the world and that too with your loved one then a cool idea is to try a matching airplane tattoo design with them just like this.
Matching Tattoo

33. This is a perfect matching tattoo design for girls. Best friends share so much gossip with each other that it is often said that two best friends will chatter even after they become ghosts.
Matching Tattoos For Best Friends

34. Here is a heart and anchor matching tattoo for couples that shows that the two are only reserved for each other.
Matching Tattoos For Couples

35. Cousins share a special bond with each other. If you find your best friend in your cousin then you should try a matching tattoo like this with them.
Matching Tattoos For Cousins

36. If you want a matching tattoo with your bestie girl then make sure that it is not just a simple plain tattoo but in fact colorful just like your friendship.
Matching Tattoos For Girls

37. What better way to describe the love shared by two people than trying a ‘Love’ word tattoo? Here is a beautiful matching tattoo for him and her.
Matching Tattoos For Him And Her

38. Another interesting matching tattoo idea is to split up a regular tattoo in two halves and have it inked on two lovers. This image of a matching tattoo clearly shows what I am talking about.
Matching Tattoos

39. If you have a twin brother or sister then you should try a matching zodiac sign which will be very meaningful.
Matching Twin Tattoos

40. One quality of a wolf is that they live together in a pack. So it would be really special to have a matching wolf tattoo with your family member.
Matching Wolf Tattoos

41. Here this couple tries a matching ampersand tattoo design. It may not mean a lot to the world but it holds a special meaning to these two.
Matching Wrist Tattoos

42. Yin and Yang’s tattoos show the balance between good and evil. In a way, they complete each other therefore they make a perfect design for matching tattoos.
Matching Yin Yang Tattoos

43. Mandala tattoos are very meaningful and they should be tried by family members.
Meaningful Matching Tattoos

44. Don’t you think it is the most adorable mother-daughter matching tattoo design? It perfectly shows their relationship.
Mother And Daughters Matching Tattoos

45. This mother and son matching tattoo design would look way better on the wrist or forearms.
Mother And Son Matching Tattoos

46. I know it is too simple but if you want a temporary matching tattoo design with your partner then a smiley tattoo is the best.
Simple Matching Tattoos

47. It is an odd matching tattoo design but if you are a “law and justice” loving person then this tattoo design would suit you.
Small Matching Tattoos

48. One evergreen matching tattoo idea is the sun and moon tattoo design. It can be tried by any duo.
Sun And Moon Matching Tattoo

49. If you are a tea or coffee-loving person then you should try a tiny coffee tattoo design like this.
Tiny Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoo Designs

50. One unique matching tattoo idea is to have similar hobbies or passion inked on your body. For example, you might share a passion for bodybuilding or a particular sport or have a hobby like crocheting.
Unique Matching Tattoos

Which Matching tattoo design from the above photo gallery do you like the most?