100+ Funny Tattoo Ideas (2023) Simple Small Hilarious Designs

How many funny tattoo designs do you come across in a day? I come across a lot of them. For the world, a Tattoo fail might be funniest silly mistakes but for a tattoo artist looking at a bad tattoo is painful. How can one withstand errors and common mistakes in an art form that he/she truly loves? I always suggest my clients to thoroughly check the design before finalizing it and keep checking while the artist is inking it on your body. That tattoo is going to stay permanent on your body. That tattoo will be your identity from now onwards. That tattoo will give a unique meaning to your overall personality. And you do not want to mess it up.

But sadly there are thousands of examples where a men bet for an odd-looking tattoo with his friends in a drunken state and get it done before he is sober. We have seen it already in multiple films like Hangover and Project X. Never Ever get a tattoo in a drunken state. Almost every tattoo studio in the USA has printed guidelines on their studio that One must be sober and healthy before getting a tattoo.

On this page we have compiled a list of Odd looking weird tattoo designs that you might find hilarious. Do not get inspired these tattoo designs to get your own. This is just for entertainment purpose (kind of educational) –

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