50+ Unique Bird Tattoos For Men (2024) Cool, Simple & Meaningful

The most common type of tattoo designs is of bird tattoos. Various ancient civilizations, tribes, and cultures considered bird to be a good omen. Therefore it was a common part of many cultures to get bird tattoos. In the modern-day tattoo industry, bird tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs but people often get confused in the choice of their bird tattoos. Here we present you 50 amazing bird tattoo designs for men and women –

Little Bird Tattoos

1. There are not many tattoo ideas for the backbone. The most suggested idea would be the flying bird tattoo design.
bird back tattoos

2. Usually, bird tattoos are suggested on the upper part of the body but if you choose a bird like a crane then it will look beautiful on legs.
Bird Tattoos On Leg

3. The very first bird tattoo idea that you would be suggested by your artist would be a sparrow tattoo on chest or hand.
Amazing Bird Tattoos

4. A flying bird tattoo design will look better than a caged bird or a sitting bird because the flying bird would represent freedom and that’s what everyone wishes for.
Girls Bird Tattoos

5. Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games. You can reimagine angry birds into realistic birds and try a tattoo of them.
Bird Tattoos On Arm
cool tattoos for teenage guys

Angry Bird Tattoo Design

6. Unlike animals, birds are colorful creatures of nature and it is common to find species that have different color wings, head, and other body parts. You can show this colorful variety in your tattoo design.
Bird Tattoos For Women

7. Birds are often considered as the messenger of peace. So you can get a bird tattoo design holding a rose flower or a white lily like this.
Bird Tattoos Behind Ear

8. Not only the type of bird you choose but also the pose of the bird matters in tattoo designing. For example, the clouds in the background of this bird tattoo denote that the first is flying high and free.
Traditional Bird Tattoos

9. I usually do not suggest bird couple tattoos but this design on chest is very popular and it is perfect for siblings.
Bird Tattoos On Chest

10. A popular take on bird tattoos is to ink those using watercolors. You will find many watercolor bird tattoos online and here is one that we liked. Here are 5 problems that causes birds extinction, read it carefully to help nature.
Colorful Bird Tattoos
tattoos for men ideas with kids names

Small Bird Tattoos

11. Small bird tattoo designs are more popular than large bird tattoos. Girls usually love to have a pack of small birds flying across neck or feet.
Bird Tattoos On Foot

12. Another beautiful idea would be to try the bird and cage tattoo design. You have to show the bird breaking out of the cage like this.
Classic Bird Tattoos

13. The only cage or prison that a person would love to be stuck inside is the prison of love. This bird couple of tattoo design beautifully denotes this feeling.
Girly Bird Tattoos

14. Even though bird tattoo designs are suggested on chest or back but I think the hand is also a good place to have a flying bird tattoo design like this.
Bird Tattoos On Hand

15. This small size bird tattoo design can be improved in the shape and design sector but the coloring of this bird is beautifully done.
3d Bird Tattoos 1

Bird Silhouette tattoo

16. Bird tattoo design will look even more beautiful if they are carried out in the tribal style. Here is a tribal bird tattoo design on the back of this girl.
Dove Bird Tattoos

17. Behind the ear or just below the ear is not a usual place to get a tattoo but if you opt for a clever tattoo (like this bird tattoo) then I would strongly suggest you get this part inked.
Bird Memorial Tattoos

18. One really popular bird tattoo idea is to show birds coming out of a huge feather. Here is the live example of that tattoo design.
Flock Of Bird Tattoos

19. Woodpecker is one very adorable bird species and woodpecker tattoos are also very famous. I would suggest woodpecker tattoos to boys.
Bird Tattoos For Guys

20. If you have two beautiful and detailed bird tattoo design on your body then do not ruin their beauty by adding multiple small bird tattoos.
Bird Wrist Tattoos 1

Bird Wrist Tattoos

21. Girls would like to have colourful bird tattoos and therefore I would suggest them to use pastel colors to get their bird tattoo colored.
Blue Bird Tattoos

22. No other bird tattoo design would look as beautiful as a blackbird tattoo design. The use of golden color in this design gracefully increases the overall beauty of the tattoo.
Unique Bird Tattoos

23. Adding the sun behind your bird tattoo design will give the tattoo a deep meaning. It will represent hope against all odds.
Bird Tattoos

24. I don’t think anybody would like the idea of a dying bird or an injured bird but if you are a victim of betrayal then you would probably like this tattoo design.
Meaning Of Bird Tattoos

25. If you are a patriotic person then no other bird tattoo would suit you as good as the bald eagle tattoo design.
Cool Bird Tattoos 1

Black Bird Tattoo

26. If you are thinking of getting multiple flying bird tattoos then make sure the counting of the birds is as much as five.
Divergent Bird Tattoos

27. You can also add flower tattoo design to your bird tattoo and it will represent that you are enjoying small things in life very much.
Rose And Bird Tattoos

28. Couples can try matching parrot tattoo design on chest or shoulder or back. Parrots are considered very romantic birds.
Black Bird Tattoos

29. Here is another beautiful bird and cage tattoo design. I don’t think there was any need to add a key to the cage.
Bird Cage Tattoos

30. A simple bird tattoo idea would be show a bird flying with a flower vine just like this.
Humming Bird Tattoos

Phoenix Bird Tattoos

31. Cranes are considered very intelligent birds who have lots of patience. If you have similar characteristics then you should go for a crane bird tattoo design.
Love Bird Tattoos

32. You can also opt for a realistic bird tattoo design but keep one thing in mind that it will overshadow all your other tattoos.
Hummingbird Foot Tattoos

33. I don’t think it is a cool idea to add quote to a bird tattoo design but if you still wish for it then choose a small size readable font.
Bird Tattoos With Quotes

34. Even better bird quote tattoo idea would be to have multiple flying birds and then a bible verse inked right below it.
Bird Silhouette Tattoos

35. Birds like eagle, hawk, and vulture are skillful predators but in my opinion, they should be shown with their prey in tattoo designs.
Bird Shoulder Tattoos

Lucky Bird Tattoo

36. Only a clever tattoo artist can come up with such beautiful ideas. Here is a mix up of music and bird tattoo design where various musical notes are linked in the shape of a bird.
Music Note Bird Tattoos

37. You can opt for hawk tattoo design but be sure that it has marvelous wings because a hawk has a beautiful wingspan.
Bird Tattoos On Shoulder

38. Owls are among the top 10 most loved birds for tattoos. If you are science geek who likes to wake up all night then you should opt for owl tattoo design.
Bird Sleeve Tattoos

39. Parrot couple tattoo design should not be divided among the couples. They must be shown together as it is considered good omen in many culture.
Pretty Bird Tattoos

40. Our earth inhabited many monstrous and mythological birds. You can opt for any such bird tattoo design but it must be on the visible part of the body.
Bird Tattoos For Men

Tiny Bird Tattoos

41. Peacock is considered as the king of birds among many civilizations. How about a beautiful and colourful peacock tattoo design?
Phoenix Bird Tattoos

42. You can show a human portrait with a bird tattoo design but make sure that they do not look awkward with each other.
Realistic Bird Tattoos

43. If you wish to add a tree to your bird tattoo design then you should try a palm tree because it will really improve the design.
Tree Bird Tattoos

44. You can also go for small and tiny bird tattoo design (most preferably for wrist or foot) just like this.
Simple Bird Tattoos

45. You can show a bird sitting on a tree branch in your tattoo design. If you show falling leaves in it then it will represent that you stay strong even in adverse situations.
Small Bird Tattoos 1

Bird Tattoos Meaning

46. The most $exy place to get a bird tattoo design is the rib cage. Do not go for large bird tattoos on stomach because the small bird tattoos will look amazing.
Tiny Bird Tattoos

47. I don’t know why the artist added a starter to this bird tattoo but what I liked about this design is the bow just above the head of the bird.
Bird Tattoos Men

48. There are different bird species of different shapes and sizes so you must choose one that represents your personality in one way or another.
Little Bird Tattoos

49. If you bird tattoo starts fading away they use watercolours to make it lively and beautiful again.
Watercolor Bird Tattoos

50. Bird tattoo designs can also be used as cover up tattoos and there are many bird species that can ideally be used as filler tattoos.
Cute Bird Tattoos

So which bird tattoo design would you recommend?

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