220+ Chess Pieces Tattoos Designs (2024) King, Queen, Board

People usually avoid game and sports tattoos but Chess tattoos are an exception. Chess tattoos found popularity not just among couples but siblings as well. King chess piece tattoos and queen chess piece tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world. But chess tattoos are not just limited to these two designs.

Here we chose 220+ matching chess tattoo ideas for men, women and couples –

king and queen chess pieces tattoo black ink

1. This chess tattoo design looks incomplete because of the incomplete chess board. You can wear it in complete design.
Chess Tattoos

Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

Each chess piece tattoo has a different meaning. For example, a chessboard tattoo will be meaningful for those who consider life as a game and people as players. As there are multiple chess pieces, therefore, we have multiple chess game tattoos ideas.

king and queen chess pieces tattoo designs

2. The most common chess tattoo idea is the tattoo of king piece and queen piece. Here is a king chess piece tattoo design on the forearm of this boy.
Awesome King Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. This chess tattoo design seems to be inspired by the house of Spongebob SquarePants. Don’t you agree?
3D Chess Queen Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. A beautiful idea for chess tattoo would be to try 3D style. Here is a 3D chess tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
3D Chess Tattoos Ideas For Man

5. Many people do not like the normal and single king piece tattoo design. In such a case, you can add another king piece to the tattoo just like this.
Best Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. If you like indoor games and chess is your favorite among them then you will surely admire this mix-up tattoo design.
Bishop Chess Tattoos Design On Arms

7. If you are an avid chess player then you will surely know that chess pieces come in different styles and sizes. Here is a small size chess piece tattoo design.
Black And White Chess Board Games

8. While boys should try king piece tattoo design, girls should opt for queen piece tattoos. Here is a beautiful queen piece tattoo design on the forearm of this girl.
Brown Color Chess Tattoos Design On Calf

9. You can mix up two different kinds of tattoos along with chess piece tattoos. For example, this is a teddy bear tattoo along with chess tattoo design.
Chess Board And King Tattoos Design On Arms

10. This chess board tattoo design is amazingly impressive because of the detailed designing of the chessboard. If you want to win at chess every time then you should read this guide .
Chess Board And King Tattoos Design On Biceps

11. This is a weird chess tattoo design showing a skelton king tattoo hugging a skelton queen tattoo.
Chess King And Queen Tattoos Design On Biceps

12. Chess piece tattoos are one of the most popular couple tattoo design because of the king and queen pieces.
Chess King And Queen Tattoos Design On Legs

13. I would not recommend writing the word king along with the King Piece tattoo design but if the font is awesome like this then go for it.
Chess King Font Tattoos Design

14. If you opt for king and queen couple tattoo design then forearm is the best place to have it.
Chess King Tattoos Design For Women

15. I do not understand the logic of adding chess board behind the king piece tattoo but if you want it then here is a design for you.
Chess King Tattoos Design On Hands

16. Another popular design apart from king piece tattoo and queen piece tattoo is the chess knight tattoo design.
Chess Knight Tattoos Design On Hands

17. If you do not want chess king piece tattoo or queen piece tattoo then you should try Chess bishop tattoo design.
Chess Pawns Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. People also admire chess pawn tattoo design but they are not as popular as king tattoo or queen tattoo.
Chess Pawns Tattoos Design On Ideas

19. Coloring is important in chess tattoo design especially if you want to have a chessboard tattoo.
Chess Tattoo Tumblr

20. I liked this chess king tattoo design because it is perfectly placed between the chest just like brock lesnar’s dagger tattoo.
Chess Tattoos Design On Chest

21. Chess pieces come in two colors Black and White. It is also important to choose the color of your chess piece tattoo.
Chess Tattoos Design On Pinterest

22. This chess king piece tattoo design is unique because of the realistic shading given to it.
Chess Tattoos Design Pictures

23. I don’t think a chess board tattoo design with all the chess pieces on it would look awesome but still many people admire such design.
Chess Tattoos Design

24. This king and queen chess tattoo design is very neat and it will suit of couples who recently came into relationship.
Chess Tattoos For Women

25. How about adding horse style hairs to the chess knight tattoo design? It would look cool like this.
Chess Tattoos On Tumblr

26. Chess tattoo designs have one quality. Even if they fade away they will still look super cool just like this.
Chess Watercolor King Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. Another cool chess king and queen tattoo idea for couple is that you can add name of your significant other to it.
Chessboard Tattoo Meaning

28. If you chess tattoo design fade away quickly then you can add vibrant colors to it.
Colored Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. I don’t why most people choose black king or black queen tattoo design, I would prefer a white chess piece tattoo design.
Fabulous And Cool Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

30. I would never advise you to get a complete chess board tattoo design with all the chess pieces because it will look too weird.
Full Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

31. This chess knight tattoo design seems to pulled out from a Disney coloring book and I loved it.
Full Size Chess Knight Tattoos Design On Rib

32. Instead of going for black and white chess pieces you can opt for other colors and it will look amazing too.
Geometric Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. I would strongly suggest you try 3D king piece or queen piece tattoo design as it will stand out of all other tattoo designs.
Gorgeous King Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

34. You can give a harry potter style look to your king or queen tattoo design as they will look amazingly impressive.
Graphic Chess Tattoos Design For Men

35. A true tattoo artist can come up with brilliant chess tattoo design such as this.
King And Pawn Chess Tattoos Design On Hand

36. While boys can opt for any kind of chess piece tattoo design girl will love feminine chess piece tattoo design.
Knight Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

37. Another chess tattoo idea for girls would be to add stars or sparkle around the chess piece tattoo.
New Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. This matching king and queen tattoo design is made attractive by the unique red sun shade given in the background.
Nice Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

39. If you want to define your relationship with your better half then this is probably the best design. The king only bows down to his queen.
Purple And Blakc Color Chess Tattoos Design

40. I don’t think a king chess piece tattoo behind the ear is a good idea. This chess tattoo will look better on rib cage.
Queen Chess Tattoos Design Behind On Ear

41. Placement matters a lot in tattoo designing and it is clearly evident from this beautiful king piece tattoo design on forearm.
Queen Chess Tattoos Design On Forearm

42. Again bicep is not a good place to have king or queen piece tattoo designs as they might fade away into uneven shape.
Queen Chess Tattoos For Women

43. This king chess piece tattoo design seems to be inspired from the medieval chess pieces.
Simple Chess King Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. King piece tattoos are not necessarily for boys and queen piece tattoos are not just for girls. Devoted couples can switch these tattoos and dedicate them to each other.
Simple Chess Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. A Knight chess piece tattoo design will mostly suit bachelors who consider themselves as dark horses of a race.
Water Color Chess Knight Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. King and Queen Chess piece tattoos for couple could be made even better by adding a beautiful MR. and MRS. Sign.
What Chess Pieces Represent

47. Chess Pawn tattoos will only suit young siblings especially brothers who are in Navy or army.
White And Black Color Chess Pawn Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. Couples should avoid getting 3D king and queen tattoos as they might look confusing after some time (fading away time).
Wonderful Tattoos Design And Ideas

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