50+ Cool Gangster Tattoos For Females (2024)

Gangster tattoos are popular only among people who like such a lifestyle. Although I would not suggest such tattoo design but many people like such tattoos because they look good as temporary tattoos. Here are 50 stylish gangster tattoos designs for men and women –

Gangster Clown Tattoos

1. Female gangsters are often imagined wearing caps too so you should add it to your tattoo design too.
Gangster Tattoos

2. One very important part of gangster tattoos is guns and you can make any portrait tattoo design holding guns.
Amazing Gangsta Tattoos Design For Men

3. People often admire powerful women so you can have a lady gangster tattoo design on your shoulder or arm.
3D Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Another popular modification asked in gangster tattoos is to add the skull jaw bone design in the portrait of the gangster.
Beautiful Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

5. This gangster tattoo design seems to be inspired from the famous Batman villain –Catwoman. She looks like Mila Kunis.
Best 3D Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas
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6. I don’t think the head is an ideal place to have any kind of tattoos but then again gangster tattoos need to stand out of the crowd.
Best Gangsta Tattoos Design On Neck

7. If you want to pick up any popular movie gangster for your tattoo design then I would recommend you to opt for Bill the Butcher Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis) tattoo from the film Gangs of New York.
Black And Gray Color Gangsta Tattoos Design

8. Is it Real? Am I imagining stuff or is it American president George Washington wearing gangsta attire? I guess such tattoo designs will be offensive.
Cool Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. Gangster term was coined in the 1800s but people were involved in organized crime in early centuries too.
Dangerous Gangsta Tattoos Design

10. This is a modern day take on gangster tattoos where the young man is seen wearing an undercut hairstyle and smoking. This article tells about the most infamous gangsters of all time.
Fabulous Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas
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gangster girl tattoo meaning

11. Gangsters are often imagined wearing strange masks and face covers. So you should add it to your tattoo to give it a realistic look.
Fake Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. You will be surprised to know that there are certain quotes popular within the organized crime community. You can get gangster quote tattoos on your body.
Fantastic Gangsta Tattoos Design

13. If you pick up a female gangster tattoo design then make sure the eyes of the tattooed girl are looking beautiful.
Full Arm Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. Shoulder is the second best place to get gangster tattoos. You have to pick up small to medium size gangsta tattoos for this.
American Gangsta Tattoos Design

15. Gangsters often have hideous scars on their body. You can either show it in your tattoo or can ignore it.
Gangsta Girls Tattoos Design On Tattoos

16. You can re-imagine various film villains in gangster attire. I bet the resulting tattoo design will look amazing.
Gangsta Joker Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. Another important feature of gangster tattoos is the smile. You should show a grinning gangster in your tattoo design.
Gangsta Mask Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. Instead of going for gangsta tattoos you can pick up your favorite rapper and have his portrait as your tattoo design.
Gangsta Pin Up Boy Tattoos Design

19. Al Capone is cited as the most infamous gangster of all time. You can have an al Capone tattoo but surely then people will give weird looks.
Gangsta Style Tattoos Design And Ideas

20. Each hood and gang have its own dress code. If you wish you can have a gangster tattoo design wearing a unique kind of dress.
Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

gangster tattoos for females

21. I would not advise you to go for a full back gangster tattoo design because it will not suit your personality.
Gangsta Tattoos Design Full Back Side

22. Shoulder and bicep is the best place to have gangster tattoos and in my opinion, one should have such tattoos on bicep only.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Biceps

23. Calf is also a good option for gangster tattoos but don’t have a female gangster tattoo design on calf.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Calf

24. Instead of opting for gangster portrait tattoos or gangster memorial tattoos you can opt for gun tattoos and they will look equally amusing.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Chest For Men

25. Gangster tattoo design are often inspired from 1930s criminals such as Al Capone and John Dillinger.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Chest

26. You can even opt for peaceful tattoos instead of gangster tattoos and I think they will look better instead of gangsta tattoos.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Forearm

27. A creative tattoo artist can come up with a brilliant gangsta tattoo idea like this where the hood of the girl is inked on the fingers thus giving the tattoo a unique look.
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Hands

28. How about imagining pirates in Gangsta look? Ever thought of Gangsta Hook instead of Captain Hook? (From Peter Pan Stories)
Gangsta Tattoos Design On Upper Backside

29. Rockstar games produced the bestselling video game Grand Theft Auto and you can have gangsta tattoos inspired from the same game.
Gangsta Tattoos Designa On Chest

30. I don’t know why all female gangster tattoos are shown wearing face painting but I think It will distinguish your gangsta tattoo from other female tattoos.
Gangsta Tattoos Font And Lettring

gangster girl with gun tattoo

31. If you really want to add face painting to your female gangster tattoo design then you should opt for spider web painting as it will give a realistic look.
Gangsta Tattoos Generator

32. If you have seen in the city then I bet you might be attracted to the character of Jessica Alba and you can have gangster tattoo design inspired by that character.
Gangsta Tattoos Girls Design

33. Face structure of the tattoo design matters a lot and you surely don’t want people to laugh at your gangster tattoos.
Gangsta Tattoos Tumblr

34. Charlize theorn rocked in many negative roles and you can have a tattoo that reimagine the actress in a gangsta role.
Gangsta Teardrop Tattoos Design

35. Gangsters are not just known for their illegal activities but also for their lavish and flamboyant lifestyle. You can show gangster cars in your tattoo design.
Gangster Car Tattoos Design On Stomach

36. Here is another portrait of famous gangster Al Capone who is widely cited as the most feared gangster of all time.
Gangster Face Tattoos Design On Biceps

37. What’s it with boys getting attracted to girls who like danger and risks? If you are one such dude then you can send out a clear message through your tattoo design.
Gangster Tattoos Design For Boys

38. This tattoo design seems to be inspired by the movies of Guy Ritchie who is famous for making dark comedy movies on the gangster theme.
Gangster Tattoos Design On Biceps

39. Many rappers and rap groups became hugely popular in pop culture due to their lyrics depicting the gangster lifestyle. You can have a tattoo of NWA or Notorious B.I.G.
Gangster Tattoos Design On Forearms

40. Gangster tattoo designs are ideal as cover up tattoos and they can be used to hide tattoo that went wrong or birth marks.
Gangster Tattoos Design On Thigh

gangster girl tattoo

41. One really cool gangster cover up tattoo idea would be to show the scar on the body part of the gangster.
Gangster Tattoos For Female

42. There are many artistic illustrations of gangster lifestyle that are available on image sharing sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and deviant art. You can pick up your gangsta tattoo design from those images.
Gangster Tattoos Sleeves

43. Many guys are attracted towards Korean female gangsters and this is because of the success of crime Korean movies.
Glamorous Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. This gangsta tattoo design seems to be inspired from the film Mad Max or probably from ‘Escape from New York’. Either way, it is a beautiful design.
Latest Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. I don’t think teenage boys or girls should have gangster tattoo as it will send wrong signals to the society.
Mexican Gangsta Tattoos Design On Arms

46. Eye patches are usually considered to be important attire part of pirates but gangster too can be imagined with eye patches.
New Gangsta Tattoos Design On Hands

47. One of the most recommended gangster tattoo design would be that of Harley Quinn, especially one that is inspired by the portrayal of Margot Robbie in suicide squad.
Pretty Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. Coloring is important in gangster tattoo so you must add dark colors in gangsta tattoos.
Simple Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. Moustache and beard are also important part of gangster tattoo and that is why one should add them.
Skull Gangsta Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. Gangster portrait tattoo design will not look good on foot or palm.
Wonderful Gangsta Tattoos Design

Which gangster tattoo design you loved the most?

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