50+ Unique Ankle Tattoos For Guys (2024) Tribal Designs

The popularity of ankle tattoos was increased by professionals and day time workers. This is because many companies restrict to have tattoos on the body. Therefore many people opt for places on the body that could be tattooed easily and then can be hidden under clothes.

The ankle is one such body part and amazingly many boys and girls love to have tattoos on their ankles. We here present you the 50 most impressive ankle tattoos designs that could be used by both men and women. Here are 50 attractive ankle tattoos –

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

1. Here is another variation of anchor tattoo on the ankle. This one would suit more on girls.
Ankle Tattoos

2. Quote tattoo might look meaningless (and confusing) on ankle. But if it is dedicated to someone you love then you must try it.
Beautiul Love Word Ankle Tattoos Design

3. For boys, I would suggest a horseshoe tattoo design on the ankle. Horseshoe tattoo is considered lucky by many and it is best suited on foot or ankle.
Alpha Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Anchor tattoo designs will also look meaningful on the ankle. This is because the anchor tattoo represents stability and power. If you are a gym loving person then you know how important leg exercises are.
Anchor Tattoos Design On Ankle

5. If you want to have a temporary tattoo design then I would suggest you have a tattoo of your favorite movie or book character.
Angel Tattoos Design On Ankle
flower tattoo designs men

Ankle Tattoos Designs

6. Colorful tattoos won’t last long on the ankle. This is because your ankle would be more exposed to dust and pollution. If you are a stay at home person then you should opt for it.
Ankle Biter Tattoos Design And Ideas

7. Bow or ribbon tattoos look better on upper part of body but you can try it on ankle too.
Ankle Tattoos For Women

8. Name tattoo looks appropriate on almost any part of the body. If you want to ink your own name on your body then ankle is the best place for it.
Best Ali Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. Girls can always opt for anklet tattoos and it will perfectly suit them. Here is a beautiful anklet tattoo design on ankle.
Best Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. While flower tattoos are mostly suggested to males but if any boy is interested in flower tattoos then the ankle is the perfect place to get them. Do you know what the bible says about tattoos you should read it?
Black Color Flower Tattoos Design And Ideas
sleeve tattoo ideas for women

Tribal Ankle Tattoos

11. If you live in a country that inhabits a special animal breed (such as Kangaroo in Australia and Panda in china) then you can get their silhouette as tattoo on your ankle.
Camel Tattoos Design On Ankle

12. Most girls love cats and therefore I would suggest them to get a cat tattoo design on their ankle like this.
Cat Crossing Tattoos Design On Ankle

13. Here is another beautiful variation of anklet tattoo design where the tattoo artist added flowers to the anklet.
Chain Tattoos Design For Women Ankle

14. Most girls like a tiny and subtle tattoo design. For this ankle is one of the best places. Here is a small palm tree tattoo design on the ankle.
Cool Small Tree Ankle Tattoos Design

15. King and queen tattoo design are very popular among boys and girls. A boy can get a king crown tattoo design on ankle.
Crown Tattoos Design On Ankle

16. Girls have huge variety of flower tattoo designs to choose from. Here is a chrysanthemum tattoo design on ankle.
Cute Ankle Flower Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. I don’t know why a man would choose chainsaw tattoo design on the ankle but again ankle is a good place to get weird tattoos.
Cute Little Chainsaw Ankle Tattoos Design For Man

18. Game of Thrones is equally popular among both boys and girls. If you are a GOT fan then you can try a house sigil tattoo on your ankle.
Deer Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. You can also have a tattoo of your favorite pet on your ankle. As I love dogs so here is a dog tattoo design on the ankle of a lady.
Dog Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

20. Anklet tattoo design can be mixed up with various other designs. Here is an anklet tattoo design mixed up with a dreamcatcher tattoo design.
Dreamcatcher Tattoos Design And Ideas

Unique Ankle Tattoo Designs

21. This beautiful elephant tattoo design perfectly suits up for an ankle tattoo. I would suggest this to girls.
Elephant Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

22. There are many temporary tattoo designs too that can be done on ankle. Here is a temporary fire flame tattoo design for ankle.
Fire Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. Ankle tattoos fade away sooner than later so you can redesign an old tattoo design with vibrant colors just like this.
Flamingo Small Tattoos Design On Ankle

24. The space on the ankle is not enough for large or complicated tattoos. So if you choose such design then remember it can only be achieved by an experienced tattoo artist.
Flower Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

25. There is a rumor online that ankle tattoos will hinder performance in exercises especially in cardio. That is not entirely true.
Hallowen Tattoos Design On Ankle

26. Shaving is a must before getting an ankle tattoo. So make sure you have no hairs on your ankle when you get an ankle tattoo design.
Japanese Font Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

27. For women ankle tattoo design will look even better with pedicures. You can have a temporary ankle tattoo design before opting for a permanent tattoo.
Little Ankle Tattoos Symbol Design

28. It is hard for a tattoo artist to make a realistic tattoo on the ankle but if you find one then try a real looking ankle tattoo.
Little Fuscia Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. You can ink your favourite cartoons or celebrities portrait on your ankle as it is good place for odd and off beat tattoos.
Looney Tune Tattoos Design On Ankle

30. One perfect tattoo design for girls is mermaid tattoo design and ankle is best place to have them.
Mermaid Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

Ladies Ankle Tattoos

31. Teen boys and teen girls should try colourful ankle tattoo design just like this. You will surely love them.
Micky Mouse Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. If you are getting ready for Halloween party or any other costume party then you should wear a weird ankle tattoo design.
Monster Tattoos Design On Ankle

33. Mathematical signs or geometrical symbols are also good ankle tattoo idea especially for those who have keen interest in science and mathematics.
New Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

34. One benefit of getting small tattoos on the ankle is that you can hide them easily under shoes whenever you wish to.
Nice Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

35. Some people consider ankle tattoos to be a bad idea. If you are one among them then try at least a temporary tattoo design on the ankle and you can easily judge it later.
Pink Color Unicorn Tattoos Design

36. If you have a soft skin then you must know that ankle tattoos can leave a bruising on your shin.
Rabit Ankle Tattoos Design For Women

37. Here is another beautiful flower tattoo design idea for ankle.
Red Rose Ankle Tattoos Design For Men

38. Boys can try bracelet tattoo design on their ankles. It would look even better if it is thick and broad.
Roman Numerals Ankle Tattoos Design And Idea

39. Boys are more attracted to devil tattoo then girls so I would suggest them to get a devil tattoo on ankle.
Scary Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. Quote, the tattoo looks better on the upper part of the body but if your ankle is exposed most of the time then you can try a quote tattoo on ankle.
Small Ankle Tattoos Design For Boys

41. One very cute ankle tattoo idea would be to get a bunny tattoo. Here is one example.
Small Rabbit Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. I would always favor small tattoos on the ankle as compared to large size. You yourself can see how beautiful small tattoos look on the ankle.
Spongbob Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. If you want tattoos on both ankle then one really good idea would be to have sun and moon tattoo where one ankle would be inked with sun tattoo and other with moon tattoo.
Sun Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. Ankle tattoos are popular among couples too. You can have a matching ankle tattoo design with your significant other.
Tattoos Colored Ring Design On Ankle

45. Brothers and Sisters too can try matching ankle tattoo design and one cool idea would be to get their favorite toy tattooed on the ankle.
Teddy Bear Tattoos Design On Ankle

46. One off beat ankle tattoo idea would be to have a galaxy or solar system tattoo design on ankle just like this.
Top Galaxy Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. If you get a palm tree tattoo design on ankle then make sure that it is not too large and long otherwise it will ruin the beauty of ankle.
Tree Tattoos Design On Ankle

48. Never get two or three small size tattoos on ankle. Just one good small ankle tattoo would be sufficient.
Very Small Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. Most people consider shoulder to be the best place for angel wings tattoos but you can try angel wings on ankles too. /strong>
Wing Tattoos Design On Ankle

50. Last but not the least idea for ankle tattoo would be a world map. Here is a small size world map tattoo on ankle.
World Map Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

So which ankle tattoo design you liked the most and would love to have it on your body?

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