50+ Simple Tree Tattoos For Men (2024) Ideas & Designs With Meaning

People are often looking for unique ways to deliver good messages to people. Tattoos have a long-lasting impression and therefore many global warming enthusiasts use this tactic to send a message of wildlife and nature conservation.

This is the reason why tree tattoos are getting popular lately. To send a positive message you surely need to have a good tree tattoo design. Here we have selected 50 amazing tree tattoos that can change the point of view of people regarding climate change and global warming –

Palm Tree Tattoos

1. There are thousands of tree species and you might get confused about which tree type you should get tattooed. I would suggest you pick one that you have either planted or spent your childhood with.
tree tattoos arm

2. Generally, Palm tree tattoos are way more popular than any other tree tattoos because palm trees are found on the beach and people love beaches.
Best Tree Tattoos

3. A good tree tattoo idea would be to show the ill effects caused by a human on nature. Here is a design where half the tree is shown green while the other half is grey.
Tree Tattoos Arm

4. Tree tattoos can also be a good memorial tattoo. Consider yourself lucky if your parents taught you to plant trees and even planted one with you. You can get the tree species inked on your body.
Tree Of Life Tattoos

5. Another cool tree tattoo idea would be to mix up a tree tattoo design along with the wildlife animal that you consider to be important. Here is a mix up of tree and bear tattoo design.
Bear With Tree Tattoos
knitting tattoos designs

Small Tree Tattoos

6. Trees are a house of many bird species so a cool tree tattoo idea would be to show birds either sitting on it or just flying around it.
Tree Tattoos

7. Tree tattoos can also be done in gothic style. All you have to do is to show a full moon behind the tree along night birds like an owl or even vulture.
Half Sleeve Tree Tattoos

8. Usually people opt green color for tree tattoos but you can also go for thick black ink like this for your tree tattoo design.
Dark Tree Tattoos

9. Only a creative tattoo artist can come up with such a beautiful and brilliant tree tattoo design. Here the artist modified the yin yang sign and added a tree inside. On one side is a birdcage and on the other side is flying birds thus showing the balance of good and bad.
Tree Ring Tattoos

10. You can also add symbols and signs that are used for wildlife conservation and climate conservation in your tree tattoo design.Do you know about these benefits of trees that are not only good for humans but other animals too.
Cute Tree Tattoos
country girl tattoo designs

Pine Tree Tattoos

11. A very simple yet heart touching tree tattoo idea would be to opt for any kind of tree tattoo but fill it up with watercolour such as this.
Watercolor Tree Tattoos

12. Trees are alive too and we should not cut them for our selfish purposes. Here is an animated tree tattoo design that shows this.
Cool Tree Tattoos

13. Different species of tree tattoos will have different meaning but one common message that could be conveyed through all is to save plants and save the planet.
Bodhi Tree Tattoos

14. Many tree species are considered sacred in various religions. You can have religious symbol added to your tree tattoo design like this.
Rowan Tree Tattoos

15. It is not necessary for you to opt for just one particular tree species. You can have a tree tattoo design of multiple tree species as this.
The Meaning Of Tree Tattoos

Willow Tree Tattoo

16. Many people use the ashes of late family members to grow trees. If you have done something like this then you surely get a memorial tree tattoo design.
Family Tree Tattoos

17. Mostly tree tattoo designs are black and white but you can opt for colored tree tattoo designs too and it need not have to be green color.
Maple Tree Tattoos

18. Kids love to have a treehouse. If you ever build a treehouse with your parents then you surely would admire this detailed treehouse tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Tree Thigh Tattoos

19. Tree tattoos will look even more beautiful with powerful quotes. You can add quotes that send message regarding pollution and climate change.
Fig Tree Tattoos

20. Instead of opting for just one tree tattoo design you can also show a forest. Here is a forest tattoo design consisting of oak trees.
Lil Tree Tattoos

Tree Of Life Tattoos

21. Trees changes color in various seasons and it can go from all green to orange to gray to white (covered in snow). You can show the effects of seasons in your tree tattoo design.
Tree Tattoos Men

22. You don’t have to go for a detailed and life-like tree tattoo design. A sweet, simple and small size tree tattoo design like this will also look beautiful.
Oak Tree Tattoos

23. Many artists suggest adding mountains and rivers to your tree tattoo design so that the tattoo can get a realistic look. Here is a tree mountain tattoo design for you to consider.
Back Tree Tattoos

24. If you want tree tattoo on a larger body part like back or chest then you should pick tree species like Banyan. These trees are huge and will look amazing on back.
Old Tree Tattoos

25. The beauty of this tree tattoo design on the back of this lady lies in the fact that the tattoo artist added pink-colored flowers to a tree that shed down. It sends a message of hope and positivity.
Tree Tattoos With Quotes

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

26. The forearm is also a good place to have tree tattoos but instead of opting for trees with the huge stem you should opt for trees with thin stems and fewer branches.
Skull Tree Tattoos

27. Oak tree tattoos are very popular in the tattoo community. Most people opt for green oak tattoos but a shed oak tree will also look good.
Small Tree Tattoos

28. Even though people opt for large size tree tattoos you can have small and tiny tree tattoos like this too.
Tiny Tree Tattoos

29. One beautiful fact about tree tattoos is that you can add them to other tattoo designs too and they will perfectly mix up with them. For example here is a tree tattoo design mixed up with a bracelet tattoo.
Tree Tattoos For Men

30. A good combination would be tree and moon tattoo design but remember to pick up full moon for such designs.
Pine Tree Tattoos

Oak Tree Tattoo

31. There are many beautiful drawings and paintings of trees that can be adapted for tattooing. Here is one that seems to be inspired from Lord of the Rings books.
Tree Tattoos For Women

32. Tree tattoos can also be given a scary touch. For example, this tree tattoo design on the forearm of this boy has a weird stem and is an an odd shape.
Tree Tattoos For Guys

33. Pine tree tattoos are also good option. They can be tried either on arm or on back like this.
Simple Tree Tattoos

34. A creative tree tattoo idea would be to show a tree inside a globe and it will have a deep meaning. It will represent that earth is nothing without trees.
Color Tree Tattoos

35. You can also show a human portrait along with tree tattoos to show that how much we neglect the importance of trees in out life.
Dead Tree Tattoos

Tree and Moon Tattoo

36. If you want to show a shed treed then pick up oak tree because it has a long lasting impression.
Tree Tattoos On Biceps

37. You can also try Christmas tree tattoos and for this, you have to add the lightning and gifts around the tree. You can add reminders and Santa Clause too.
Realistic Tree Tattoos

38. You can search about long living tree species such as Redwood trees and pick up a design for that particular species.
Circle Tree Tattoos

39. A landscape tattoo design is incomplete without trees. If you opt for a landscape tattoo design then add a mountain, a river and a pine tree.
Tree Designs Tattoos

40. Even though tree tattoos are not popular among siblings but still if you and your brother care for our mother earth and want to send a powerful message to society then you can try a matching tree tattoo design.
Wicked Tree Tattoos

Bodhi Tree Tattoos

41. There is no need to go for tiny tree tattoo designs because such tattoos will be confusing. Instead you can opt for a leaf tattoo design. Here is a tiny tree tattoo on the finger of this woman.
Tree Tattoos On Finger

42. I would not suggest you have such huge tree tattoo design on your full back but for temporary tattoo designs, this one is the best.
Tree Back Tattoos

43. If you want to show colorful leaves on your tree tattoo then I would suggest you use pastel colors as it will make your tattoo more lively.
Tree Tattoos Ideas

44. Here is another variation of gothic tree tattoo design where the artist made multiple tree tattoos along with a full moon and few flying birds.
Tree Forearm Tattoos

45. Tree tattoos are not ideally suggested as cover up tattoos but they can be used to cover up a small part of the body. You can opt for tree sleeve tattoos like this.
Tree Sleeve Tattoos

Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

46. Placement of tree tattoos can really give the tattoo a unique look. For example here is a tree tattoo on the hand of a boy and the branches are spread all over the palm.
Tree Tattoos On Wrist

47. There are many temporary tree tattoos available online that you can choose from. I would suggest to opt for a watercolour tree tattoo.
Leg Tree Tattoos

48. Is there a hidden meaning for this weird tree tattoo design on the rib cage of this boy? What do you think?
Tree Bird Tattoos

49. If you are a budding tattoo artist then you can try a watercolour tree tattoo design like this on the wrist.
Wrist Tree Tattoos

50. One very strong message that you can send with your tree tattoo design is that human beings should never be arrogant because even trees bend down to give shelter to more lives.
Willow Tree Tattoos

Why would you like to have a tree tattoo on your body?

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