50+ Back Spine Tattoos for Women (2024) Tribal, Flower & Quotes

Backbone tattoos or spine tattoos can be the most attractive tattoo on the body due to their unique location. However, people often choose silly designs to get tattooed on their spine. First of all, let me clear you that spine tattoos can be painful and if you are thinking of getting your whole spine inked then you should have strong determination for it. Here we have chosen 50 amazing spine tattoo designs that will suit both men and women –

Spine Tattoos Male

1. Arrow tattoos are the perfect choice for spine tattoos and if you want a large size arrow tattoo on your body then backbone is the perfect place for this.
Back Tattoos for Men

2. Spine tattoo design need not to just be on the spine only. You can expand them on the back too. Here is a flowering vine that covers the middle portion of the back including the spine.
Amazing Spine Tattoos Design For Girls

3. If you want to try offbeat spine tattoo designs then I would suggest you try biomechanical tattoo designs. Here is a quirky backbone tattoo on this lady.
3d Spine Tattoos For Girls Back

4. One commonly suggested spine tattoo idea is to have a quote or bible verse inked vertically across your spine bone just like this.
Arabic Spine Tattoo Quotes

5. The problem with quote tattoos on spine tattoos is that they are hard to read but a good thing is that they can only be read and understood by people who are really close to you.
Arabic Spine Tattoos Tumblr

6. Yes, they do. Instead of trying a full quote tattoo on your back, I would suggest you try one word or two-word tattoo design like this. It will look more meaningful on the lower spine.
Are Spine Tattoos Bearable

7. If you want your spine quote tattoo to be readable then you have to keep two things in mind. One it should be short and meaningfully. Second, it should be in the medium to a large font like this.
Are Spine Tattoos Painful

8. You can try spine tattoos that not lengths up from top to bottom but just remain on one portion. Here is a flower tattoo on the backbone that seems to be inspired by a painting of Pablo Picasso.
Are Spine Tattoos Trashy

9. Spine tattoos are painful. So a smart choice would be to opt for temporary tattoos on the backbone. You can have watercolor flower tattoos on backbone like this.
Back Spine Tattoo Designs

10. Flower pattern looks beautiful on the backbone and you can have multiple flower tattoos or a vine that shows flowers of various sizes like this. Before getting a tattoo make sure you are aware of your spine condition and common problems.
Back Spine Tattoos Tumblr

spine bible verse tattoo

11. If you want to have a real tattoo on the spine but want to avoid all the pain then I would suggest you try geometrical tattoos because the needle won’t touch the body much in such designs.
Base Of Spine Tattoos

12. Another cool offbeat tattoo idea for the spine is to try a quote tattoo but in another language. Chinese and Japanese quote tattoos are a perfect contender for this because their words are small and you can have a long quote on the spine despite using few characters.
Beautiful Spine Tattoos Tumblr

13. You can have a mix up of both a flower tattoo and a quote tattoo design but the quote have to be really short and the flower should not be large in size.
Beautiful Spine Tattoos

14. Instead of trying for meaningless tattoos you can have a realistic backbone tattoo design on your spine. You can ask the artist for a neo-tribal backbone tattoo on the spine like this but don’t have any other tattoo on back.
Best Spine Tattoos

15. This is not a random circle tattoo design but it is inspired by the art of acupuncture in which it is believed that you can press various joints of the body to relieve yourself from pain.
Bottom Of Spine Tattoos

16. If you have any problem in the spine then don’t get a tattoo. Many tribal patterns can be tried on the backbone and one among them is to have a pattern where lines run across spine bone but do not lie above the backbone.
Can Spine Tattoos Paralyze You

17. You can have random mysterious symbols inked on your backbone or even better you can have ancient tribal symbols tattooed. Here is one spine tattoo that shows 5 important part of life.
Celebrities With Spine Tattoos

18. Okay, this paw line tattoo on the spine could be painful but you can see it yourself that how beautiful the result is. So, in my opinion, it is worth it if you are a pet lover.
Cost Of Spine Tattoos

19. If you are a book lover then a unique tattoo idea for you would be to get tattooed with a bookshelf that shows titles of all your favorite books.
Dangers Of Spine Tattoos

20. Tattoo artist often thinks that they can have a spine tattoo only that runs across the backbone. Here is a different idea where the artist spread the tattoo on the shoulders and then brought the line down to the spine.
Elegant Spine Tattoos

bible verse spine tattoo

21. This spine tattoo design is inspired from henna designs or mehandi patterns. You will find a lot of mehndi patterns online and you can try them on your backbone.
Female Spine Back Tattoos

22. An interesting spine tattoo idea would be to start from the bottom, a tree tattoo. Grow the tree each year (on your birthday) and see how long it goes.
Female Spine Tattoos Gallery

23. Here is another temporary tattoo design that is made using watercolor and pastel. You can see the beauty of this tattoo where the artist perfectly combined the color to give a unique and long-lasting impression.
Flower Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

24. People usually don’t try Egyptian glyph but in my opinion, it is one of the most charming calligraphy on the planet. You can have a coded message on your backbone using Egyptian.
Girl Spine Tattoos Tumblr

25. When people opt for sun and moon tattoos they just try the usual designs but I would suggest you try a hanging moon tattoo and spine is the best place for it.
Girl Spine Tattoos

26. Instead of trying quotes or words a really cool idea is to try your own name in another language inked on your body. For example, how would you write Katy Perry on Sanskrit?
Greek Spine Tattoos

27. If you are looking for a memorial tattoo design then a unique idea is to try a Roman numeral tattoo on your backbone. Get tattooed with the date of birth and date of death of your loved one (in Roman numerals) on your spine like this.
Guys With Spine Tattoos

28. You opt for a flower vine tattoo design on your back then you can make It unique and attractive by starting it from deep down.
Japanese Spine Tattoos

29. Here is another beautiful flower tattoo design on the backbone and the artist didn’t covered the whole back for it.
Kanji Spine Tattoos

30. This tribal pattern across the spine is perfectly inked as it runs parallel with the backbone. It would be less painful and therefore it would recommend it.
Karrueche Spine Tattoo Meaning

bible verse tattoo down spine

31. If you want to have a flower tattoo on your backbone then, first of all, pick up the right kind of flower for yourself. I would advise you to either try a lotus flower tattoo or a daisy flower tattoo.
Ladies Spine Tattoo Designs

32. Another less painful spine tattoo idea is to try flying bird tattoo. You can show multiple small birds flying across your backbone.
Latin Spine Tattoos

33. There would be no better spine tattoo for a boy than an armor tattoo. You can try a chest piece armor tattoo design that will cover up your chest and back both.
Lilly Spine Tattoos

34. If you want to have a cover up tattoo on your spine then I would suggest you try biomechanical tattoo as they perfectly cover up the whole back and looks beautiful.
Long Spine Tattoos

35. You have already seen how a Chinese symbol tattoo design will look on the backbone. Here is how a Japanese quote tattoo design will look like on spine.
Lotus And Fonts Spine Tattoos Designs

36. Instead of trying a normal flower tattoo design on backbone I would suggest you to try a flower tattoo that is tattooed using geometrical shapes.
Lotus Spine Tattoos On Pinterest

37. Have you ever seen sweet pea flower vine? It is one of the most beautiful flower vines in the world and you can get it tattooed on your spine.
Lower Spine Tattoos

38. Snake tattoos are also perfect for the spine but do not have just any normal kind of snake tattoo. Try a mysterious looking snake tattoo design like this.
Mandala Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

39. Dreamcatcher tattoos are also commonly tried on spine but I would suggest you try a circular tattoo design that is inspired by dreamcatcher tattoo just like this.
Mandala Spine Tattoos For Women

40. Apart from Chinese and Japanese alphabets, you can also try Arabic and Urdu symbols on your backbone. There are many meaningful Arabic quotes that can be tried on the spine.
Meaning Of Spine Tattoos

bible verse quote spine tattoos

41. So this girl decided to show the full circle of moon around the earth and I have to admit it is pretty. This is another less painful tattoo idea for back bone.
Moon Spine Tattoos For Girls

42. The coloring of this flower tattoo on backbone can be improved a lot but still it is a cool idea that can be tried by newbies.
Pink Flower Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. If you want a tattoo design that not covers your backbone but also your neck then here is a beautiful idea for you. Try a rose tattoo on your neck with its stem running across the spine.
Red Rose Spine Tattoos Design For Girls

44. You don’t need to try a tattoo on the whole spine. Here is a small size roman numeral tattoo that would look good on the upper spine or lower spine or even middle of the backbone.
Roman Numerical Spine Tattoos Designs

45. If you want to have a 3D tattoo on your spine then I would recommend you to find an experienced tattoo artist for it because such designs are really tough.
Rose Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

46. In place of trying flower vine you can have a leaf vine too and it will look equally beautiful.
Spine Leaf Tattoos Design For Girls

47. This beautiful watercolour tattoo on spine can be tried with real ink because it is so d@mn beautiful. Don’t you agree?
Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. Many beautiful book covers could be great tattoo designs. Here is a backbone tattoo that is inspired by the novel Mockingjay in The Hunger Games Book series.
Watercolor Blue Dream Spine Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

49. This beautiful flower tattoo design on the spine is even made more beautiful by the addition of vibrant colors. You can do this if your spine tattoo starts fading away.
Watercolor Tulip Spine Tattoos Design For Girls

50. Here is another offbeat tattoo design that you can try – a ziplock tattoo on backbone it would suit both boys and girls.
Zip Spine Tattoos Design Back For Men

Which backbone tattoo from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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