50+ Cute Knitting Tattoos For Women (2024)

Knitting tattoos are popular among women who love art and craft. Knitting is a favorite hobby of millions of women all around the world and many of them prefer to have tattoos that show their love for knitting. So we selected 50 very beautiful and awesome knitting themed tattoos for women. Here are 50 must-try tattoos for knitters –

Knitting Tattoos Ideas

1. Your knitting yarn tattoo does not have to be neat. You can show a realistic yarn tattoo which will be messed up.
Knitting Tattoos

2. Knitting tattoos can be opted on forearm only if you are not shy to show them off to anyone.
Amazing Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

3. If you love knitting then a cool tattoo idea would be to get the yarn tattoo in the shape of heart just like this.
3D Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. You can ask your tattoo artist to give your yarn tattoo a 3D look. Here is a 3D style knitting yarn tattoo.
Amazingly Quirky Knitting Tattoos

5. Another unique style of knitting tattoos is to show your favorite bird weaving sweaters using the knit like this.
Awesome Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas
roman numerals tattoo fonts

6. You can add a knitting related quote in your tattoo design. Of course, it would be funny and viewers will have a good laugh.
Beautiful Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

7. Here is how a pastel knitting tattoo design would look like. Even though there are multiple colors in this tattoo design yet it looks incomplete due to errors in detail.
Beautiful Sewing And Knitting Tattoo Designs

8. One thing that you can do is add a knit in the style of flower on your yarn tattoo design just like this.
Beautiul Knitting Tattoos Design On Biceps

9. You can make your knitting yarn tattoo design even more attractive by adding tattoos of your favorite flowers like this.
Best Amazing Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. Knitting tattoos are girly and feminine and you can give them even more girly look by adding a cute looking animal like this. Beginners can follow this guide to learn knitting step by step.
Blue Color Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas
tatuajes tumblr png para mujeres

knitting tattoo designs

11. Here is a beautiful knitting yarn tattoo design that is tattooed in the style of DNA structure.
Cool Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

12. I guess many knit lovers will agree with this quote. You can also try a similar quote tattoo inked just above your yarn tattoo.
Cute Knitting Tattoos Ideas For Men

13. Instead of opting for a large size knitting tattoo you can try a small knitting tattoo like this and that too inked in the shape of a heart.
Cute Little Knitting Ankle Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. You can get creative with the shape of your yarn ball in knitting tattoos. Here is a yarn ball inked like a snake.
Delightful Knitting Tattoos

15. The coloring is important in yarn and knitting tattoos. So I would recommend you to pick up your favorite color for yarn tattoos.
Fabulous And Cool Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

16. If you get a yarn tattoo in the shape of heart then do not let the thread falling here and there.
Fantastic Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

17. You also have a choice to show the number of knits in your yarn tattoo. Ideally, two knits will look good.
Gorgeous Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

18. This pastel yarn tattoo design may not last long but it will surely leave a long lasting impression in the mind of people.
Green Color Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. Instead of placing your quote just above your yarn tattoo I would advise you to get it inked below the yarn ball like this.
Knitter Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

20. A creative approach for yarn tattoos would be to show an animal outline tattoo but made up by using the thread of the yarn just as shown in this picture.
Knitting And Cat Tattoos Ideas For Women

small knitting tattoo

21. If you really want your knitting tattoo to be the best tattoo on your body then you must have it inked in a 3D style thereby giving unique look as shown here.
Knitting And Crochet Tattoos

22. You can have a simple yarn tattoo design in medium size and that too without the knits just like this.
Knitting Lady Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. Knitting tattoos are good options for memorial tattoos and you can have an angel ring placed over the head of knitting with the name of your loved written below.
Knitting Sleeve Tattoos Design And Ideas

24. This is a Japanese knit tattoo design where the knits are also shown as if they are mini swords for fighting.
Knitting Tattoos Design For Girls

25. Instead of inking the yarn ball in the shape of heart you can try a unique idea of modifying the knits in the style of heart like this.
Knitting Tattoos Design For Women

26. If you are dedicating your knitting tattoo to your mother or grandmother then I would suggest you get it in the shape of a heart and red color.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Back Side

27. Honestly, this looks less like a yarn ball and more like a broomstick. What do you think?
Knitting Tattoos Design On Calf

28. You can take your knitting tattoo design one step ahead by adding all the necessary instruments required for knitting in your tattoo design.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Hands

29. Women usually knit sweaters for their kids and grandchildren. So how about getting a knitting tattoo where the yarn is shaped like a sweater.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Stomach

30. Here the artist beautifully added daisy flower tattoos in the background of this yarn tattoo. It looks amazing due to the addition of scissors too.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Thigh

knitting pattern tattoo

31. You can also have a half sleeve knitting tattoo design and for this all you have to do is make long size knits in your tattoo design.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Tumblr

32. To be honest, small size knitting and yarn tattoos look way more beautiful than large knitting tattoos. Don’t you think so?
Knitting Tattoos Design On Women Biceps

33. The wrist is one of the best places to get knitting tattoos but one problem is that you have to compromise with the size of your tattoo.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Wrist For Men

34. Sisters can have matching knitting tattoos. All that they have to is try two or three small size yarn tattoos and color them accordingly.
Knitting Tattoos Design On Wrist

35. If you wish to write a word or quote on your yarn tattoo then I would recommend you to choose a fitting font for it.
Knitting Tattoos For Mom

36. This yarn tattoo design is ironical because it shows a heart shaped yarn being stabbed by two knits.
Knitting Tattoos Ideas For Women

37. If you already have a tattoo on your wrist, forearm or sleeve then do not try knitting tattoo near it or otherwise, both tattoos will look odd.
Knitting Tattoos On Pinterest

38. Instead of writing a quote or your loved ones’ name you can also opt for other words. It would be cool if they are made using yarn thread.
Knitting Tattoos Photos

39. Your word or quote tattoo should not fall out of place with your yarn tattoo design so make sure you choose a good font.
Knitting Tattoos Pictures

40. You can try a yarn tattoo design on your forearm and let the thread fall across your forearm up to your wrist.
Latest Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

sewing tattoo ideas

41. If you add an animal or bird tattoo with your yarn tattoo design then please get the knits inked carefully. Don’t get a finished version like this where the knit seems to be holing across the bird.
Little Knitting Tattoos Design On Upper Back Shoulder

42. The font selection of this quote tattoo along with the coloring of this yarn tattoo is absolutely perfect and I highly recommend it.
Love Quote With Knitting Tattoos Design

43. Instead of writing ‘MOM’ or ‘GRANDMOTHER’ in your yarn tattoo you can ink their names and it will look good too.
Lovely Tribute Tattoos Design On Biceps

44. If you use the same thread of the yearn to write a word or name in your yarn tattoo then make sure the color is not different or otherwise it will look dull.
Pink Color Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. If your yarn tattoo design starts fading away then use watercolours or pastel colors to restyle it like this.
Small Blue Color Knitting Tattoos Design On Forearm

46. Boys too can try yarn tattoos but they should write the name of their mother or grandmother along with the knitting tattoo.
Tiny Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. Yarn tattoo or knitting tattoos are bad choices for cover up tattoos so do not opt them if you are looking for a cover up tattoo design.
Top Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

48. Yarn tattoos are colorful so if you have them on visible body parts then there are high chances that they will fade away quickly.
Unique Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. In my opinion you should try a temporary knitting tattoo design like this before opting for a permanent tattoo.
Watercolor Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. You will find a lot of drawings of knitting tattoos on sites like pinterest, tumblr and deviantart.
Wonderful Knitting Tattoos Design And Ideas

So Which Knitting tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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