100+ Realistic Lion Tattoos For Men (2024) Tribal Traditional Designs

The lion is symbolic of courage and power. People like to have lion tattoos because this fierce animal knows no fear. It is probably the deadliest animal on our planet.

There are many variations of lion tattoos and therefore it gets confusing to pick which kind of lion tattoo. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Here we present you 115 best lion tattoos that would suit both men and women –

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Mountain Lion and Lioness Tattoos

1. Many people love to add geometrical shapes and symbols to their lion tattoo. You too can try geometrical symbols around your lion tattoo.
lion tattoos

lion and lioness tattoo

2. Personally, I admire the angry lion tattoo because they have this raw energy that easily overcomes all other feelings especially fear. If you love such personality then try this design.
Angry Lion Tattoos

3. If you are a true art lover then I bet that you would admire abstract lion tattoos. They are not easy to ink but they are worth it. They are an ideal choice for tattoos on the lower back.
Abstract Lion Tattoos

4. In my opinion, the best lion tattoos are those that show an aged lion with scars on his face and head. You should keep this info in your mind if you want a great lion tattoo.
Best Lion Tattoos

5. The lion symbol was extremely popular in India in ancient times. It went to China along with Yoga and Buddhism. Chinese culture adapted them as imperial lions or foo dogs who are considered as powerful guards. Here is a representation of a Chinese lion tattoo.
Chinese Lion Tattoos

6. If you want a cool animal tattoo then give it Caribbean look (Bob marley style). Here is how a cool lion tattoo would look like.
Cool Lion Tattoos

7. Couples can try lion and lioness tattoos as this would be perfect epitome for a perfect relationship.
Couple Lion Tattoos

8. I don’t think there is any cute lion tattoo because this creature is fierce and aggressive not cute. If you still want a cute looking lion tattoo then either try baby samba tattoo from The Lion King or a side posing lion tattoo like this.
Cute Lion Tattoos

9. Lion tattoos don’t suit on girl. Instead girls should opt for lioness tattoos. Thigh is perfect place to have a lioness tattoo.
Girl Lion Tattoos

10. A Normal lion tattoo would not cover up a half sleeve or full sleeve. If you want half sleeve lion tattoos then try them in different styles such as here is lion tattoo shown as native American chief. These are some interesting facts about lions that you would love to read.
Half Sleeve Lion Tattoos

11. Japanese culture do not give as much importance to lions as Indian or Chinese culture but the mythological description of lions in Japanese culture is ideal for tattoos. This is the reason why many people find Japanese lion tattoo cooler. They are comparable to traditional maori tattoos.
Japanese Lion Tattoos

12. If you want a matching lion tattoo then restyle them as king and queen lion tattoos. I have seen many couples trying them but positioning will matter a lot.
King And Queen Lion Tattoos

13. Couples often get matching lion and lioness tattoos but they often get them on wrong body part. A Unique style would be lion and lioness tattoo on fingers.
Lion And Lioness Tattoos

14. Another popular variation of lion tattoos is the lion and lamb tattoos. They would be meaningful for those who show unbelievable courage in extreme situations.
Lion And The Lamb Tattoos

15. I have seen many mashup tattoos but one of my favorite mix up is lion and tiger tattoos. Here this picture shows what I am talking about.
Lion And Tiger Tattoos

16. If you did not like the lion and tiger face mix up then try lion and wolf tattoos in the same style. They would look good on biceps.
Lion And Wolf Tattoos

17. If you want a unique lion tattoo then try lion claws tattoos that are extremely attractive to look at. Try 3d version and you will love the result.
Lion Claws Tattoos

18. Most men love to have minimal tattoos and therefore minimal lion tattoos are also in demand. The best place to have them is fingers or knuckles.
Lion Finger Tattoos

19. I usually don’t recommend portrait tattoos on foot but lion foot tattoos give a unique look. You will surely admire them.
Lion Foot Tattoos

20. If you have thin forearms then do not try lion tattoo on forearm. Here this guy has a lion head tattoo in half sleeve style on the forearm.
Lion Forearm Tattoos

21. Moustache is the pride of a lion. So if you try lion head tattoos then please have the mustache in a unique color (white or golden). However, if you are in the navy then you must know marine corps rule for tattoos before getting a tattoo on the visible part of the body.
Lion Head Tattoos

22. Aww! Isn’t it a cute lion heart tattoo? This perfectly suits couple who are madly in love with each other.
Lion Heart Tattoos

23. Many people who consider themselves brave opt for lion-hearted tattoos (showing angry lion) but they forget one thing that they have to show the peaceful side of the lion too.
Lion Hearted Tattoos

24. I am a huge fan of Disney movie ‘The Lion King’ If you loved the film too then here is a unique lion king themed tattoo for you (featuring Simba, Timon, and Pumba).
Lion King Tattoos

25. Neck tattoos should be chosen wisely. You cannot try every other tattoo design on neck. However lion are perfect choice for neck tattoos.
Lion Neck Tattoos

26. If you do not want to go through pain for your lion tattoo then try lion outline tattoos. They would be least painful and would also look impressive.
Lion Outline Tattoos

27. A Lion roar can be heard up to 5 miles. It is one of the most distinctive features of the lion. This is the reason why many men ask for lion roaring tattoos.
Lion Roaring Tattoos

28. if you are into animated tattoos then you should opt for lion scratch tattoos that are inked in such style as if the lion scratched you.
Lion Scratch Tattoos

29. You will find many drawings and sketches online with a lion. You can opt from these drawings for your lion tattoo. Here is one that I liked.
Lion Tattoos Drawings

30. Females should try lioness tattoos and it should be easily distinguished from lion. You can give it blue/green eyes and feminine elements.
Lion Tattoos For Females

31. One very unique style for lion tattoo would be the Polynesian style similar to Dwayne Johnson’s chest tattoo. You can try lion tattoo in style of
Lion Tattoos For Men

32. Women can decorate their lion tattoo with flowers and other stuff. I would even recommend adding butterfly tattoos to it.
Lion Tattoos For Women

33. I would highly recommend you to try realistic lion tattoo and for this you should opt for a lion picture clicked by a wildlife photographer.
Lion Tattoos Ideas

34. Lion tattoo has a unique meaning which shows courage, wisdom, and power. A man who possesses these qualities should opt for lion tattoo.
Lion Tattoos Meaning

35. If you wish to have a lion tattoo on arm then be sure that the size of the lion tattoo is proportional to the size of your arm or otherwise it will look odd.
Lion Tattoos On Arm

36. There are many unique ideas and designs for lion tattoo on chest but personally I admire traditional lion tattoo on chest.
Lion Tattoos On Chest

37. Lion tattoos are not an ideal choice for leg tattoos. They do not look good on the leg. But if you still insist then here is how they would look.
Lion Tattoos On Leg

38. Ribs give enough space for lion tattoo. You do not have to opt for common lion tattoo but instead unique and complicated designs like this.
Lion Tattoos On Ribs

39. Lion tattoo would look amazing on the shoulder but it is all in the hands of the artist. A Lion outline tattoo won’t look that good on the shoulder.
Lion Tattoos On Shoulder

40. Most girls opt for lion tattoo on thigh. But why should girls have all the fun? Men too can have lion tattoo on thigh.
Lion Tattoos On Thigh

41. If you are opting for detailed lion tattoo then have them on larger body part like chest or back instead of wrist. But if it is chosen as a pet memorial tattoo (Saudi Kids have lions as pets) then forearm is also a good place for it.
Lion Tattoos On Wrist

42. A Lion does not need a crown to prove he is the king of the jungle. But still, lion tattoo with crowns would look cool.
Lion Tattoos With Crowns

43. If you wish to have a lion tattoo with flowers then please have colorful flowers around the head of a lion or otherwise, it will ruin the look of the whole tattoo.
Lion Tattoos With Flowers

44. They say that a calm sea is more threatening than a violent sea. Same goes with the lion. You will agree with me after you see this badass lion tattoo on the forearm of this guy.
Badass Lion Tattoos

45. Have you ever tried mountain lion tattoo? They do not have a beard like the African lion but still, they are fierce like them.
Mountain Lion Tattoos

46. In the Caribbean culture people like to have Rastafarian lion tattoos because they think it is lucky and cool.
Rastafarian Lion Tattoos

47. Many people to add religious symbols to their lion tattoos thus indicated that they are very protective to their religion. Here is a religious lion tattoo with cross.
Religious Lion Tattoos

48. I admire minimal lion tattoos. Here is a simple lion tattoo on the side rib of this girl which Is too hard to move the eye from.
Simple Lion Tattoos

49. This lion tattoo does not look realistic. It looks more like a statue but still it is very impressive small lion tattoo.
Small Lion Tattoos

50. I think tribal animal tattoos are way better than a normal animal tattoo. See this tribal lion tattoo on the chest of this man and you will agree.
Tribal Lion Tattoos

lion of judah tattoo

3d Lion Tattoo

lion with a crown

Abstract Lion Tattoo

lion and lamb tattoo

African Lion Tattoo

cara delevingne lion tattoo

American Traditional Lion Tattoo

how much does a lion cost

Angry Lion Tattoo

lion and the lamb tattoo

Aztec Lion Tattoo

heart of a lion tattoo

Baby Lion Tattoo

lion tattoos on thigh

Black And White Lion Tattoo

leo zodiac sign tattoo

Black Lion Tattoo

neo traditional lion tattoo

Colorful Lion Tattoo

lion tattoo on thigh

Feminine Lion Tattoo

lion with crown drawing

Indian Lion Tattoo

tattoo ideas for dads

Leo Lion Tattoo

lion and cubs tattoo

Lion And Cub Tattoo

never give up tattoos

Lion And Flower Tattoo

son tattoos for dads

Lion And Rose Tattoo

different types of lions

Lion And The Lamb Tattoo

chicago cubs tattoos designs

Lion And Wolf Tattoo

tattoo ideas for black men

Lion Clock Tattoo

105 is the number that comes to my head

Lion Cover Up Tattoo

leo tattoos for females

Lion Flower Tattoo

leo the lion king of the jungle

Lion Forearm Tattoo

lion king tattoo ideas

Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo

money power respect tattoo

Lion Head Tattoo Designs

lion and tiger tattoos

Lion King Tattoo Ideas

king of the bay tattoo

Lion Leg Tattoo

king and queen lion tattoos

Lion Mandala Tattoo

leo tattoos for guys

Lion Neck Tattoo

lion half sleeve tattoo

Lion Outline Tattoo

rose and crown tattoo

Lion Portrait Tattoo

the lion king tattoos

Lion Rib Tattoo

lion sin of pride tattoo

Lion Roar Tattoo

his and hers lion tattoos

Lion Roaring Tattoo

how much does a baby lion cost

Lion Side Tattoo

lioness and cubs tattoo

Lion Sleeve Tattoos

lion and lioness tattoos for couples

Lion Tattoo Arm

lion wearing a crown

Lion Tattoo Back

lion head with crown

Lion Tattoo Flash

hand of the king tattoo

Lion Tattoo For Girl

lion and the lamb tattoos

Lion Tattoo For Girls

black and white lion tattoo

Lion Tattoo For Women

american traditional lion tattoo

Lion Tattoo Forearm

lion with wings tattoo

Lion Tattoo On Chest

scar lion king tattoo

Lion Tattoo On Forearm

traditional lion head tattoo

Lion Tattoo On Hand

the lion king tattoo

Lion Tattoo On Thigh

arm tattoos for black men

Lion Tattoo With Crown

lion with dreads tattoo

Lion Tattoos Design On Spine

lion and wolf tattoo

Lion Tattoos For Girl

dream of lion protecting me

Lion Tattoos For Girls

sword and rose tattoo

Lion Tattoos For Guys

lioness and cub tattoo

Lion Tattoos For Men

leo tattoos for girls

Lion Tattoos On Back Neck

half sleeve lion tattoos

Lion Tattoos On Forearm

ed sheeran lion tattoo

Lion Tattoos On Thigh

cheetah tattoos on thigh

Lion Tattoos On Wrist

lion king simba tattoo

Lion With A Crown Tattoo

male and female lion tattoos

Lion With Dreads Tattoo

father and son tattoo designs

Lion With Flowers Tattoo

half sleeve lion tattoo

Lion Wrist Tattoo

lion with flowers tattoo

Meaning Of Lion Tattoo

tribal lion head tattoo

Minimalist Lion Tattoo

tattoos for black men

Queen Lion Tattoo

leo tattoos on wrist

Rampant Lion Tattoo

african tribal tattoo design

The Lion King Tattoo