50+ Best Shoulder Tattoos For Men (2024) Tribal Designs

Shoulder tattoos are very common among tattoo lovers but one common problem is that people get confused to choose a perfect shoulder tattoo. There are so many options available for shoulder tattoos for both boys and girls that it is hard to just choose one among them. Here we solved your problem as we chose the 50 most amazing shoulder tattoo designs for men and women both –

Mens Shoulder Tattoos

1. Make sure the tattoo artist uses a good ink because the shoulder is prone to get allergy from a fake ink.
Shoulder Tattoos

2. The shoulder is not an ideal place to get weird tattoos because they are visible most of the time. But I think some people won’t mind this alien mermaid Skelton tattoo.
Alien Tattoos Design On Shoulders

3. If the only cover up tattoos were as beautiful and realistic as this. This is probably the finest tiger tattoo design you will ever see.
3D Shoulder Tattoos Design For Girls

4. Here is a rose tattoo design attached to an anchor tattoo on the shoulder of this girl.
Anchor Tattoos Design On Shoulder

5. If you want to have a patriotic tattoo then the shoulder is the best part to have it. Get your country flag inked on your shoulder and you will be more than proud to show it.
Army Tattoos Design On Shoulder For Guys
world map tattoo forearm

6. Whenever one opt for a name or quote tattoo then the most important thing to keep in mind is the font style. Here this name is made amazing by the ‘A’ letter of Avengers.
Avenger Script Tattoo O Backside Shoulders

7. Girls like to have flower tattoos on shoulder but another good option to consider is vine tattoo design such as this.
Awesome Flower Tattoos Design On Shoulder

8. Watercolor tattoo designs are also preferred on the shoulder and here is a rose watercolor tattoo on the shoulder of this girl.
Beautiful Red Rose Tattoos Design On Shoulder

9. I don’t know why a person would choose to have a cockroach tattoo but then again it is a unique idea for shoulder tattoos.
Beetle Tattoos Design On Women Shoulder

10. Butterfly tattoo designs are popular among girls and two best places to have them are neck and shoulder.
Best Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas
new female shoulder blade tattoos gallery

shoulder tattoo designs

11. This is an animated tattoo design on shoulder inspired from a drawing uploaded on Deviantart.
Black Cat Tattoos Design On Women Shoulder

12. Gothic tattoo design will also look good on shoulder and here is a gothic crow tattoo design on shoulder.
Black Crow Tattoos Deesign On Shoulder

13. Have you ever heard of Mandala Tattoos? You can mix up a mandala tattoo design with flower tattoo and the result will be amazing.
Brilliant Shoulder Tattoos Design

14. Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland found unusual fame among tattoo lovers. The shoulder is the best place to have a Cheshire cat tattoo.
Cat Tattoos Design On Shoulder

15. When you opt for vine tattoo design then make sure the coloring is attractive. Go for pink vine or white vine as they will look most adorable.
Cherry Blossom Tattoos Design For Women

16. The detailing of this rose tattoo design is good. There is enough space to add another small design to it.
Cool Shoulders Tattoos Design And Ideas For Women

17. If you love someone and want a romantic tattoo design then opt for a heart tattoo on shoulder.
Diamond Neckless Tattoos Design On Shoulder

18. Most people love to have tattoos dedicated to their pets. Ink your shoulder with the tattoo of your pet dog or pet cat and you will be proud to show it to the world.
Dog Tattoos Design On Shoulder

19. This shoulder tattoo is a work in progress and if you pick up the right colors you might make it a wonderful eagle tattoo.
Dragon Tattoos Design On Shoulder

20. If you support wildlife conservation then you can show the cause to the world by dedicating a wildlife tattoo on shoulder.
Elephant Tattoos Design On Back Shoulder

shoulder tattoos female

21. Girls get confused on either to get butterfly tattoos or flower tattoos. Why not have both of them?
Flower And Butterfly Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas

22. The size of this tattoo on the shoulder is large but if it is reduced a bit then surely you will have an admirable shoulder tattoo design.
Flower Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. 3D tattoos are mainly chosen for back or chest but a brilliant tattoo artist can make good 3D tattoos on shoulder too.
Flower Tattoos Design On Shoulders

24. If you are a biologist or have an interest in biology then you will surely know how beautiful marine life is. You can have a Starfish tattoo with a marine flower on your shoulder.
Geometric Tattoos Design And Ideas For Girls

25. This flower tattoo on the shoulder is unique because the artist focused on the layering and detailing of the design around it. This is why the flower tattoo stands out from the rest of the design.
Gorgeous Shoulder Tattoos Design For Women

26. You can also have a tribal sleeve tattoo design that will begin from shoulder and can extend all the way to the wrist.
Great Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

27. Shoulder gives a wide space for variety of tattoos and the alignment can really make or break tattoo design.
Latest Floral Tattoos Design On Shoulders

28. One of the most popular shoulder tattoo design is the biker tattoo design. You can pick up any biker portrait for it.
Legend Lemmy Tattoos Design On Shoulder

29. This lion tattoo design on shoulder seems to be inspired from the Lion seen in loreal hair shampoo advertisement.
Lion Tattoos Design On Shoulder

30. If you are a working person then you might get confused on the best body part to get a tattoo. I would suggest you go for a small tattoo on the back shoulder like this.
Little Poppies Shoulder Tattoos Design

shoulder blade tattoos for men

31. Heart and key tattoo design were very popular during the 90s. If you adore them then the best place to have them is chest and shoulder.
Lock Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. This realistic looking flower tattoo design will not fade away easily because of its good placement.
Magnolia Flower Tattoos Desing On Women Shoulder

33. You will not be able to admire the top shoulder tattoo design. Therefore you must have a friend with you while you get such a tattoo.
Mandala Style Tattoo Design On Shoulder

34. The tribal tattoo design can be converted into any shape and therefore you can freely have them on shoulders.
Maori Tattoos Design On Shoulders

35. This shoulder tattoo design faded away otherwise you might have loved the beautiful landscape shown here.
Mounatin Tattoos Design On Shoulder

36. For girls, I would suggest having a jewelry tattoo design on shoulder. You should try for a realistic jewelry tattoo design like this.
Neckless Tattoos Design On Shoulders

37. Owl tattoo designs are not opted by everyone and therefore they are unique options.
Owl Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. Go for just one tattoo design on shoulder because too many tattoos will ruin the beauty of one good tattoo.
Purple Color Butterfly Tattoos Design For Girls

39. If you want a quote tattoo then you should try it either on the back shoulder or near biceps because they will be visible to word then.
Quotes Tattoos Design On Shoulder

40. This beautiful and real looking rose tattoo design is made even more beautiful with the jewellery decoration on it.
Red Rose Shoulder Tattoos Design For Women

mens shoulder tattoos

41. Angelina Jolie gave a brilliant shoulder tattoo idea by inking the date of birth of her kids on her shoulder. Try it in roman numerals and you will have an attractive tattoo design.
Roman Numerals Shoulder Tattoos Design And Ideas

42. Another brilliant idea given by Angelina jolie was to try longitude and latitude tattoos on shoulder.
Rose Flower Tattoos Design On Shoulder

43. This beautiful looking flower tattoo design uses many colors and therefore it can only be made by an experienced tattoo artist.
Shoulder Tattoos Design For Women

44. Here is another complex looking shoulder tattoo design that can only be made by a tattoo expert.
Shoulder Tattoos For Women

45. If you like characters of Joker and Harley Quinn from DC comics then you will surely understand this wonderful skull tattoo design on shoulder.
Skull Tattoos Design On Shoulder

46. Most people choose portrait or special symbols are memorial tattoos but I think a quote tattoo can also be a good memorial tattoo.
Small Flower Shoulder Tattoos Design For Women

47. For boys one of the best shoulder tattoo design would be the lion tattoo design.
Small Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

48. You can also have a matching tattoo design on your shoulder that is dedicated to your other half.
Sun Flower Tattoos Design On Shoulder

49. This tattoo design looks beautiful due to the usage of vibrant colors in it. It can also be moved to side bicep.
Triangle Tattoos Design On Backside Shoulder

50. One impressive butterfly tattoo design for shoulder would be to try different colored butterflies.
Water Color Shoulder Tattoos Designa Dn Ideas

Which shoulder tattoo design impressed you the most?

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