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The craze for bicep tattoos was increased by gym lovers. It is obvious that if you have big biceps you would surely love to have tattoos on them. However, the confusion arises when you like a design but you are not sure whether to have it on inner bicep or outer bicep. Here we have chosen 50 amazing inner and outer bicep tattoo designs (with some triceps tattoos) for men and women –

Small Bicep Tattoos For Guys

1. After chest, Bicep is considered as the best place to get a cross tattoo and here is one cool impressive cross tattoo design.
outer Bicep Tattoos

2. Another inner bicep tattoo idea would be the arrow tattoo design but you have to decide where you want to point the arrow.
Arrow Bicep Tattoo For Girl

3. Bicep is a body part where you can enjoy weird looking tattoos too. This inner bicep tattoo design of an alien figure is a perfect example.
Alien Bicep Tattoos

4. Here is another weird tattoo design for inner bicep. This colorful bat tattoo might not be liked by Batman fans but overall it is nice.
Astronaut Bicep Tattoos

5. Admit it that Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ is one of the finest cinematic performances. Here is one bicep tattoo dedicated to the legendary villain.
Bat Bicep Tattoos
bible verse quote spine tattoos

6. I really do not understand what this bicep tattoo mean but I guess this one is dedicated to camping.
Batman Joker Bicep Tattoos

7. Have you seen such beautiful anchor tattoo ever? The detailing of this anchor tattoo is amazing and it is hard to believe that it is all on the inner bicep.
Beautiful Bicep Tattoos

8. I liked this tattoo design because of creativity. Who would have thought that the tire of the cycle could be used to show the map of the world and compass?
Bicep Anchor Tattoos

9. The tattoo artists tried to make a realistic looking feather tattoo design and he succeeded.
Bicep Bike Tattoos

10. Although inner bicep tattoo are not ideal place for name tattoo or word tattoo or quote tattoo but look at the font of this word tattoo.
Bicep Feather Tattoos
dog paw tattoo behind ear

outer bicep tattoo ideas

11. I am a huge fan of Guns N Roses. The band is the reason for the popularity of this tattoo design. Here is one beautiful take on the logo of the band.
Bicep Font Tattoos

12. If you have a really huge and big biceps then you should try warrior or samurai tattoos such as this Greek god tattoo design.
Bicep Gun Tattoos

13. I know this tattoo is weird but as I said that bicep is the best place to get weird tattoos.
Bicep Hercules Tattoos

14. I bet that this inner bicep tattoo design of dumbbell will surely be loved by Gym loving boys and girls.
Bicep Microscope Tattoos

15. Aztech tattoo designs are hard to make on inner biceps or outer biceps. They might look stretched out like this.
Bicep Tattoo Bodybuilding

16. This guy probably tried getting a pyramid tattoo on his inner bicep but he ended up like this. Still, it Is a cute looking tattoo design.
Bicep Tattoo Meaning

17. If you are a protective person like me then you will surely find inner bicep to be the best place for getting a name tattoo of your loved one.
Bicep Tattoos For Men

18. Get an eye tattoo design on the inner bicep and trust me you will scare the hell out of many people. Just see it yourself and you will agree.
Bicep Tattoos

19. Mountain tattoos would be symbolic on inner biceps as the peak of the mountain will symbolize the peak of your bicep. Better get a huge mountain tattoo.
Cool Eye Bicep Tattoos

20. For outer bicep tattoos, you have many options as you got larger space as compared to inner bicep so you should try something majestic as this astronaut tattoo design.
Coolest Bicep Tattoos

simple outer bicep tattoos

21. The reason why I said quote tattoo won’t work on inner bicep or outer bicep is because of low space. Here is a picture of quote tattoo to prove that point.
Deadpool Bicep Tattoos

22. Bicep tattoos for females are not hard to find but I would suggest you decorate the tattoo with flowers and it will look even more beautiful. Here is how an elephant tattoo on the bicep of a girl is decorated with flowers.
Elephant Bicep Tattoos

23. Another symbolic tattoo that you can have on your bicep is superhero tattoos. If you have strong biceps then go for a tattoo of your favorite superhero.
Wolverine Bicep Tattoos

24. This tattoo design on the bicep of this boy shows how genius the tattoo artist was. The tattoo artist cleverly drew the outline of horse and shield.
Watercolor Horse Bicep Tattoos

25. For most boys, bicep tattoos are a way to describe their love for sports. Have a tattoo of your favorite sport and you will never regret it.
Flag Bicep Tattoos Ideas

26. Another cool idea for bicep tattoo would be to have a flag tattoo design. You will surely have it for your entire life.
Flag Bicep Tattoos

27. Flower tattoo designs will look beautiful on any part of body and this girl here beautifully proves it.
Flower Bicep Tattoos For Girls

28. Instead of going for a superhero tattoo design you can also opt for a superhero logo design which will look equally cool.
Watercolor Superman Bicep Tattoos

29. Girl portrait tattoos look very beautiful on boys and bicep is a good choice for such tattoos. Here is one on the outer bicep of a boy.
Fresh Black Ink Bicep Tattoos

30. If you are looking for small bicep tattoo designs than here is one cool looking tattoo for you.
Galay With Reaper Bicep Tattoos

mens outer bicep tattoos

31. Hindu God Ganesha is not just popular in India but actually is adored by many people worldwide. A Ganesha tattoo on bicep would be cool.
Ganesha Bicep Tattoos Pictures

32. How about having a mysterious tattoo design that keeps everyone wondering? Here is one for you.
Geometric Bicep Tattoos

33. Most people love to have wing tattoos and bicep is the best place to have them. You can have them on inner bicep or outer bicep or even on tricep.
Wing Bicep Tattoos

34. If you do not lift bro then you might get hurt in bicep tattoos. This is because your bicep will be soft.
Inner Bicep Tattoos

35. There are many pros and cons for bicep tattoos but overall it is a good idea to have bicep tattoos.
Japanese Bicep Tattoos

36. Here is one design for you that work as a good cover up tattoos for bicep.
Leaf Bicep Tattoos

37. Inner bicep tattoo designs are very popular among athletes and a running lion or cheetah design will suit almost all athletes.
Lion Bicep Tattoos

38. Bicep tattoos do not heal easily, in fact, they take a lot of time in healing. Keep that in mind before you get a bicep tattoo.
Mandala Bicep Tattoos

39. Do you understand the meaning of this bicep tattoo design? Care to explain it in comment section below.
Mechanical Bicep Tattoos

40. Sun and moon tattoos are extremely popular among couples. Here is one take on sun and moon tattoo design on the bicep of this boy.
Moon And Sun Bicep Tattoos

tribal bicep tattoos for guys

41. The beauty of this mountain tattoo on bicep lies in the fact that the mountains are aligned with the shape of the bicep.
Mountain Bicep Tattoos

42. The owl tattoo on the bicep of this boy is good but I do not understand the reason and meaning of the watch tattoo here.
Owl With Clock Bicep Tattoos

43. You can have a long tattoo design on your bicep that looks even better on stretching. Here is a palm tree tattoo for consideration.
Plam Tree Bicep Tattoos

44. Who doesn’t love pokemon? You can have tattoo of your favourite pokemon on your bicep.
Pokemon Bicep Tattoos

45. Although couples prefer to have matching wrist tattoos if you are a gym loving couple then you will surely know the importance of a matching bicep couple tattoo.
Roman Numerals Bicep Tattoos For Couple

46. If you are into MMA fighting or love wrestling then you can have a warrior tattoo design on your bicep.
Skull Bicep Tattoos

47. I think this darth vader tattoo design will look cute on any part of body.
Star Wars Bicep Tattoos

48. Girls like to have sugar candy skull tattoo design and if you like such tattoos then bicep is a good part.
Sugar Skull Bicep Tattoos

49. Such sparrow tattoo design will look unique and therefore I suggest you to have it.
Swallow Bicep Tattoos

50. Skull tattoo design will look cool on boys and girls both.
Traditional Bicep Tattoos Designs

So which Bicep tattoo design you liked the most?

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