50+ Animal Paw Print Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2024)

There is no special meaning of paw print tattoo. It is a design that connects more on an emotional level than on an intellect level. People opt for paw print tattoos because they love their pet (cat or dog) or they love their spirit animal (wolf, bear, panda).

Whatever your reason may be here we present you list of 50 amazing paw print tattoo designs that you can try –

Dog Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

1. Another cool style that you can try is to have colourful cat paw print tattoo just like this.
Paw Print Tattoos

2. Instead of trying just one paw print tattoo why not let the cat walk all over you?
Cat Paw Print Tattoos

3. Give a tribal style to your dog paw print tattoo design and surely everyone will appreciate it.
Animal Paw Print Tattoo Meaning

4. Here is a watercolour style paw print tattoo design where the artist used black ink.
Animal Paw Print Tattoo

5. This black paw print tattoo on bicep of this guy is surely admirable.
Black Paw Print Tattoos

6. You can have tiny and cute cat paw print tattoos and one good placement for them is on foot.
Cat Paw Print Tattoo Ankle

7. Okay here is an awesome design where the tattoo artist also showed the face of the dog in the paw print.
Dog Paw Print Tattoo Designs

8. This is how an emo styled paw print tattoo would look like. Did you liked it?
Dog Paw Print Tattoo On Wrist

9. A cool idea would be to show a heart in the paw print symbol tattoo.
Dog Paw Symbol Meaning

10. If you have more than one pet then it would not be okay to try paw print tattoo of just one animal.You can take a look at different animal paws to decide about your tattoo.
Dog Paw Tattoo Meaning

paw print tattoos meaning

11. You can try realistic dog paw tattoos on foot like this.
Dog Paw Tattoo On Foot

12. To show your infinite love to your pet you can try the paw print with infinity tattoo.
Infinity Paw Print Tattoo

13. You can show a cute kitty cat along with your paw print design of tattoo.
Kitty Paw Print Tattoo

14. If you lost your pet then a heart touching memorial tattoo idea would be to try paw print with angel wings.
Paw Print Angel Tattoo

15. You can wear the tattoo of paw print just like a bracelet on your wrist.
Paw Print Bracelet Tattoo

16. Dreamcatcher is considered lucky and so is a pet. So how about a paw print dreamcatcher tattoo?
Paw Print Dreamcatcher Tattoo

17. Girls can try paw print glitter tattoo where the artist would use glittering ink to give your tattoo similar shade.
Paw Print Glitter Tattoo

18. Here is a cool paw print heart tattoo design where the artist gave beautiful color shade too.
Paw Print Heart Tattoo Designs

19. Ain’t this one of the cutest paw print heart tattoo design?
Paw Print Heart Tattoo

20. You can try a paw print textured tattoo where the paw would look like the part of skin.
Paw Print Tattoo Arm

what do paw print tattoos mean sexually

21. Behind the ear is one of the best body parts to try paw print tattoo designs.
Paw Print Tattoo Behind Ear

22. You can try paw tattoo designs of a panda.
Paw Print Tattoo Bored Panda

23. Along with paw print tattoo on collar bone you can also add a minimal tattoo of the pet (cat or dog).
Paw Print Tattoo Collarbone

24. Can you use paw print tattoo as cover up tattoo? Yes you can and here is a design.
Paw Print Tattoo Cover Up

25. You can also add the name of your pet on the tattoo design.
Paw Print Tattoo Designs

26. There is always a tribal style available for every tattoo. Here is a paw print tribal tattoo.
Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

27. If your pet is positivity of your life then you can add a flower tattoo to the paw print design.
Paw Print Tattoo Meaning

28. Tiny paw print tattoos like this will surely suit ankle or even fingers.
Paw Print Tattoo On Ankle

29. I would not recommend such large size paw prints on chest but still many people try wolf paw print tattoo on chest.
Paw Print Tattoo On Chest Meaning

30. Can you tell the name of the animal to which these paws belong?
Paw Print Tattoo On Foot

dog paw tattoo behind ear

31. You can also add a quote to the tattoo of paw print on your body.
Paw Print Tattoo On Thigh

32. There are not many toe tattoo ideas but I bet everyone will love a paw print tattoo on toe.
Paw Print Tattoo On Toe

33. Side of the wrist is also one of the best placement for such type of tattoos.
Paw Print Tattoo Placement

34. Back of the shoulder can also be considered for tattoos of paw print.
Paw Print Tattoo Shoulder Blade

35. How about a watercolour paw print tattoo along with a heart circling it?
Paw Print Tattoo With Heart

36. Most people like paw print of just one paw but you can go for double paw print designs like this.
Paw Print Tattoo

37. Instead of trying paw print of your pet you can go for paw print of wild animals like bear.
Paw Print Tattoos Bear

38. You can even go for paw print of a little puppy and try design like this.
Paw Print Tattoos Ideas

39. Tiny, small and minimal tattoos are always my favourite.
Paw Print Tattoos On Ankle

40. You can try the dotwork technique of tattooing to get your paw print design.
Paw Print Tattoos On Foot

little paw print tattoos

41. This glittery paw print design might not last long but it sure is impressive.
Paw Print Temporary Tattoos

42. This paw print watercolour tattoo will fade away sooner than later but still I admire it.
Paw Print Watercolor Tattoo

43. You can get the print of your pet’s paw on a paper and then get it tattooed on your body.
Paw Tattoos Meaning

44. Such cute tiny paw print minimal tattoos will suit even office workers.
Paw Tattoos On Wrist

45. You can add the symbol of heart and heartbeat to your tattoo design.
Puppy Paw Print Tattoo

46. Textured tattoo of paw print will always look amazing.
Real Paw Print Tattoo

47. Rib cage is another common body part where you can get a tattoo of paw print.
Small Paw Print Tattoo

48. Aww this is one of the most adorable tattoo design that I have ever seen.
Tiny Paw Print Tattoo

49. As I said watercolour tattoo design do not last long and this is how messed up such tattoos would look.
Watercolor Paw Print Tattoo

50. If you want to try a wolf paw print then one cool idea is to show the face of the wolf in it like this.
Wolf Paw Print Tattoo

So which paw print from the above photo gallery of tattoos you liked the most?

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