50+ Best Jesus Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2024)

There is no doubt that Jesus tattoos represent faith in Christianity but the design of your tattoo will also show what you think about the religion and humanity. You do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings by wearing Jesus tattoo on the inappropriate body part. Also, you want to have a spiritual tattoo that gives positive vibes to the viewer.

Here we have chosen 50+ Jesus tattoos that are best for Christian men and women –

Jesus Tattoo Sleeves

1. As you can see this tattoo of Jesus has a heart inked as well. This has a deep meaning. It states that one should always keep Jesus in his/her heart so that they stay away from sin.
Jesus Tattoo

2. One commonly suggested idea is to try Jesus sleeve tattoos. The idea behind that is to show Jesus is your power and you are not a weak person.
3D Jesus Tattoos Design On Biceps

3. If you wish to show Jesus on the cross then the forearm is an ideal place for it. The tattoo would represent that you have deep faith in Jesus and you always remember his sacrifice for humanity.
Amazing 3D Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Many artists based their tattoos of jesus on actors who portrayed him on screen. If it feels good for you then go for it.
Awesome Jesus Chest Tattoos Design

5. A good combination tattoo that you can try is Jesus and Heart. It will represent that your heart belongs to Jesus and you will live your life according to his teachings.
Best Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

6. Here is another style of Jesus sleeve tattoo. If you look closely you will see that it strongly resembles superhero (Superman). It means that you believe that Jesus is your superhero.
Black Color Chest Tattoos Design And Ideas

7. Jesus wore a crown of thorns to show that those in power should not run away from their responsibilities. You can try such a tattoo to show that you are a responsible person.
Brilliant Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

8. I hardly found a person who regrets his Jesus tattoo. It doesn’t matter if it is a full sleeve or full back or full chest.
Colored Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. You can also show blood in your tattoo of Jesus. This will show that each drop that Jesus bleed inspired billions of people across the globe throughout generations.
Colorful Jesus Tattoos Design On Chest

10. A sketch style Jesus tattoo would also look good. You can add flowers to it. Do you know that Jesus spoke 4 languages with ease.
Cool Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

tattoo of jesus face

11. A unique idea would be to try Jesus inside a cross tattoo. Not only such tattoo would occupy less space but they would actually look more meaningful.
Cross And Jesus Tattoos Design On Men Upper Backside

12. While I won’t suggest a sad Jesus tattoo but many people still ask for it. This is because it represents that you are depressed about the current state of humanity. You believe that we are going on a wrong path (i.e. away from God).
Custom Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. A Jesus tattoo with praying hands is also a good combo. It shows that every second of your life is devoted to all-mighty god and you cherish every moment of your life.
Fabulous Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

14. You can also go for Jesus and Mother Mary tattoo. While the scene of nativity is a common one, you can go for this unique design.
Full Jesus Tattoos Design On Back Side

15. Adding a quote to Jesus tattoo is also good idea. But make it short. It would be even better if it is a bible verse.
Glamorous Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

16. Along with Jesus tattoo, you can add white doves. This would represent that you pray for world peace and you believe that one day there will be no war.
Incredible Jesus Chest Tattoos Design

17. Instead of Jesus Portrait tattoo, how about this simple design? Inking the name of Jesus inside a heart tattoo shows how much you love him.
Jesus And Heart Tattoos Design On Biceps

18. This tattoo of Jesus is beautiful. It shows that you are a positive person who believes there are good things lie ahead in life.
Jesus Arm Hand Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. Many artist base Jesus tattoos on Greek gods. It is good as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.
Jesus Black And Gray Color Tattoos Design

20. A crying Jesus tattoo and that too with blood coming out of eyes show how much faith you have lost from society.
Jesus Christ Amazing Tattoos Design

jesus tattoo designs

21. Jesus on the cross tattoos are really popular. You can show the crucify scene in your tattoo.
Jesus Christ Tattoos Design On Stomach

22. If you do not want a large tattoo then I would suggest going for a one-word tattoo. ‘Jesus’ tattoo on the wrist will surely look adorable and meaningful.
Jesus Name Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. Many people like to dedicate their Jesus tattoo to their loved ones. You add their name or date of birth too in the tattoo design.
Jesus Sleeve Tattoos Design And Ideas

24. This might be controversial but many people like to have a black Jesus tattoo. I would be one who will support it.
Jesus Tattoo Arm

25. The crucifix was truly a horrifying crime on humanity. Depicting this scene in tattoo would really be heart touching.
Jesus Tattoos Arm Sleeve Design

26. Many people like to have god tattoos from different religions. If you opt for this then make sure your tattoo is acceptable by people.
Jesus Tattoos Back Piece

27. The eyes of this Jesus tattoo are marvellous. The artist must get praise for such detailed and beautiful work.
Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas For Men

28. While front posing Jesus tattoo are common I would suggest you try something unique like side posing Jesus as shown in this pic.
Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. Jesus double exposure tattoos are rarely tried. But if you want to give it a try then I would suggest you go for the combination of Jesus and cross.
Jesus Tattoos Design Full Arms

30. Another cool idea would be to base your Jesus tattoo on sculptures. Such as this one is inspired by the famous Jesus sculpture in Rio De Tenorio.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Arms

jesus tattoo sleeve

31. The artist inked this jesus tattoo from a different point of view and therefore it looks great.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Backside

32. If you want a full chest tattoo then this Jesus and crucifix design are one of the best that you can go for.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Chest

33. Here is another Jesus full sleeve tattoo design that you can try. You can note that this is a neo traditional tattoo.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Forearm

34. I would never recommend you to try Jesus tattoo on lower body parts such as legs or calf.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Leg

35. Indian deities are often shown sun behind their head to give a spiritual aroma. You can try the same with Jesus tattoo.
Jesus Tattoos Design On Ribcage

36. If you do not want to go for the sun advice then maybe you can show a halo on the head of Jesus to represent how lucky we were to have such an angel.
Jesus Tattoos For Boys

37. Many scientists claim that Jesus had blue eyes. If you agree then you can try a tattoo of Jesus with blue eyes.
Jesus Tattoos For Men

38. Jesus tattoo on neck can be a risky decision. This is because many blue collar jobs do not allow tattoos on visible body part.
Jesus Tattoos For Neck

39. Minimal tattoos have their own charm. Look at this minimal jesus tattoo that says so much about faith and forgiveness.
Jesus Tattoos For Women

40. You might like to give curly hairs and beard to your Jesus tattoo. Victorian era images of Jesus can serve as inspiration.
Jesus Tattoos On Biceps

simple jesus tattoos

41. Many people do not show nails in jesus body. This can be really sensitive issue. Showing our lord in pain can be painful to watch.
Jesus Tattoos On Ribcage

42. This tattoo has a deep meaning as it shows that the path of power comes with sacrifice and pain. One should follow the path of redemption that takes us to our lord.
Latest Jesus Christ Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. You can show Jesus tattoo along with various angels depicted in bible.
New Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

44. Jesus portrait tattoos can turn out to be really beautiful if the artist is good.
New Stylish Jesus Tattoos Designa Dn Ideas

45. Here is another heart touching jesus tattoo that shows how much pain our lord went through.
Nice Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

46. This is a cover up Jesus tattoo. You can see for yourself how amazing it turned out.
Pretty Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. Jesus outline tattoo need to be tried carefully as they can turn out a mess or they can turn out really beautiful.
Simple Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. Here is another Jesus tattoo style that you can try on forearm.
Very Beautiful Jesus Christ Tattoos Design

49. This is old school Jesus tattoo design and as you can see this is great choice for sleeve tattoo.
Water Color Jesus Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. This tattoo of jesus is inspired from famous painting by Leonardo da vinci.
Wonderful Jesus Tattoos Design On Arms

So which Jesus tattoo you liked the most?

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