50+ Female Full Body Tattoos Gallery (2024) Designs & Ideas

Not all people like to have full body tattoos and there are certain reasons behind it. The first reason is that full-body tattoo designs are costly and you might end up paying thousands of dollars for a bull$hit tattoo.

Secondly, tattoos on full-body are considered dangerous and certain reports suggest that they might cause cancer. At last full-body, tattoos will make you look weird and unnatural. You might get bored with yourself if you see yourself in a certain full-body tattoo design daily. Still, if you want to go for a full-body tattoo then here the very best full-body tattoo designs for you –

Full Body Tattoo Female

1. Having a colorful full-body tattoo design will show your immaturity but if you choose a certain color that gives a unique impression of any animal or bird then go for it.
Full Body Dragon Tattoos

2. I would advise name and quote tattoos only to females because it will look better on them.
Awesome Full Body Back Tattoos

3. This full body tattoo design shows a night scene which might signify the dark period this person has went through. If you like deep dark tattoos then this design would suit you.
Amazing Full Body Tattoos

4. Most people like to have a portrait of people as tattoos on their whole body. If you are one among them then I would suggest you have a portrait tattoo of Jesus and your mother too in your full body tattoos.
Beautiful Full Body Tattoos

5. Here is a handsome old man with a beautiful set of full body tattoos. He is smart enough to not to choose tattoos on face and experienced enough to include knuckle tattoos in his full body makeover.
Best Full Body Tattoos
simple mehndi design for beginners

6. If you are a teenager or in the early twenties then I am sure that you will admire the animated tattoos on his chest and body. Honestly, I would advise such tattoos only if you want a fake or temporary tattoo design on the full body.
Classic Full Body Tattoos

7. Here is a star wars inspired full body tattoo design that would be loved by one and all.
Colorful Full Body Tattoos

8. Make sure to add a 3D tattoo design in your fully body tattoo as it will improve the overall look of the tattoos.
Cool Full Body Tattoos Ideas

9. Full body tattoo does not mean that you have it on your whole body. You can pick a suitable pattern (like this) which has proper spacing and pattern and stand for a positive meaning.
Cool Full Body Tattoos

10. If you are a boy then it is almost compulsory to add a skull tattoo design to your full body tattoo. Even more majestic would be to have a large size skull tattoo on your back or chest.
Devil Full Body Tattoos On Back
dragon ball z tattoo designs

full body tattoo female pictures

11. This is what a traditional full body tattoo would look like. Can you read the word written on the waist line of this boy?
Full Body And Chest Tattoos

12. If you have a flabby body like this guy then I would not suggest you have full body tattoo because it will pain a lot.
Full Body Atlas Tattoos

13. Most people prefer to have jaw bone in the full face tattoos. In my opinion, It is a must for one who wants to have full body tattoos.
Full Body Neck Tattoos

14. What you will admire most by the full body tattoo of this girl is the color of the tattoo. It actually makes the tattoo look better and impressive.
Full Body Tattoos For Girls

15. Skinny boy should give try to tribal tattoo designs on their full body or one can have tattoos that show desires.
Full Body Tattoos For Guys

16. If along with the Chinese dragon the tattoo artist had added Goku, I would have surely loved this design even more.
Full Body Tattoos For Male

17. This Tom hardy look alike model has perfect mix up of different tattoos (with different colors) on his full body.
Full Body Tattoos For Men

18. I would repeat it again that it is not necessary to have tattoo on face in a full body tattoo design.
Full Body Tattoos For Old Men

19. You can add Japanese or Chinese symbols to your tattoos on full body and make the design even more unique. Also, you can add a Geisha too.
Full Body Tattoos For Women

20. You can have a single tattoo large enough that it occupies all the space on your body. But make sure the single tattoo design has multiple layers. For example, you can have a Bird tattoo with colorful wings or a galaxy tattoo with multiple planets.
Full Body Tattoos On Back

woman full body tattoo

21. If you have a brother or sister who also like tattoos then do not get similar tattoos on your body as him/her.
Full Body Tattoos

22. You either have to have a majestic tattoo on the chest or an awesome tattoo on the back as this is must for a full body tattoo design.
Irezumi Full Body Tattoos

23. One negative point of full body tattoo is the cost. They are costly and this further pressurizes to not to have an ugly tattoo design.
Japanese Full Body Tattoos

24. There are several dangers too to have tattoos on the full body. So I would advise you to avoid certain parts of your body to be included in your full body tattoo.
Lovley Full Body Tattoos Pictures

25. Here are a tribal full body tattoo designs and you too can have such tattoo on yourself. You can try Maori, Aztec or Polynesian tattoo design.
Mandala Full Body Tattoos

26. This full body tattoo design would have looked better if the bird was bald eagle and there was a flag too.
Phoenix Tattoos Ideas

27. If you still want to have a quote on your full body tattoo then make it visible and readable for others.
Religious Full Body Tattoos

28. The best full body tattoo idea would be to have a large size world map and color the countries that you have visited.
Stunning Map Full Body Tattoos

29. Devil is another popular choice for full body tattoo and if you do not have kids then go for it.
Suga Skull With Full Body Tattoos

30. This full body tattoo design would fade away quickly but the advantage of such design is that will give you experience before you decide to have a permanent full body tattoo or not.
Tibetan Skull Full Body Tattoos

female full body tattoo photos

31. Another good idea for full body tattoo would be to have a memorial tattoo of your loved one. It might not be meaningful to others but such tattoo will mean a lot to you.
Traditional Full Body Tattoos On Back

32. I do not understand the need to have tattoo on head or face. A full body tattoo design look better if it is below neck.
Tribal Full Body Tattoos

33. Don’t miss out thighs and calf in your full body tattoo design. Calf and thigh tattoos could act as filler for your full body tattoo.
Watercolor Full Body Tattoos On Leg

woman full body tattoo

34. Instead of adding a Chinese man to the tattoo I would have added another dragon of red or blue color to it.
Wonderful Full Body Tattoos

35. Here is the last and in my opinion the best full body tattoo – Skelton tattoo. It will suit almost all boys and girls.
Zombie Boy Full Body Tattoos

So which full-body tattoo design you liked the most and why?

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